Milwaukee Bucks, NBA, Jrue Holiday Tucker & Jrue Holiday on Bucks win first NBA championship since 1971: "They gotta call me a Champ!"

Experience that you know. It’S, you know just unbelievable. That is unbelievable. That is a bedford. That was my question. I don’t know. Maybe the guy who’s climbed to the top of the light bulb, explain that i can’t. I wish i had the answers for it. I don’t down the barricades because 65 000 was the initially reported number for fans in the deer district up to 72 000. It was reported at one point as well wow. Is this it’s just crazy to see all those people come out and just support their milwaukee bucks, and this just shows you how much pride that this city has in this ball club and wow? These guys are gon na oh watch out now these guys are gon na be legends forever. Yes, 5. 10. 15. 20 years from now, people are still gon na, be talking about this night that the milwaukee bucks were champions. That giannis had 50 points that they were able to go out there and shock the world and do something that not a lot of people thought they could do a lot of people after the last two years wrote this bucks team off, but these guys just kept Staying with the work they stay grounded and when you look at their team, most of their team is grounded. When you look at their leaders, giannis stays grounded, drew holiday, middleton, those guys stay, grounded and so in those type of moments, when they’re down 0 2 or when they’re down in the playoff series, they never feel like they’re out of it.

They never get too high. They never get too low, they’re even keel and when it’s time to get buckets, they go out there and do what they got to do and a couple of my favorite players and people pj tucker, drew holiday joining us now, i’m, so excited as the night goes On because they get gigglier as they’ve sipped, more champagne pj’s bringing the championship back to north carolina. These interviews is getting bringing back to north carolina now pj were you? Are you looking at some of the footage of the fans outside man? Listen they’ve been like that. I don’t listen y’all understand we can’t go nowhere in the city i’m, since i got here. It’S always been like this and it’s all they care about, and this is all they talk about like you go to subway and get a sub, they like yo. What y’all gon na do like they like they don’t play, and the love is unbelievable. So to see this. This is like this is what you get every day: hey pj! I was with your agent this morning. Did he give you my message? Yeah, he told me. I didn’t tell the people what i said he said so much. I don’t know what you which part you talking about about my shoes. Oh yeah, you want your shoes hold on zeke. If you get one i got ta get here. I need something you get one. I got ta get the other.

I got it i’m, his teammates, the second pair. I could have the second pair. True i’ve been asking him for some shoes, since he was in houston man. The dude promised me something sorry bro, but we won together. I chased his agent down. I was like hey man, i got ta, get them shoes, man i’m. Still a little kid. I want my shoes bj now we can talk about. You know how y’all played tonight in the finals and everything, but talk about the importance of not only winning tonight, but the journey that that you guys had you know throughout the throughout this year in terms of coming together as a team and everybody finding their roles And then excelling in their roles, man uh, you definitely know there was ups and downs in every season, but uh we traded for tuck. You know i got my dog, i got my dog with me and uh man, it’s just it’s been crazy. We feel, like every series that we played this year, has been something different to to really get us ready for this moment. So um a lot of ugly games, a lot of ugly wins, but a win is a win. Can you guys talk about the toughness that you guys bring from a defensive mindset because a lot of times when people think of tough, they think of guys that go out there and give hard fouls and fight, but that’s? Not tough, tough is the way pj tucker fights through screens when he’s guarding a guy like kd tough, is, is how drew holiday picks up chris paul for court when not a lot of guys want to do that.

Talk about that toughness and that edge that you guys brought collectively as a unit to that defense sacrifice. Man sacrifice like honestly, like i, we didn’t have games like literally in half time and i’m like yo, i don’t care. If i shoot another shot, i got buddy like that’s, listen and we getting through and drew the same thing like i came here i seen drew come. I was like that’s the spot like that’s it that’s, the you know, i’m saying and since day one it’s been like that we it’s been us like it’s, really been our players like we coach ourselves and start your role like everybody, do what you do and we Say it every day like if everybody do what they do, we we gon na win and you know, can you describe, though, the mental fortitude required to come back from down 02? Not once but twice they really. We came straight from atlanta straight over here. They won literally we’re going home now too so let’s let’s see what’s up and put the pressure back on them, but that is one thing i feel, like. Our team always knew from the beginning that we had a chance um even down 0 2 uh, especially going through that through that brooklyn series and how we fought and how draining that was bro um from there. We just kind of felt like this is our time you know. So we we took advantage of it and uh just stayed, man stayed low, stay, competitive and and well we got ta.

We got ta check, we got ta ring that victory. Man, humble and victory. Hey drew i wan na, come to you with this one. I know you don’t make any excuses, but on those nights, when you, when you were struggling to shoot the basketball, were your legs getting a little tired picking up chris paul 94 feet, because i felt like your legs getting tired. But then again i know you’ll make excuses, hold your legs throughout this whole process. Tonight you won’t shoot them. Man there’s no excuses. I feel like at that point. If i’m not hitting uh, i can do other things and, just like tuck said i don’t care. If i shoot another shot or if i make another shot man, one thing that we can do is muck up the game. Make it make it make it aggressive. Um and defense is one one of those parts of it. So um i mean was my legs whatever? Who cares you ain’t making those shots? I wanted you to say that, because so many people don’t understand your mindset. Even though you’re not making shots, you know you’re still one of the best defensive ballers in this in this league. Look man it’s, not all about scoring, and i know scoring, is fun and everybody. Let us see it, and even somebody like buck, who that boy, nice yeah but um, it’s, not about that everybody has to be a starter in their role and and if you can do multiple things in the game, if you can, if you have a variety in Your package, man, you got to take advantage of that so since i’m, the authority on this set.

When we talk about defense, oh entire glass, all right i’m, gon na ask you uh and i’m gon na echo uh what your coach said. You know he said you know when you guys won at ugly game 86, 83 and uh. You know against brooklyn. He thought that there was a turning point in terms of your confidence and your belief not only on the defensive side of the ball, because he said he knew that you guys always believed that you can score, but he thought that that game really gave you all. The confidence that y’all can lock down any time how accurate was that, i i feel like no, he locking down he know i’m locking down. We like really look at each other every day like like who all right. We switch it like we, we, like we dogs, like we don’t care it don’t matter, bro, it didn’t matter it don’t matter. We don’t run from nobody, so i think it just happened. This opportunity, and again like like we said man playing that brooklyn series and and really just getting that that uh that test. That was a big test for us, so sure i think i think bouncing back from that and going down o2 and winning that series prepared us for this moment, and you guys said something that you heard that some people were calling you guys, the dumbest team ever Or whatever talk about how you use some of that negativity as fuel, because nba players and i’ve been there when i played you’d, be acting like nah, i ain’t hear nothing.

I don’t read nothing. I don’t hear nothing, but you see it all. You be on your phone, like uh who’s, who was that steven smith, who was that? Who was that big perk? Who was that talking to me like brendan right now, would name all of i them? We would like. We would love an apology, but if they don’t that’s that’s that’s, i don’t want nothing. Man talk that, because you give that gave us yeah appreciate. I heard we heard all right, cool and now you’re the ones sipping champagne on live at national television. Congratulations! Guys! Applause! Talk to him drew pj. Thank you so much for taking the time, congratulations and bring that back to raleigh, my god bring it back to north carolina. Congratulations appreciate, y’all, appreciate it. Pj i’m gon na get them shoes. I got you zeke.

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