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He now stands one win away from the larry o’brien trophy. What do you think about giannis in game? Five, the great debate back up, please – and let me cook because on this show on a daily basis, i told my brother david why yanis should not only resign with the bucks, but how beneficial it was going to be for him to stay loyal to the city Of milwaukee and lo and behold, he’s one game away from an nba championship, and you know what else he’s going to spark that i love he’s, going to spark the debate that all rings are created equal. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, everybody, but if and when giannis wins this championship and the loyalty that he showed to the city of milwaukee and the bucks he’s gon na enjoy that ring. He’S. Going to appreciate that ring he’s not going to have to oh wait, go join the super team in order to get one. He didn’t have to do that chris middleton, elevated within the system and then all of a sudden you add, drew holiday. You add bobby portis, you add pj tucker and they doing it without their starting shooting guard dante divincenzo by the way. So the milwaukee bucks are on the doorstep again of getting a first championship since the early 70s and shout to giannis, because he’s been outstanding in these finals. He has been outstanding these finals and he had a finals moment in game five, and you know exactly what i’m talking about devin booker down by one point drives to his left, gets the ball stolen from him from jrue holiday right there just look at drew’s eyes.

You are up by one with the seconds waning under 24 seconds i’m, pulling it out getting fouled i’m pulling out and getting back that would but drew said that giannis was screaming and look at him right now, he’s like all right. I guess we’re doing this now and we know what happens from there. What did you think about this sequence? It was an incredible nba, final sequence for the ages because of how it was done and by the way. This is why you bring drew holiday to your squad. Jacoby it’s, one thing to be a lockdown defender at the guard position, but he smothers smaller guards in particular earlier in his career. I saw him do this in a series against dame lillard, when the pelicans ended up sweeping them out of the playoffs, and do you know how close you are to getting a foul there? Do you know the kind of chance that he took of getting a foul there, and then you get the steal you’re out in transition and you throw a lob to giannis with an exclamation point for the game and he hanging all on the rim. And that is a signature play for a guy who had the block against ayton and now the dunk and so giannis is cementing. Why? If and when the bucks go ahead and close, this thing out, he’s going to be finals, mvp we’re, going to have plenty of time to talk about it, but this series is not over, but i do want to celebrate this play more because it’s everything that drew Holiday, does he grabs the ball? Maybe he maybe he got a little left hand to right wrist whatever, but this pass is just so risky, it’s, so risky.

So much can go wrong. It’S so close to the rim, giannis had to use his every every inch of his wingspan to get it and the reaction from giannis i mean this was just a chef’s kiss playing i’m. Also glad you brought up the block because giannis also had the signature play in the previous win and there are two there’s two like magnificent giannis plays away from the suns literally celebrating a championship last night, but jalen i want to mention, drew holiday’s defense again because Chris paul hasn’t, been the same and drew holiday, has a lot to do with that now. What are your thoughts on chris paul’s play so far? So if you look at the numbers from the previous game – and you were just box score watching you’d be like he had a decent game. But the chris paul that closed out the clippers and began this series scoring over 30 and was hunting hunting shots and making threes and good decisions has not been the same player. Look at those stats, jacoby chris paul. Turning over to basketball in crucial situations. These are just things we don’t see, but you know what, as i sat back and analyzed this series, i thought about it more and the milwaukee bucks are the team that’s dealt with the agony, that’s dealt with defeat and when you don’t just throw a collection of Players together, all of a sudden that team has to go through some turbulence and they’ve done that over the last couple of seasons, they’ve watched the toronto raptors with kawhi leonard, go on to win the east and win the championship.

They watch the miami heat go on to win the east. They saw the nets, create a super team, they hearing about the process in philly and then all of a sudden they can stay consistent to what they’ve done. They make it to the nba finals. Now they have a great champion now they have a great opportunity to win the championship. This year, while we’ve mentioned giannis performance, the last couple games, someone else who needs to be recognized is that man devin booker. He has been absolutely on fire on the offensive end. In the last two games in particular, 40 plus in both of them both losses. What do you think about book so here’s? The deal it’s been great to see book and middleton go back and forth at it in the mid range and here basketball purists. I want to tell you why this looked different in these finals: it’s, not five players on both teams, standing around the three point line, drive and kick and launching up three point: shots with 19 or 20 to go on the clock, they’re, actually exhausting possessions. One pick and roll one reverse: go downhill, drive, kick swing and it’s refreshing to watch devin booker and chris middleton light up the scoreboard, but here’s the difference. Devin booker doesn’t have a giannis devin booker doesn’t have chris paul playing the way drew holiday played, in particular in the previous game, that’s.

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