Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo, MLB, NBA Most Valuable Player Award 2019 emotional speech Looking Back

I just want to say to all my nba brothers out there: how lucky are we to make a living around this great game? Think of how far we have come from when we first picked up a basketball and for all those kids out there shooting hoops on a blacktop on the side of a barn or on a court halfway around the world. There are three times in your life. You want to meet our final presenter of the night the day you’re drafted the day, you win the championship and the day you win mvp. Ladies and gentlemen, the commissioner of the nba, adam silver, thank you shaq, and thanks for the outstanding job you’ve done tonight with tonight’s show. Thank you very much and a special thank you to the fans for making this another memorable season. None of this would be possible without you. Only about four thousand men have played in the nba over its 73 year. History it’s, an incredibly exclusive club just to compete at this level, requires unmatched talent and discipline and to rise above the very best in the world and be considered. The most valuable player requires something truly special it’s, an even more select roster of just 33 members to giannis, paul george and james harden. Congratulations on your mvp caliber seasons. Thank you for your hard work, drive and unwavering commitment to excellence. This is as close as it gets james since michael jordan, 32 years ago, putting up historic numbers.

If you want to give some love paul george deserves it. What he does on both ends of the court meeting the league and steal second employees per game and a steal by george paul george, making a statement doing everything one man can do. Giannis has been the most dominant player in the league, the best player on the best team. Today he believes that he’s, the best player in the game he wants it finishes ferociously he’s carried his team to greatness Applause is the 2019 kia nba most valuable valuable player goes to giannis a terracumpo Applause put it down while you’re talking. Oh man, i’m nervous. Okay, so uh. First of all, you know i want to thank god um for blessing me with this amazing talent. I wouldn’t, you know be this position that i am today. Man wait hold on okay, so yeah um yeah. I want to thank god for putting me in this amazing position that i am today um everything i do. I do it through him and i’m extremely blessed, and you know i realize that someone. Thank god. I want to thank my team, my team. First of all, i think my teammates. It takes more than one person to win 16 games. Every time i walked to the locker room. I saw my teammates. They were ready to go to fight. They were ready to go to war with me. They laced up their shoes, they went out there and they gave hundred percent.

I want to thank the coach staff for the okay. I want to thank the coach staff for teaching us pushing us every day every single day, believing in us uh teaching us what it takes to win. I don’t think i think the front office, the ownership for, like you know believing in me uh. I want to thank the the front office, the ownership for believing in me, and i was 18 years old back in greece. You know they allow me to leave this team and trust me, and i want to thank the city of milwaukee. I want to thank makande, griez and nigeria for always supporting me. You know back in greece when otherwise the game is five a.m six a.m, so they always stay up and watch the games and um send me. You know message um, support message and then definitely support me and the team and my family uh. I don’t think my dad. Obviously you know my dad is not here with me, but you know two three years ago and uh you know i had to go in my head that i’m going i’m gon na be the best player in the league i’m gon na do whatever it takes to Help my team win and i’m going to mvp and uh everything every day that i step on the floor. I always think about my dad, and that motivates me, and it pushed me to you know, play hard and move forward, even though my body is sore, even though when i i don’t feel like playing, i was going to show up and i was going to do The right thing i want to thank my amazing brothers.

You know, i love you guys, man, Applause, there, you go. You know, i love you guys because you’re my right to die. You know you guys are my role models, man. I look up to you guys. Um. Thank you for everything you guys do for me and uh. I want to thank my my amazing mom, my amazing mom. I am amazing, mom she’s she’s, my hero, she’s uh. You know me always when you little kid, you don’t see the future right and you, if you have a good parent, your parents sees the future for you and she always saw the future in us. She always believed in us. She was always there for us she’s. The foundation of this family, you might you’re my true hero, you’re, my true hero, um. Obviously i want to thank my agents. You know uh, thank you for believing in me uh. Thank you for motivating me. Thank you. Love me a lot and uh, but you know um at the end of the day, this is just the beginning. This is just the beginning. My goal is to win a championship, as my dad told me, you know always want more but never be greedy. My goal is to win a championship and we’re going to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Thank you guys. Music Applause, Music, that’s our show. Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations to all the winners. The after party is at my house just tell my ex wife.

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