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Then they get into the conference finals without giannis. They never did that before, but without giannis. Now they do that. Oh that’s bad. If he doesn’t show up that’s bad it’s, not just the upside. It was the potential downside, but for him to show up on the hyperextended knee and play the way he’s played, particularly in games. Two and three is enhancing his legacy. You know in such a big way, but again it’s, not just the upside it’s, the swing it’s, the pendulum it went from. Oh my god, this is a disaster giannis, you guys were getting smoked by brooklyn. You only got advanced because brooklyn was hurt. Otherwise, you certainly would not have advanced and even under those circumstances, when ron and a.d aren’t there in the west and all these like you, you have a path here. Even under those circumstances, you guys only get in once you get hurt, it would have been disaster and instead it’s so good for him there’s a reason that shaq identified giannis as the first guy since he retired he can have the superman nickname because he is look The modern game has changed: he’s, not as big and strong as shaq and everything but he’s our version of that physically dominant and when he imposes himself and gets some help right at home. He got some help on the road he didn’t get as much help when he gets some help. You can see in the finals he’s playing at finals mvp level, just as shaq always did you know what max i i agree with you.

Let me say this ford’s with gianni’s legacy: he’s he’s, he’s, polarizing, okay, he’s, the most dominant player in the game today, and if giannis takes it to another level and win this championship and win and wins finals mvp, then i think we ought to give him the Credit as being the best player in the game of basketball, right, dethrone, lebron, james kevin durant, whoever else what he’s doing right now putting on display in these finals in game two and game three is phenomenal. Now i will say this: okay, you have to credit yani’s teammates for also putting him in position, especially in game three, to be successful. I thought drew holiday. I thought chris milton did a great job of feeding the bear. They fed him. You look at games, one and two giannis had a total of nine post ups. You look at game. Three giannis had a total of 10. By itself he was demanding the ball in the paint. All his points came either from the free throw line or five feet of of uh five feet to end in front of the basket. He did not take that many threes. He was playing the center position like max always talk about. When i look at giannis in a way that he’s dominating the way that he’s imposing his will playing around the basket being the live threat to the basket playing those dunker spot areas being in the paint to get offensive rebounds, this is what giannis do.

This is what he always should do and when he does that and buys into his role, he’s one of the best but he’s the most dominant player in the nba, so here’s. The question now perk: are you dressed for a funeral because you’re ready to lay to rest your batman robin take? Are you ready to lay that take to rest, you said middleton was batman and giannis is robin. Is that why you’re dressed for a funeral today? No actually, i i look pretty damn good. To be honest, some people say, like a 6 10, a 6 10 300 virgin pound of march chestnut, but look to answer your question. I’M, like i’m, not laying anything to rest and here’s. Why right look just because you’re the most dominant player max – and you know this – doesn’t mean that you’re, the best player am i saying chris middleton is a better player than giannis no i’m, not saying that when it comes down to possession by possession when it matters? The most like, when we witness in game six game, seven in the brooklyn series who the who, who had the ball in his hands, who was making those timeless shots. It was chris milton when you look at game when you look at the atlanta series when they closed them out. What did chris millerton do he took over? We have yet to see a possession by possession game in this series, because each home team has blown the opponent out right.

So we haven’t been able to see a a fourth quarter where the lead changes and we see what perk i i thought tom brady was gon na fall off a cliff and then he won yet another super bowl and had a great season i had to. I had to retire. It was wrong. It was wrong. It’S, okay, you could be wrong. You caught, you brought up the batman and robin metaphor, the analogy: okay metaphor, shaq and kobe right: shaq won all three finals mvps and he was the guy who put you in a position to win and then kobe took you there. He was the closer giannis puts them in a position to win and then middleton or holiday, or whoever wants to step up, can help you close that doesn’t make them batman. Giannis is still batman and in terms of the way they play that’s, alfred or commissioner gordon’s problem that’s, the coach that’s budenholzer that’s, not giannis giannis is batman. Can i hear you say giannis is batman, please, on this team. How could yanus not be batman? No! No! No, no listen, giannis is the best player. Okay and look i’m, not going back and forth with you about batman, robin uh superman, spiderman i’m. Not doing that today, i just gave giannis his card and called him the most i just caught. I just gave him his card and said he’s the most dominant player in the nba, but when it comes down to when it matters the most closing time which we haven’t seen yet right, we haven’t saw it in this series.

We haven’t seen when it comes to possession oh max. This is what i’m saying and you know what i’m saying you’ve been a chris middleton fan for the longest. Now you sitting up here, turning your back on him, you know chris middleton skill set. You know that he’s, a guy that shoot 90. 40. 50.. I heard you discredit the milwaukee bucks earlier, but i’m going to let that slide talking about malcolm brogdon and drew holiday as no malcolm. Bravo, whatever you and keisha, no, no, no, no there’s, no christmas! Oh! What did you say? I said the reason they have drew holiday and not chris paul is they didn’t? Have the assets to go, get chris paul because they played milwaukee, cheap and left? Let brogdon walk out the door i’m, not down and drooling i’m. Just saying chris paul’s a better player, they still, they still in the finals and i’m. Not arguing they don’t got paul is the better, but they still so what mac’s injuries happen. Injuries happen throughout the playoffs. We can go down the history of the nba finals or nba champions.

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