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Absolutely absolutely look i i want to know, as you are now, by the way as you and i are speaking, you are headed to the city of milwaukee. You will be in tonight’s game. What will it mean to this city if this bucks team can climb back in and actually win this nba finals it’ll mean a lot? I i think it’ll mean a lot for basketball, because you know it’s very seldom that small of towns or small cities win championships, and i and with the team they got now. I hope they can get it done. I just hope that did great get some help. Laughter well, big old, uh it’s, an honor to be on with you right now. This is kendrick perkins. I want to know what are your expectations for the books in game? Four, i i think i think the bucks are going to play well uh, but i think phoenix is going to play well there’s, going to be it’s, going to be a shootout match and that’s what i said before. I just hope that giannis can get some help because middleton’s got to come to play in that holiday. But what about the guys off the bench? You know they got to make a contribution as well, because because i think that the players that phoenix has they got some real good basketball players that we haven’t heard anything about at all, but they can put the ball in the basket.

No that’s, true big o richard jefferson here and speaking about phoenix. I wanted to talk about chris paul for a second. You guys both won championships a little bit later in your career. What did that mean to you and how do you think that that you know will impact chris paul as he continues to move forward being in this position so much later in his career? Did it mean more for you because it was towards the end? I don’t know about chris paul uh, but i thought i’d say that it shut up a lot, a lot of uh writers and and radio guys said. We said oh well, oscar’s playing really, but he hasn’t won a championship. You know, but i didn’t i didn’t. I didn’t have great trade to go into los angeles and bill russell going from saint louis to to boston and all those all those key things, because in order to win a championship in basketball these days, you got to make a key trade. There has never been a championship without a key trade being made somewhere along the line, and people forget that no, you are absolutely right. Look we’ve talked oscar, you and i a bunch of times over the last couple of years about the triple doubles. Russell westbrook broke. Another one of your triple double records just this past season, but i think we need to be paying a little bit more attention as a league and as fans to the fact that you were the most accurate shooter of your era.

By far. In fact, when you were tired, you were second all time in true shooting percentage. Today, you ranked just behind guys like larry bird michael jordan in that category, so i look at today’s mba in today’s game and all of the shooting that we see, and i just want to know what you think you would have been like in today’s game. With the three and just that green light to shoot all the time from coaches, well, you know to me that the game today is a one on one one basketball game, and if you have a command of your dribble, you can shoot, i mean that’s. I think you can get it done. Uh uh, i looked at uh some of the rookies coming into the basket last night on television man, that’s all they’re shooting on three point shots. But when i was when i came up, tell these guys my co founder. Let me take long long shots man. He made me, take certain shots. He said. If i did, you shoot the ball too far on the floor i’m not going to play so that’s. Why i try to get in that 18. 15. 18. Foot shot. Uh mark all the time, but i had a pretty tough coach, so i listened to him Laughter. Well, well, big old um! You know four as a guy as far as a former player like yourself winning the gold medal in the olympics in 1960 and being a straight shooter.

Can you tell me right now: do you see this olympic team team usa winning the gold medal this year? I think they can win a gold medal uh, but i tell you what they have to do. Instead of worrying about shooting up threes want to guard somebody, you know that that’s what they got, that’s, how they’re going to win that’s? How they’re going to win. You got to play some defense on these guys because, because they’re not used to being played played very hard because that’s the type of ball they played, they want to shoot too get in front of them. You know bump them a little bit. You make them work, get box them out on the boards that’s, how you win basketball games. Well, oscar. We love love when you come visit with us. The fact that we are literally getting you in your car or driving to the game is amazing. This is such a treat for us. I love that we’re going to see you tonight at the arena, enjoy the game tonight. Well, thank you thank my daughter for this. She did all the work shout out to your daughter. Indeed. Thank you, sir. Thanks for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.

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