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After that, clutch deal you’ve seen so many times in the last 48 hours drew holiday and the alley oop to giannis. The bucks now have won three straight in these finals. They are just the fourth team in finals history, to win three straight after trailing. Two games to none so perk: how do the suns set about recovering after that tough last second loss in game? Five? Well, well, obviously, they have to get this win on the road right, so you want to come out and get out to a good start like they did in game five. You want to take the crowd, the energy out of the arena, but, secondly, the sons got to get back to being disciplined right. They’Ve been doing too many dumb things like you. Look at devin booker with his files. You look at cp3 with his turnovers, even jay. Crowder on one play late in or in the fourth quarter, where he had a foul where he fouled chris milton on the jump shot like they have to stay away from those things, and they have to find a way for deandre ayton to impose his will right And like he had 20 and 10, and i was talking with richard off – and it was just like it – wasn’t impactful, like you know like he has to impose his will and when i’m watching him play defense on giannis it’s, like he’s playing defense in college, both Hands up trying to slide his feet, not trying to get in foul trouble.

You have to make it difficult like don’t. Let them catch the ball, so easy. Try mixing it up front them. Get physical with them, make the refs call that call. I think you know they know that this is going to be a physical game and usually when they get to the finals, the referees, let you battle it out, as we sing some some of the files that were questionable right with devin booker. Well, look, i think the suns can recover but it’s more about what the sun’s with the sun’s beating themselves, like they hadn’t really done that all post season – and you know you look at game four and and just a a blown opportunity in the nba finals. You you might get one extra chance if you blow an opportunity, but ultimately i think the suns just have to slow down a little bit figure out what they want to do. But if they can’t use the exact same formula that they had been using all postseason. That is, move the ball 0.5 seconds, everyone touching everyone contributing and then in the fourth quarter, we’re gon na space, we’re gon na have guys knock down shots, and then chris paul is gon na get to his elbow chris paul is gon na dominate then devin. Booker is gon na hit big shots if they can’t get back to that formula, and the reason why and the last thing i’ll say is the reason why people were picking phoenix.

Some of it was the giannis injury, but a lot of it had to do with this. The phoenix suns play the best brand of basketball, but the milwaukee bucks are probably a better basketball team as in more talent, but the milwaukee bucks are playing very, very good. So when the more talented team is playing well, it becomes. You know three straight i’m, not sure mr suns and six. You want to be bringing up pre finals, predictions it’s, fine, look again. My predictions in the beginning that i’ve stuck with are all based off giannis’s health yeah. The way the suns have been playing well they’re, not playing the same way, especially since game three started than they were the whole postseason. So when the facts change, so do my opinions there you go well look part of it is playing well but playing well for long enough right, because we saw in game four. The suns were up by nine in the fourth quarter and could not hang on. We saw, of course, what happened in game five. They were up by 16.. Now that was early in the game and being up by double digits, doesn’t mean what it used to in the nba, but still clearly, they were in position to hold on. They had the ball at the end of the game. They had the advantage on the scoreboard and they still lost it, and therefore the bucks claimed that game and perk. I got to follow up with you a little bit right because, if you’re deandre ayton, if you were devon, booker, you said that he’s got to be more aggressive and physical, but he also can’t get into foul trouble.

How do you walk that line as a big man, because he did have that experience in game three, where him being on the bench is part of the reason why they had so many problems? Well, if you watch, if you watch the game and you look at some of yana’s post touches his catches right, they’re, so easy like they’re able just to lob it in there he’s catching in one hand like he’s, not making the impact like he’s, not doing his Work early he’s waiting for giannis to catch the ball down all of a sudden he’s playing on his heels, instead of him being aggressive, meeting giannis early, not letting giannis get to his spot and then that college defense right that defensive stance holding two hands in the Air trying to move your feet you’re already at a disadvantage guarding yanuzantes to kupo, especially when he gets the star stepping and you’re rowing and scooping the ball up under you for layups, like you’re dead bird tall grass. We just saw you honest by the way that was from practice. Today i mean you just let it register in that dome head of yours for a minute, and then you can understand well richard’s thinking. I was just going to note that janus had ice packs on both knees when you just saw him at practice today, but that is common and we see a lot of guys do that in the off days. Richard’S going to keep thinking.

I have no idea what that means: i’m, like dead tall dead, bird and tall grass. I mean just let us see. I’M. Sorry, thanks for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.

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