New York Mets, Cincinnati Reds quire LUIS CASTILLO of the CINCINNATI REDS in a huge BLOCKBUSTER TRADE

I want to give you a a click bait special tray for you. Um do the best. I can today not feeling that good today so we’ll see how this goes as i do this video but uh. As you know, the mets have lost jacob to ground for a few weeks. Who knows when he’s going to come back and they need some pitching? If one understand he doesn’t seem like the twins are going to move jose berries, i’d watch a little clip of. I guess the gm for the twins on on today on mlb, then they’ll be networked with the mad dog and it seems like he doesn’t. They don’t feel the need to want to trade any of their players that aren’t up for for uh freeze next year. So that barry’s, i don’t, think he’s going to get moved, we’re kind of hearing that last couple days anyway. Now that takes him out of the running now i did a live stream. The other day last night. Talking about a whole bunch of pictures, let me go run down quickly. The names uh before we get into this trade uh, danny duffy, the royals kyle gibson, the range of the rangers max shares. We tore us him out tyler anderson of the of the pirates and has a big win. The mets had in that the last game in pittsburgh. Uh john gray of the rockies jarman marquez, i don’t think he’s getting moved.

John grady could get moved because he’s on the last year of his contract, zach davies of the cubs keep an eye on him. Cub’S gon na stop moving people like crazy, kyle hendricks of the cubs, but but he’s got another year in his contract. So we’re not gon na, i don’t think he’s gon na get moved uh. It would be interesting to see and i’ll get into the end. Uh that’s gon na need a shortstop, but this is the trade i’ve thought of uh. The mets are gon na, be playing uh for three games in cincinnati. The reds so here’s, the trade i’m going to propose to you, louise castillo, to the new york mets ronnie mauricio is the mets number two prospect. Uh junior santos is the the 11th uh prospect in the met system currently because mlb is not updated yet and carlos cortez number 17.. I keep keep putting calls. Are you going to get trade at some point but he’s an interesting pick? If you want to bring him to your team now, the reds might be the one team that can probably give up starting pitching uh. They have two very good prospects that are number one number two nick lodolo, which is their number one best prospect going to He’S left handed and hunter green who’s number two pick and hunter green is a big prospect and he’s got it. Those very hard and he’s 22 years old, he’s, very young tale so and he might be a year away, he’s currently in triple a pitching.

He was recently called up and he’s doing. Okay. He did very well on double a pitch very well double a and got called up the trip away. So the mets could add another piece to this to this puzzle. Uh they’re probably going to have to. I would point out about louise castillo he’s got an er in the fours and he’s three and ten. He leads the league in losses and leads the league and starts so far so he’s been pretty durable. He’S been pretty good so far in that regard, his numbers aren’t, great otherwise uh, and that uh his work ratio is high uh. His hit ratio is high and it’s a big reason. Probably why he’s three and ten and why he has a it’s having a bad year, but he’s got another two years on his contract and the mets are going to have to start looking as well as starting to bring in some some depth into this starting rotation. Marcus strowman has not pitched well uh, tyron walker embarrassed himself on sunday. Quite frankly, so the mets are gon na have to be creative, also keep an eye on wade miley, who has pitched pitching in cincinnati as well. Now i want to get into this thing with the shortstop um francisco lindor has that injury to his oblique or lateral everyone called. It is a injury it’s a grade 2 injury. I looked it according to uh a grade two injury of this magnitude.

He could be out three months. The mets are gon na need a shortstop i’m gon na throw a name out there, he’s, not a big name, he’s gon na splash, your name he’s, a guy. You probably could get he’s on a one year deal with the twins, and that is angelton simmons. We all know him from the braves from the angels he’s having an okay year with the bat but he’s there for his defense. The mets need everyday player at shortstop. Your man’s not going to cut it, you don’t mean you want you don’t, want him playing uh shorts up for any length of time. You know so that is that’s. One of the ideas you can. You can look to. I don’t think it’s a bad idea but keep your eye out for it uh, but, like i said i can’t steal, i don’t think it’ll cost nearly as much as it might have say. Six months ago, he’s had a lousy year uh, but he’s he’s still throwing a lot of innings. I think you put him in a ballpark that’s a little bit bigger, as is the city field, he’d, probably pitch a hell of a lot better. So let me know what you think about this trade proposed trade. Let me know what you think about this video, obviously that’s, what we played the reds this week. I don’t think he’s pitching against the res against the mets this this week i haven’t looked at the pitching matchups.

I don’t even know who’s pitching for the mess tomorrow and and wednesday. I know that the mets will be throwing a jared ike off of all people. It tells you how hard hit they’ve been hard, how hard they’ve been hit with injuries, also cause carrasco will be getting a rehab start with syracuse, so he’s, probably getting close to being ready with the to come up. This will probably be his last uh rehab start and probably his next start, which will be tomorrow, which will probably be uh sunday, so he’ll probably be pitching sunday at city field. I would like so that’s good news. Let’S could use his arm and his experience. So thank you for watching this video. Please subscribe to the baseball hut as we uh get close to the trade deadline. This is going to be a very active trade deadline. There is no waiver deals, so all these teams are not going to be like well. We have something on the table: let’s wait till august now, there’s no august 31st straight deadline. Now, so all these teams are gon na be very aggressive and they’re gon na be moving players like crazy. I expect the pirates to be busy. I expect the rangers to be busy expect the rockies to be busy keep your iron trevor story where he goes. Keep your eye on the cubs, keep an eye on the mets, the nationals, the phillies. The dodgers are going to make a move.

The yankees are probably going to make a move. The a’s always do something. The marriages are always trading people, so it’s gon na be very, very active between now and then and it’s july 30th. At 4 pm i will be on on live stream during that uh. During the trade deadline, so please come by and watch the video and subscribe to the channel be very busy here.

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