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Oh he did it. He beat bezos to the to the punch yeah. I think bezos is going this week or next week. Okay yeah highlights from richard branson’s virgin galactic flight into space. So wait a second wait, a minute that’s. The vehicle yeah looks like an airplane man yeah. Well, they they went up to uh the curve, so they can basically go up and then see the the curvature of the earth, and then it went back down all right all right, they’re getting high. They got it. They got, they got rocket, oh okay, okay, they launch off that thing. Yep, it looks cool because it doesn’t look like a rocket until it’s deceiving yeah. Oh that’s cool just went zooming by and everything went well. Wait a second wait, a second. How did he get into that unit? What do you mean? Oh okay, yeah you got to rewind. You got to rewind a little bit over here, so ah there’s a cut there there’s an edit yeah right, so they were in space. Okay, there’s! No footage of the inside of the cabin when they’re in space. They were, but not in this article – oh okay um, but they he was with a crew of maybe less than 10.. That video on the top right looks like a nice view of the inside sure. Yeah, okay: here we go so i just wanted to see what the cockpit looked like when they yeah they’re.

Definitely in space there’s, no there’s, zero gravity or close to it. Over there yeah there’s two pilots um. They were wait. A sec, branson doesn’t undo his seat belts. He does he. He gave a speech a really inspiring speech. Oh and then he took off his seatbelt, and so they were only they’re only able to be. They were waitlist for a couple minutes. A couple minutes yeah. So that’s how the experience will be yep, wow, that’s, fun, man, that’s cool yeah. Congratulations to them! Do you need to have the shades up there? Oh okay. She doesn’t, of course yeah for him. No. I was just wondering if it’s like a uv thing. Oh, i didn’t know oh yeah there. She has glasses on now yeah. That would be amazing. Obviously that would be very cool i’m curious about the re entry, so you’re floating you’re floating then maybe they don’t show that part i’m sure some clip does so. Okay there. That looks like they’re going down yeah, i mean they kind of just land, so this is different than what bezos is doing and elon is doing. This is like a plain, a more plain, looking deal yeah and then it gets up to a certain height. Then the boost the the rocket kicks in and then they go further. I guess they launch in the air instead of on the ground in a way it kind of and but then also landing they’re landing on a traditional runway, they’re not trying to like right land.

A rocket isn’t basil trying to land it what’s he no, his comes down floats down as a capsule, yes yeah, so it’s a little different it’s, a little different approach, uh his looks almost like, as if, when you have astronauts coming back from a space shuttle, his Is cooler i’m just going to say that right, yeah well, don’t don’t! You agree because we know about planes and this is more accessible and easier to digest because it’s like you’re, going on a plane, it feels less scary. Yeah. I mean they’re both cool. What am i talking about? It’S you’re in space it’s, big citizens, are going to space, sure it’s, all cool but it’s, interesting to see the the various approaches. I know in the case of virgin galactic it’s about space tourism right it’s about people taking these trips. Yes, the ticket is uh 250k, at least for right now: mm hmm yeah, so less than 500 people went to space, so i mean there’s that no listen there’s a lot of people that will be interested in doing that and uh.

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