Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Oscar Robertson -Suns Wild Ending In Game 5 of the NBA Finals

Oh god, the big on the floor comes over and tries to block the layup attempt of pj tucker. Two minutes gone by here in the fourth hooker the drive gets inside and the foul devin booker, looking to take it over he’s got 33. holiday out. For a brief rest, booker gets an angle on tucker shooting 91, not that time holiday and chris paul now. Booker picks him up middleton spins, using his height shoots over it scores you got to concentrate on trying to get some stops. Music holiday searching holiday has been in command all night long trying to draw the foul paul, knocks it away, holland, he gets it back. Lay up he banks it all. These are the scrums that often decide gains through holiday Applause. Hooker, trying to draw the foul paul the drive kicks it out. Good look for bridges, history got it in and out booker drives on, connorton kicks it out, bridges up top crowder paul top of the key fires. The three it’s good good job on the offensive end ball movement, turning down a good shot for a better one. Chris paul knocks down a three cuts: the lead to eighth, what a ball game in game four. He has been magnificent here tonight in game. Five antenna coupon high off the glass he banks, it home, middleton, looking for an opening drive throws it up. That was kind of a half shot at value here comes booker, drives, reversing packs and hold after 42 in game four.

Under six and a half remaining attenuate the finish and the foul lead back up to 11 largest lead for milwaukee is 14.. Chris paul finds bridges, bridges gets a good look knocks down the three mikkel Applause chris paul drives, anatol gets inside scores, they’ve got it to six well yana switches on i mean that is a tremendous he’s played 41 minutes. Already Applause crowder comes up to crowd him shot clock at six middleton two pointer puts it in, and the foul chris middleton a chance for a three point play and the lead back up to nine jumper by middleton Applause, Music, chris paul finds a spot. Three pointer got it Applause. You see the previous screen, no communication allowing chris paul to step in rhythm. At the three point line you got to be up on that screen in position to switch you don’t and you pay. The price holds back, middleton wants it good ball denial. How middleton comes out to get it on the drive step back three punter that’s good crowder up top to booker booker drives on giannis gets inside scoop. Lamp is good. Fucker’S got 37. through holiday, better offense by booking fading away over the contest. Nothing but bottom wow, mr pair crowder, the rebound paul, makes his move gets inside. The running. Layup is good it’s, a one point: booker the drive gets inside leans in knocked away and stolen by holiday. Phoenix has to foul ball, throws it down and a foul giannis on the alley, oop, what a turnaround a chance to take the lead and the turnover as the bucks now up by three and a free throw gets into the pitcher comes up with the strip.

Turning the basketball over and then off to the races could have held it out instead made the right read, throws it up where only giannis can catch. It finishes it with the contact and bad decision to foul, because this would make it a four point game. With 13.

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