New York Mets, Cincinnati Reds forto’s 9th Inning Homer Wins It

447 era. The biggest thing for brubaker over the last six starts the ground ball rates down the slugging’s up and it’s really been due to the non fastballs that he’s been throwing the fastball hasn’t been quite as effective and guys have been able to jump on that off speed. Stuff a little bit differently, so hopefully you can get that fastball going early today, dubal one strike delivery to him and that ball’s going to be put up in the air left center field, it’ll be in runner’s, going to go to third good break and a base Hit picked up by alonso, so the mets get added here in the first inning nemo taking off the easy read, gets to third davis heads to first now the bases will be loaded. There is an opportunity for dominic smith, oh my goodness he gets it. I mean. I love it just an absolutely bold, bold and beautiful pitch right. There here’s the pitch and a ground ball softly hit onto the shortstop newman he’ll flip it onto first and brewmaker gets out of it. The mets strand the base is loaded and the pirates come about in the bottom of the first no score. Taiwan. Walker takes the mound in the bottom of the first inning and his record. He could have 11 wins at at the break. 10 wins if he had a little bit of more a little more support, but he has just been solid. He knows how to pitch great demeanor on the mound he’s, a professional he slaps one to left.

This is gon na, be a fair ball. Nice piece of heading by default, it’s gon na clang around in the left field, corner smith, gets it in quickly it’s a double for defoe defoe at second with one out and the mets trying to keep this a scoreless game swinging the ground ball through the right Side base hit defoe is going to be waved around third conferto up with it from right. The throw home is late and he’s in there it’s an rbi single for brian reynolds and the pirates open with a one. Nothing lead the legend, john nagowski and a line drive he’s done it again. What’S going on with this guy. The dude and look at this cora sends the runner he’s safe, nickowski. The third what’s going on well all i’ve seen him hit is lion drives he’s a he’s, a special cat, isn’t he’s, a as a machine and now they’re loaded for newman. They said: go: go, go it’s! A fair ball it’s, a fair ball! Oh my goodness! It’S, a fair ball: do you believe this it’s still in play pirates score three? Oh, my gosh we’ve seen it all now, we’ve seen it all. There goes rojas. He might not be the first. He just bumped the home plate up higher let’s see here we go. Oh, my gosh, touching the chalk touching. Oh, he made the he made the right call that ball was on the job. One of the most bizarre plays you’ll ever see in your entire life.

To his credit, he got it right fell tip and he struck him out. Vr is gone brubacher with three strikeouts three two pitch dribbled toward second base; frazier waits on it has time he’ll flip it onto first it’s, a one, two three inning in the second for brubacher, so this would be pitch number 11 coming up and he swings and Lines one to the gap in right center. He turned around that fastball and sends it near the wall, cut off on the backhand by conforto and it’ll, be a double for gamble with one out here in the second inning and got him and he shakes his head. Yes, good pitch nagowski shook his head. Yes, after going after that pitch and missed it and went out of the strike zone, there went up the ladder on him. One two pitch is chopped to the right side into the shift grabbed by mcneil on the outfield grass. He throws to first so one hit, and one left for the pirates through two innings here is alonso picked up a base hit his first time up runner on it. First, nobody out one two he went could not hold up on that slider down in the way strike three and alonso, not happy Applause, and that one is gon na be grounded into right field. That’Ll be a base hit on the way to third goes nimmo. In first and third, so mcneil delivers a single it’s going to be an eight game, hit streak for mcneil in first and third, with two away smith: a strikeout victim his first time to the plate.

Dominic goes after it down the line, fair ball, so the mets needing to get it done due smith gets the rbi nemo scores and it is a 6 1 ball game, brubaker ready in the pitch and a swing at a high pop up out toward right and Polanco waiting for it to come down. He makes the catch two handed that ends the inning let’s pick up a run on two hits strand two now two on nobody out here on the fourth. All it takes is one rally here, a three or four run: inning to put the mets right back into this game. Puts that one up in the air. He got a lot of it way. Back, hey goodbye home run just what the match dated his first career home run, pinch hitting and he drives in three and makes it a ball game, as the pirate lead is cut to six to four so most nito bats here with one out and one on It’S down by two, the pitch breaking ball chops, softly third base side, it’s gon na be a tough play. They will not have a play picked up by depot, no chance to get neato at first it’s, an infield single and now the mets have runners on first and second, with one out. Nito has his second hit of the day. Greinheader sets in the 2 1 breaking ball, hit to right and well polanco, though there he’ll make the catch.

That is the second out late swing and a miss. He struck him out. He went back upstairs with a fastball and he strikes out nemo stratton pitches. His scoreless fifth let’s go bucks here’s, the 1 2 and it’s swinging a hard ground ball hopping off the mound, diving stop vr and he can’t come up with the ball, to throw out gamble so it’ll be a base hit 1 2 pitch chopped back over the Mound near second grab by vr steps on second throws to first for a double play to end. The inning and we’ll move it on to the sixth inning, with the pirates leading six to four left handed batting dominic smith do up smith, one for three on at first baseball got in on him a little bit. It goes into the quarter into right field. That is a fair ball. Balanco going over to gina it’ll, be a double making. The turn at third gon na bring him home as the ball got away and he’ll get a run. Ball got bobbled on the relay and it is a one run ball game. Good heads up base running mcneal with the help of third base, steve sarcena and it’s. Six to five pirates have loaded the bases with nobody out on the outside corner strike. Three call frazier goes down, looking, not a guy who strikes out a lot, but a big strike out there for luke on the inside corner strike. Three call defoe goes down looking aaron luke with back to back strikeouts, hitting the edges of the plate with the bases loaded here, 0 2 on the way reynolds.

He goes after it. What a job by loop, fantastic work, 0 1 then went outside on his slow roll it’s, going to stay on the grass and alonso’s on with the second hit. We don’t often see pete alonso turn on the speed, but he does there and the one two from bednar swing and a miss. He struck him out 97 above the zone, bednar issues a scoreless, eighth and richard rodriguez, uh, going for his third save in this seven game. Uh series and the mets have their lead off man on here in the top of the ninth inning one ball, one strike the pitch and porto it’s a high fly ball deep center field. Reynolds is back at the wall and he’s gone. The home run. Michael conforto gives the mitch the lead a two run. Homer and the mets have come all the way back from a six nothing deficit. They have taken a seven to six lead here in the top of the ninth, so the save opportunity will go to trevor. May ball one strike the pitch swinging. A ground ball right side right to alonso.

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