Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, MLB vs San Francisco Giants Highlights (Part 1) July 19, 2021 | MLB Season 2021

The two best records in baseball, both teams – 58 wins the giants. Well, these guys right here, the dodgers they’re, going to go after it and they’re going april that they moved into first place if they could do it. Kevin gausman takes the ball for the corey seeker here as soon as as early as on wednesday, joe so big night for baseball, in los angeles, as the top two teams, in bruce thumb for the last couple weeks. So he’s back in there hitting third behind wade and yostremski part of the lineup is flores dickerson very effective as a secondary off speed pitch this year. Only hitting one alone in first since the end of may, and that record even against arizona. Lamont wade stands in and off we go with a fastball that misses won. The best in baseball dodgers have won four of five wisconsin with a 1 1. It almost hits him not a 2 1 wade takes it down an in ball three rip by first and down the line, extra bases for wade to start the game. First few months of the season, but as he’s gotten healthy he’s looked more first pitch breaking ball. That’S the curve and it’s strike one going off. Second gonsalon comes home, there’s, a change for a strike and it’s owen; two it’s consistently good with that pitch this year, 0; 2, back to the heater that misses up and in ball one clearly soft stuff.

In the hundreds, yeah 12 of his 13 homers are better, but second, nobody out and godzilla again checking on him for a guy who hasn’t tried to swipe 2 2 pitch, got him back foot in the breaking ball there’s another slider out in front of the first Stitch splitter strike one an all star, he’s supposed to start the all star game but injured his thumb up. One ball, one strike fine right now, and it goes to three and one up. Wade started the game with the double he’s at second, as posey takes a strike from mit 3 2 to buster posey posey. Does it again to start the scoring a two run shot two enough in san francisco in the first and his first ad, even though it’s been made a little bit more hitter friendly with the demand, runs takes ball, one they’ve been one of the worst home run, Hitting teams in this one hitting machine back to back bombs, this one from flores and it’s; three, nothing any of his outings this season, but he’s given up three here: here’s alex dickerson taking ball one two and up it’s a shock to your sin: Music. But then you get those two home runs there. This is what you got to get active payoff. He walked him that’s. The other thing the giants do the thing that have been able to get people out in the zone he’s been able to get people out.

Oh no Music Applause to out here’s steven duggar first pitch curve ball in strike, one duggar having to just throw it out of the booth one on one godzilla’s 30th pitch of the ending is ball. Two and again you talked about it. He’S not let’s go over 2 2 to dunkirk on it. This one’s to the wall for zuckerx to run down nice over the shoulder played by late scratch, continued to be bothered by that hip, muncie bat. Second, then, turner will smith, does the catching bell and only to jacob degrom. Opponents are hitting 159 against him. That’S the lowest at this fastball strike one the three number for this starting pitcher, one of the two outside of the good one. One ball: one strike on taylor, who plugs a couple Music solano palm of his glove, gets taylor in days, perhaps hours. Perhaps it is Applause good, take by turner two and oh, so yeah i was mentioning and max is ready to 3 0 on turner. Another green light: if he wants it, instead takes a ball three and one turner’s still up there. He crushes him sure he’s, already a gift, a couple times a game where he was a momentary hero. A couple times and smith gets points there’s a splitter that got away from grossman for the hit by pitch. One bono strikes on bellinger per game. This month, yeah bellinger’s, hitting just one 101. it’s a step forward. Doc said 2019 in his mvp season, which the home runs came, lays off a splitter and he’s ahead, two and one, and he would like to zone down to 2 1.

He takes a splitter for a strike. 2 2 full count, no hitters smith. At first one gone bellinger able to stay alive. The payoff fall four ellings who takes a crash ball already visit from the pitching coach andrew bailly, two on with one out for matt beatty spraying it all over not used to cs one ball, two strikes all with the right parts, moving at the right time, that’s. What another all over the plate and caught it? Third, by flores it was spanked to the left side, but addition to the lineup just got activated today with you’re in a second big league, start, probably going to face right in the majors two on two out a 1 1 that rex fouls back one and two Got him swinging with the splitter to end the ending hours before the game, but that’s what just happened track? It was a tough night for him yesterday, but an easy time to turn the page and i don’t try to turn the page from that. First inning. Giving up you know as much as it’s stung, seeing the bullpen give up five runs yesterday: mckenstry to get a stroller download. The ml dodgers return the favor to the bay next week on the line from b sit to left he’s homer curveball is high. 1. 0. The fastball that kosman got the hit on for tony so far this year, generous inside corner, to help him out two and wins a ball, but when it’s 93 it’s down some ticks and you’re locating a tool, you need on the mound, that’s a walk for wade.

Who’S reached both times strike one something here that can cause a little excitement, get your offense in the dugout bellinger’s. There two gum heaven in 2019, 13. curveball strike one two things really let it cut loose very often, you do have to make a conscious effort to kind of release the bat and there they go here it comes. He struck him out pulling the string to get out of it. Three two giants as mckinstry climbs in roberts often says: when mookie goes, we go out this year, that’s one and two on mckinstry for more on mookie here’s, the season joe fowler stays at one and two agging, because when you’re that hot you go out there with Any small level of pain country leading off this second off the base of the wall lead off double zach, mckenstry and just like that to move it was earlier this time stabs at it again, though, and the bad angle is knuckle he’s, the first out of the Inning coming off his first trip to the all star game, not like a 60 dozen base behind the fastball here back to back caves for gazman after the lead that is now eight home runs in one ball now strikes takes the walk down to first with what He thought was ball. Four Applause started with a double from mckinstry it’s two and two on turner. On the seventh pitch.

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