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The 20th, a trip bezos himself, will be on board, but someone might just be out to ruin. Bezos’S big moment want to find out who welcome to fact nominal Music and today we’re, looking at jeff bezos’s upcoming flight to space and the drama that’s building, as we get closer to launch. When you hear about the epic battles of the billionaires two names spring to mind, elon musk and jeff bezos, despite them both investing heavily into the space industry, their goals couldn’t be further apart, while elon’s aiming for mars, bezos is set to unveil the world’s first commercial Space tourism carrier in blue origin, but the multi billion dollar magnate has some competition that a lot of the hype has seemed to forgotten about. But before we delve into the rocket rivalry, let’s explore what jeff bezos has achieved and what’s involved in his historic trip into space, blue origin’s, big dream, jeff bezos has always wanted to go to space. At 18 years old, the high school valedictorian gave an interview with the miami herald saying he wanted to build space, hotels, amusement parks and colonies for 2 million or 3 million people who would be in orbit. But first he needed to revolutionize online shopping and delivery logistics to amass the fortune needed to make his dreams a reality and while running amazon kept the prolific billionaire distracted for the most part in 1999, a chance viewing of a science fiction movie october sky, suddenly reignited Bezos’S desire to reach the stars by the year 2000, the first steps were taken with jeff bezos, creating blue origin, an ambitious aerospace company, with a focus on rocket powered vertical takeoff and vertical landing.

Vtvl vehicles for sub orbital and orbital spaceflight blue origin’s approach to spaceflight has always been one of calculated incremental development with each rocket test providing the basis for developing the next one. First came: charon a test flight vehicle named after pluto’s moon powered by four rolls royce. Viper mk 301 jet engines. It successfully reached an altitude of 316 feet before a successful, controlled landing. Next up was the goddard, a test rocket powered by nine be1 engines that completed three successful launches, followed by safe landings every time and finally, the craft that is set to take bezos into space. The new shepherd successfully launched on its maiden flight in october 2012, named after alan shepard, the first american in space, the shepherd’s crew capsule, reached an altitude of 2 307 feet before conducting a parachute assisted soft landing by 2015. The new shepard was the first craft in history to both reach space and successfully recover both the booster and the crew capsule, with an impressive altitude of 330 000 feet. Now that specific altitude is very significant for one important reason: bragging rights, it’s a little difficult to define where earth ends and space begins and different organizations argue over what constitutes the demarcation point. The u.s military and nasa believe that space begins at 50 miles or 264 thousand feet above the earth’s surface, the world governing body for aeronautic and astronautic records. The federation aeronautic international fai disagrees according to them. Space begins at an imaginary line 62 miles or 327 000 feet above the earth called the carmen line it’s at this height that the atmosphere becomes too thin to provide enough lift for conventional aircraft to maintain flight.

If a craft crosses this point and isn’t traveling at orbital velocity, it will fall back to earth, so it’s clear bezos wanted to make sure he was the first commercial passenger spacecraft to reach space by both definitions of the word. Since then, the new shepard has conducted a number of successful test launches each time recovering and reusing the booster and crew capsule for subsequent tests. The big announcement in early june jeff bezos, announced that he would be stepping down as amazon ceo, rather than fade away into billionaire retirement. Bezos then announced he’d be climbing aboard the new shepard and blasting off for the world’s first commercial passenger space flight, a crew capsule that fits six people will be strapped to the new shepard, and only on july 20th, 2021 bezos and five others will be launched into Space, the 11 minute automated flight will lift off from van horn, texas and, although being the new shepard’s 16th flight, it’s the first with real passengers going along for the ride, bezos invited his brother mark and an auction winner who beat out thousands of hopeful bidders with An eye watering bid of 28 million dollars it’s an expensive flight, costing this lucky bitter 42 thousand dollars per second on the new shepherd so who is bezos up against the proverbial dark horse in the 21st century? Space race is none other than richard branson, with his company virgin galactic. The 70 year old has actually been at it for a while virgin.

Galactic was founded back in 2004 with the lofty ambition of having regular space tourist flights as early as 2010, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the virgin kingpin. In 2007, three employees at the mojave spaceport were killed when components of virgin galactic spaceship 2 malfunctioned, causing a massive explosion. The 2010 date became 2011 then pushed back to 2013 and then another year after that, until october 2014, when the vss enterprise spectacularly exploded shortly after liftoff for a test flight killing the onboard co pilot and seriously injuring the pilot learning. A multitude of lessons from the failed enterprise, branson and virgin galactic unveiled their next rocket. The vss unity aptly named by the late stephen hawking and in december 2016 she successfully completed her first flight and glide test fast forward to 2018 and the vss unity had finally reached outer space for the first time ascending to a flight height of 51.4 miles. Above the earth at speeds close to three times the speed of sound. This achievement was so important that the two pilots mark forger stuckey and frederick c.j sterko earned commercial astronaut wings from the us government for their efforts. Interestingly, branson only opted to test nasa’s definition of space traveling. The obligatory 50 miles up before coming back down test flights have continued since then, with virgin galactic also unveiling the eventual successor to the unity in march 2021, a spaceship 3 named imagine, but as the vss unity gets closer and closer to being ready for commercial operation With their latest successful test flight in may 2021, there’s a few things that make people convinced the virgin boss is about to make a major move to ruin, jeff bezos’s big day and be the first civilian on a commercial space flight before branson can lift off virgin Galactic must obtain a commercial, reusable spacecraft operator’s license from the faa.

The license would allow virgin galactic to fly its billionaire founder as the company’s first space flight participant under its current launch. License virgin galactic can only send employees as test subjects on non commercial test flights. Interestingly virgin galactic, which calls itself as the world’s first space line, has submitted the final two verification reports required for the upgraded spacecraft operator’s license. The company expects the faa to issue the license sometime in early july, according to a virgin galactic source. Who wishes to remain anonymous? The company is accelerating plans to send richard branson on a sub orbital flight on the vss unity over the july 4th weekend in a deliberate attempt to steal blue origin’s thunder. It does seem like a long shot, especially considering branson’s traditional, careful and cautious approach to testing, but such a baller move can’t be discounted from the man too rich for words who will win when comparing the two it’s clear blue origin clearly has its nose in front In the race against virgin, galactic and that’s before you consider, branson is only aiming for the 50 mile space demarcation as defined by nasa and the us air force. Blue origin has spent decades forming partnerships with nasa and private firms delivering payloads into space. As part of the artemis program and delivering contracts to develop splice technology across the entire industry, the only ace card virgin galactic seems to hold is the fact that their test flights to date have involved a manned crew where blue origin have not sure their record has Been less than stellar, but human tests are critical for viability, so in a world of fast cars, private islands and now space flight bragging rights who has the best toys.

While neither is quite the james bond, they do have the same powers as batman to quote ben affleck’s, batman, i’m rich. The countdown is on.

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