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Clutch time, of course, is the last five minutes with the score within five points. Games, one through three were not close enough down the stretch to have clutch time. So there’s really only been seven minutes that we’re talking about. So we have to remember small sample size. Theater it’s, just not good, even in a small sample size during clutch time. In the last two games, phoenix has been outscored: 21 6 they’ve shot two for nine to go along with zero assists and three turnovers. So richard it’s, a low bar i’m asking you to hop over here, but how could the suns be just a little bit better in the clutch if it comes down to a close game tonight, pretty much anything at this point in time like they’re like it can Always get worse, but could it be better? They could just do it over here, it’s time taken, but no it could be a hundred percent better. They got to clean it up. Look now when you look at their assists. I don’t think that that’s a great indication because they have iso guys, like late in game booker go get a bucket. Chris paul go get a bucket, they have dominated in that space. But when you see the three turnovers that’s the key, because these games are so close that when you get turnovers like you saw last game when you get turnovers late in these games, that’s the issue right and so uh they can be better.

But i think it’s more, the turnovers versus the assist you got ta clean and get a shot every single time. Well, i think you know, when you look at the the formula that they had in games. One and two everybody was touching the ball. We were showing tape of the ball swinging. I think it was what nine to ten passes. Twelve at one point, twelve at a point getting great shots, passing up good shots to get great shots and what i’ve been noticing is is yes, devin booker has been getting off. Yes, he has been scoring 40 on tough, contested twos and tough contested threes, but it’s been taken away from everyone else, including cp3 right cp3 hasn’t had the ball in his hands of late, especially last game. We saw times where he was standing in the corner and i think when the phoenix suns are at his best, they have the ball in chris paul hands and they’re running their sets. They’Re double staggering, with deandre ayton and devin booker, where aidan is rolling to the basket. Devin book is popping and now you’re getting these switches in these mismatches, and then it translates to the defensive end. When everybody is touching the ball offensively defensively, you, you are starting to get engaged right because we’re seeing guys not helping we’re watching deandre, i mean deandre ayton, get put on the island by itself against giannis and guys are not digging guys are not showing help like Guys are not engaged, they have to get back to boxes and elbows, helping the helper and being engaged as a team on both ends of the floor.

Well, perk that’s, why? I would say that richard, you said the assists don’t matter that much to me, the assists are the thing because, first of all, i’m going to credit the bucks defense, they played a very good defense which has caused some of those turnovers. That ball did not pop out of devon booker’s hands by itself at the end of game, five that was drew holiday and pj tucker sort of combining to do that work, but the assists are something that is in their control. Passing the ball like perk is talking about. We talked in the first two games that all season, monte williams, has preached the 0.5 offense. Not seven seconds are left .5 seconds and the idea is that within half a second as a sons player, you are supposed to be able to make a decision. Do you drive, pass or shoot those three things that’s not happening. If a guy is iso, iso iso go ahead and rachel that’s. A great point – and i wanted to i wanted to bring this up even look at the last possession with drew holiday – got the strip. They were able to go boxes and elbows, because it was an isolation play when you, when you use when we are used to looking at the phoenix suns team that phoenix sun team, they have a lot of player movement. They have a lot of action going on when you go isolation, it’s easy for a team like milwaukee we’re not going to play the hindsight game.

Should they call a timeout? Should they not, but what you get from a timeout is you would get some sort of movement right? You would get some sort of misdirection and and again the bucks have been criticized for a lack of movement at times when you would just have giannis stand at the key and then just try and go and then distribute movement creates offense in an easier way. Okay, so perk you mentioned cp. Is he the player to you that needs to step up the most tonight or is it someone else on the sun side? No, i think it’s cameron, payne and cam johnson. I mean cameron payne when you, when you think about his playoff run this season alone. He had some historical nights off the bench. He was a spark for them i’m. Talking about, like you know, coming out having 25 plus, he has been a non factor in these finals and you think, like with cp3. Sometimes he that he was struggling, you thought that campaign would come in and be that guy. That could be a spark give them that energy like he has been in the first couple of rounds. He haven’t been there in the finals, yeah and i think it’s, the secondary player also you know for for the suns, because chris paul, you know you know whether he’s 100, healthy or not. I think you’re kind of capped at what he’s going to get is he’s going to give us a 37 point night.

If he does they’re going to win, i think devin booker has maxed out what he’s capable of doing so when you started looking at ayton, you start looking at cam johnson. You started looking at mikael bridges. You started looking at uh jay crowder. Those are the individuals you’re like one of y’all gon na have to go for 20 plus one of you are going to have to have a drew holiday type night, where you were just everywhere and and that’s the issue right now for the phoenix suns i mean. Look it’s gon na be taking all of them, let’s, not kid ourselves right and it is hard to win four games in a row and that’s something the suns can lean on. Well, you know what i was very critical of mike buttonholzer, but i’ma say this. The ties have turned like right now, in my opinion and like when you look at for us this this these last three games, he’s out coaching monty williams, like muncie williams, has had some suspect substitutions. He has not changed up his playbook or his defense at all. Yet and adjusted to the milwaukee bucks far as with them, putting giannis at the five and things to that nature. Well part of it’s hard to to make adjustments when you have a more thin roster – and i i will keep saying this – i think that dario sarich injury after game, one of these nba finals – i understand at the time it’s not the flashiest name in this series.

So a lot of people didn’t pay a ton of attention to it, but it makes them thin enough at that position.

What do you think?

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