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I thought i’m gon na get that to be honest with you but um. You know going down the stretch. Just do whatever you know. It takes to win the game, you know just put yourself in a position that can be the game and you know uh, you know so. I saw you know. I saw the play coming: uh i’m, so that uh chris chris paul was trying the lab. So i just i’m just gon na jump vertical. You know towards the ring. Hopefully i can, you know be there in time and uh. I was there in time and was able to get a good black and uh go down. Uh get to a point. So so i was a great hospital uh. It felt like a strange angle like it was one of those spots where the the toss just kind of came out of nowhere. Did it surprise you at all? No, no it didn’t. Surprise me like. I saw it coming like i knew once i see saw him putting on the his one hand. He was too far for a layup, so i knew he was throwing alive and i committed so much uh and you kind of like heuristic you’re gon na feel it. You i felt him like rolling and to the ring behind me, so i i know the only chance to get a stop is just jump towards um towards the rim and try to cover that uh. That angle for him score and aiden is so strong you.

So you legitimately thought. As he went up, he was gon na he’s gon na dunk. It yeah. I was late like usually i play like that: it’s it’s uh, if i was in the upper opposite side, it’s a dunk. You know but uh. As i said like. I didn’t jump to plug the ball. I jumped towards the rim that i feel like that’s. What uh kind of helped me put me in position to uh get the block because i jumped the rim was right here, so i jumped right here, so he could like shoot the ball. If he shot the ball to the backboard, he’d, probably be a goaltending. You know, but he tried to dunk it, so i was right there earlier than him malika in the back giannis chris had some big performances last round, but for most of them you were watching tonight. You got to be out there with him. What did you see from him and what was that like? It was great, you know uh, he was being aggressive and uh. You know he kept communicating to him that there was things that we could do that to get him wide open to get him to the elbow jump shot to get him. Um turn the coin because usually they’re like helping a lot when he’s turning the corner but uh he was, he was that’s what he does down the stretch. We want him to have the ball. We want him to be the decision maker.

We know he’s going to take big shots, he’s going to make big shots, uh and uh tonight was. He was incredible, jim here up front, hey guys um, but you mentioned a hustle play on your end. I guess you speak to pat’s defense on devin, where there’s a switch late and devon tried to end up having a contested jumper drew gets the re uh. You know that rebound gets an offensive rebound at the other end seemed like hustle mental toughness, big part of those last few minutes. For those of you for sure, for sure, for everybody, everybody that was on the floor, we got ta know you know what kind of game this is. We knew that the last three minutes we got a you know, guest stops, you know, take possession at a time and uh just make it as tough as possible for them. We knew that they were gon na. Have the ball chris paul gon na have the ball and we just wanted to make them make a play. You know make them make a tough play, maybe drive to the hoop, have a contested layup or a contestant too. You know so, i think uh, those two guys did a great job drew, did a great job. Pat did a great job. Uh i mean we need them to keep doing that. You talked about trust, for those guys, especially pat on offense is an example of trust. On defense, where it i don’t know, if there’s an instinct or a desire to maybe want to go, help or help too much, but it seemed like that was just okay pat.

This is your assignment and try to make it tough. You know and pat and drew and uh pg they can. They can guard. You know and uh there’s gon na be times that as biggs me broke bobby, we got ta read, you know what we’re gon na help uh and sometimes we over help uh. We don’t have to but uh this time that they have to guard. They have to like sit down and move their feet and uh contest shots and send them send the guys to the crowd and send the guys to other bigs, and i feel, like uh they’ll, be doing a great job but um. As you know, we got ta. Keep we got ta keep doing this together. We got ta uh, they got ta keep going, we got ta, keep helping and uh moving forward. We got ta, keep doing this rachel yeah it’s in the fourth quarter, when they’re up yeah, i can’t see oh he’s in the corner: okay uh in the fourth quarter, when they were up seven – and you know, if you go down three one going back there, that’s Significant, what was going through your mind, you know how about how about do you want it? You know, you know how bad do you really want it? You know um and just leave the game. You know swinging kind of mentality. You know um try to be aggressive. Try to get stops, you know, try to set screens like do everything uh physically basically possible to put yourself in a position to win this game, and i think everybody was feeling feeling that and uh.

You know that’s what we did. You know it wasn’t uh, it wasn’t a pretty game. Um uh, but was able to you, know, keep keeping that composure keep coming uh. We had wide open shots that we missed that we usually make but uh going down the stretch we kept believing ourselves. We kept executing we kept saying screams, we kept getting started, we kept running, we kept re running the ball, we kept blocking shots so uh. We wanted this bad and uh. The team showed it tonight, but we got to keep getting better got to keep getting better. We got to keep taking steps forward and uh keep playing good basketball team up front into quite the same places and be quite as aggressive as you were tonight offensively did they do anything different or was it something you were seeing? That was different. What was what changed? I think i think i just got ta be marcus. I got ta do one of this. I got ta, keep going downhill, uh more and i keep keep enjoying enjoying the game. More um, yeah that’s, pretty much it and you you and chris have both talked a lot about the fact that over the past eight years, you guys have kind of built this thing into what it is and built yourselves into the players that you are, how. How did it feel to be able to close out a game like this with him? It would you know the way you two played down the stretch to kind of get this thing done and keep you guys in the series feels good feels good.

You know uh we’ve done this uh a lot of times. You know and this time that you know uh going down the street. I got ta trust me and he got ta trust me and uh. As i said, we’ve done it we’ve done showing that we’ve closed. So many games and we’ve lost a lot of games, but, like closing uh a game like this in the nba finals, like you know, obviously it means it means a lot and if it felt good and uh but uh, we cannot be satisfied. Nobody keep enjoying the game, keep playing good basketball and uh. But to answer your question, he felt good um doing that with him down the stretch lori right here. I also wanted to ask you about chris. I know it doesn’t. Surprise you that he had 10 clutch points um, because you know i’m so well. But how happy are you for him? He doesn’t flex. He doesn’t put anything on himself. He doesn’t even dunk. So the fact that you know did you say anything to him or just how happy are you for him? I’M. Proud. I’M, proud, i’m. Very proud, but, as i said, it comes down to trust like i trust him, you know win or lose i’m. Okay with it. Like usually like, when you’re going down the streets like game like this, so whatever game you play, you want to take it upon yourself and uh win or lose you like.

Okay, i took the shots, you know i i lost the game, i won the game. You know, but like it comes down to like trash that trusts, that guy right there i trust chris. I know they’re gon na make that i play and uh. I know they’re gon na deliver the ball when i’m, open and uh but like what he did tonight was. It was incredible. We we need him to keep doing it. You know and uh we within reach of our goals, and hopefully we can keep enjoying you know, enjoying the game and i keep playing good basketball. Keep you know, having um building winning habits that we build all year, keep trusting our winning habits and uh keep making winning plays uh, and hopefully we can put our uh seven position to win sam on your right. Yeah you’ve had plenty of big moments, but you got about 70 seconds left in that game. You you finish that block and you make the choice to flex and look in the crowd a little bit just what’s the feeling um, especially after the entire night of grinding, to get where you guys were. Oh man top game. It’S our game was it. It was uh, it wasn’t a pretty game, but uh we grind, we grinded through you know the they played really good. They played really really good. We got to give them credit and but like, as i said, like three minutes before you know in the timeout.

In my head i’m, like okay, you got ta, keep you know you got ta keep making plays like right now, it’s like how about do you want it? If they go up three one it’s it’s a whole different ballgame, you know and uh i feel like it was just emotions. You know there’s. Sometimes you know black shadow around the other way, but you know i think there was so much emotions uh into me. Uh and i tried to like enjoy that moment, you know and um you know there’s, sometimes that you, you know kind of black, have a three whatever you just ran down the other, but like for me the way i play the way i want to play movie For what i want to like enjoy every single moment – and that was the moment that i felt like our team was turning around and we were you know getting the momentum and uh chris was hitting big shots and uh. You know it felt good um, so so yeah to answer your question. It felt good and uh the way we were playing felt good at the time right here in the center be honest. This was the second game in a row. He went out early in the first quarter, i’m, just curious. What was going on there. I wanted to uh what the hell, you guys say – politely yeah yeah. I want to take a thing cause. It came back that’s it that’s, that’s, polite right, yeah, both games.

I want to take a think of them back last question jeff. We should probably just end right there um another chris question. He’S such a you know easy going, seemingly quiet even on the court. So so when did you learn? He had such a competitive nature? How did you learn it? What were the signs that showed you? There was some fire inside okay throughout the years throughout the whole journey with him. You know, i kind of you know figured it out. We’Ve played so many games together, but um. It was a specific time i think it was in the playoffs against toronto back here that we played at home. I don’t want to say the whole story: what happened uh but like he wasn’t, he was feeling great and uh, but he played the game and he gave everything to uh for the team and for us and uh. You know that’s when i realized i’m, like yeah. This is the guy that i want to be. You know, aligned with and uh. I want to go through the journey with you know, so that was, as i said, throughout the journey. There was a lot of moment, but that was a specific moment that i was like yeah. You know that’s that dude doesn’t do that. You know i want to. You know, build a legacy with and uh be with him. You know just be a part of his own journey and he can be a part of my journey and uh.

You know do this together. Thank you.

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