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Cp3 is now an even bigger favorite to take home. The award on fox bet, while the greek freak is in hot pursuit at two to one odds: furman, should chris paul be worried about yana, stealing the mvp. What do you think? Well, first things. First, rachel chris paul should definitely be the favorite. His team has a 2 1 series, lead and they’ll have a chance to put a stranglehold on things tomorrow, if they’re able to win game four in milwaukee, but giannis is closing that gap and i think it works in his favor. Obviously, if they’re able to try and push the series to six or seven games and dare i say we should even start to consider a case where the milwaukee bucks lost the best of seven series in seven yep giannis could be the mvp on a losing team. You look at what the impact giannis has had for the bucks i mean phoenix has had no answer for him in the paint. Sal talked about how dominant he’s been after taking a little bit of time off, we weren’t even sure if he was going to be able to play the the rest of this postseason after he hyper extended his knee. But look at giannis numbers versus some of the past mvps that we’ve seen in the nba finals, he’s right up there with lebron kawhi and kevin durant. Now, it’s obviously going to be tougher if the bucks aren’t able to win this series against the suns, but at the same time i would not discount his candidacy whatsoever.

I think giannis has a very realistic chance. Obviously, if the bucks win, he gets it, but even if they were to lose in seven that he might be declared mvp clay. What do you think effectively? These are just the odds to win the overall conference right, i mean that’s what we’re uh, winning the finals and see who’s gon na actually hoist the trophy. So if you believe the bucks are gon na win, you can either bet on the bucks to win the title or you can bet on giannis. If you think the suns are gon na win. You bet on the suns to win the title or you take cp3, because i don’t think that furman’s position here of a team on the losing side, actually winning the mvp a player on the losing team, is actually going to happen. It’S only happened once in fact in nba finals, history going all the way back. I believe we have a graphic for this 1969 uh with jerry west now lebron there’s been arguments before i think. Lebron has clearly been the best player in some of the finals that they did not end up winning and if lebron didn’t do it, i don’t think they’re going to do it with giannis, fair or foul. The mvp goes to the best player on the team. That wins the title. I think that’s going to be cp3, which is why you bet the suns or you bet cp three.

Basically, these are one in the same sally. You agree, i agree. Should he be worried? No, i don’t know, does he have giannis insurance cp3? He should buy insurance by from a guy named cliff if he’s, that worried about it. But no, i agree with clay. Let’S go through these possibilities for him and how would the bucks win the title, but chris paul win the mvp? No bucks win. The title. Giannis is probably good for another 40 in one of the next or two of the next three games, and if the suns win the title, you think they’re going to take it from 36 year old, chris paul with that narrative, i don’t believe it. I think the suns, like clay, says if they win chris paul, is going to win and let’s. Take a look at this game: he’s shooting greater than 50, the first five games or the last five games. 27.4 points per game. This is the story right here. Chris paul, but i will agree, i like the bucks to win game four. I will agree i’m agreeing with myself it’s what i’m doing yeah nobody. I like them to win game four, so you can kind of wait there i say it’ll be closer to even if the bucks, even things up and win game four. If you’re a suns fan you’re backing the suns, maybe wait a little bit. I’M still going sounds i’m still going cp3 to win the finals mvp.

But i will say if you at home think that giannis is going to keep playing the way that he has been playing. Then it’s worth taking a flyer on this guy because take a look at this guys that score 40 plus points 10 plus rebounds and five plus assists in finals game since 2000, lebron won finals, mvp kevin durant, 2018 won finals, mvp lebron again in 2016, shaq two Years in a row in 2001 and 2002., so if you’re a bucks fan – and you think that giannis is going to keep it going, i think it’s worth it. Jimmy butler gets his full name on there. I can’t remember where jimmy gets these for life. I don’t know why they did that. That makes sense for glasses a lot of asterisks i’m still going chris paul, hey guys, i’m rachel benetta host of fox bet live. Thank you so much for watching, and i got to tell you something you need to subscribe and i think i think the the button is it’s somewhere it’s here it’s for sure.

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