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The last time a team went on the road four game: six in the finals and forced the game. Seven was when the pistons did it back in 2005. perk. I can tell you as someone who is flying between detroit and san antonio over and over and over again during that series it was quite a thing when they forced the whole series back to san antonio. Now the spurs did end up winning then, but still, how did the suns approach this game, so they can be like those pistons and not be done tonight. Well, i think it’s all about their mindset. Obviously, right and then you want to come in on the road and you want to take the crowd out of it, and i think the good thing with the suns is that they had that game. Full experience right where they were up and they saw that they could play in this arena and battle with the milwaukee bucks. It would have been a different story if it was two back to back blowouts in game three and game four, but the fact that they gain confidence in this building is all the sun’s need. They just have to go out there and play they style the game, meaning no turnovers play a gender free basketball on both ends of the floor and play with that sense of urgency. Now with that being said, i feel like all the pressure is on the milwaukee bucks tonight, so coming into this arena, when you look at the milwaukee bucks, all the pressure was on the phoenix suns at game.

Five milwaukee has all the pressure you at home. You must close this out right so you’re coming into this game, and you have to have that mindset if you’re the bucks that we’re not trying to go to game seven we’re not trying to go back to phoenix where this young core is comfortable at when mikael Bridges is shooting you know, night and day, yet so we’re not trying to go there. I mean the pressure has to be a little bit. A hundred wait a second like i’m, not gon na. Let you sit up here and lie you didn’t. Let me do it. Yeah yeah, i, like you a lot of the people, because this is the truth like to your point rachel. No, this is yours. You cannot say that the pressure is all on the milwaukee, but the pressure on finish you don’t, know why the pressure is really on phoenix, because the milwaukee bucks have already proven that they can win in phoenix also so just because they, if they were to happen To lose this game it’s not like their confidence, wouldn’t be great going into game seven because they just won a game there on game seven. Now this is what i think the suns need to approach his first limitation game as you’ve done this it’s. What coaches talk about all year, long we’ve done all the work to put ourselves in this position. They were the best road team in the entire nba.

All year long, you put yourself you played in every climate you’ve played in in front of every type of group. So that when you get here to a must win on the road you have that to fall back on, you have that confidence, you’re monty williams, you can come in and say you know what you guys. This young team was the best road team in the league. Now we have a must win on the road that’s. Why you put in your work that’s what all that that that confidence comes from, and i don’t know what perk is talking about, but i’ll. Let him finish. I know he’s going to say i mean i understand you talking about the milwaukee bucks getting game, five, which was a huge win, but just because you post serve on it, don’t make pancakes all right and at the end of the day, no it don’t. No, i don’t it’s a lot of the other things that could happen. But with that being said, what i’m saying is: is that the pressure you know – and you know sausage – i like sausage in a loaf of bread, hey melissa, just a little drizzle but for rachel. Richard know that going into game six, when you at home, you want to close that out. Nobody wants to go to game seven on the road it’s a tricky thing. An approach too, like the sun’s approach, is easy. You got to win tonight.

You got to play desperate every minute counts, all that stuff bring out every montaism that we’ve heard through these playoffs. The other side of a hard let’s go with the bucks it’s a little bit more delicate, because you have to make sure that your team is as motivated as the suns as desperate as scrappy, and you kind of have to put into guys heads like hey. This is our best chance to win. We don’t want to go back to phoenix for a game seven, but you can’t tell your team hey. We have to win tonight because it’s a disaster. If we go back to phoenix for a game seven because they could end up going back to phoenix for a game, seven so it’s a little bit more delicate in terms of the mindset on that side.

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