Milwaukee Bucks, The NBA Finals ULL Final 4 minutes Bucks vs Suns Game 6 – Milwaukee Bucks NBA Champions!

Had it taken away by crowder paul fakes, the three up top to booker inside at eight and late, eight lays it up and in portis almost fouled him and a timeout call by milwaukee Applause. Music finds middleton hooker out on him. Middleton back to holiday, shot clock at nine good ball denial from crowder, adelaide, looking inside of pidokubo puts up the one hander shot is good. Does it again? Applause 49., two and a half remaining chris paul. The drive inside pass to booker triple t ball knocked away. Comes out the bridges up top the crowder crowner for three one goal holiday: the rebound two minutes remaining middleton against eight five. On the 24., the drive inside kicks it back out, portis for three rebound tip to take it by booker. Parker goes right at middleton. Layup is gone big time shot by devin booker in transition 100 to 94. A six point lead 140 to play. Middleton drives leads in off. Balance throws it out of bounds. Middleton looks absolutely gassed out there, making it too hard on himself go back to that. Gianna screen and roll with middleton and you get a quality look out of it. Instead of playing hero ball against outstanding defense by booking chris paul waiting to touch it, clock doesn’t start until he does a minute and a half remaining Music Applause paul the booker pilot gets right up into pokes it away. Booker tries again hooker drives cross court to bridges, seven to shoot for crowder off the bounce drives lamp.

He missed it bridges on the follow, but that won’t count the foul on the initial drive. We need you bring it home, big fella, bring it home. I know you’re tired, but a minute 14 left to go in the season and we’re champs. Two clutch free throws there from crowder four point game. Both teams still have two time outs: remaining crowd on its feet here at the faisal forum. Phoenix. What you don’t want to do is commit a foul giannis. Has it to middleton middleton puts up the jumper puts it in chris middleton. Another clutch shot of these playoffs Applause comes down just one. Timeout left both teams in the penalty close to a five seconds crowder to paul pucker rises. Booker won’t go let’s cut a football another rebound gives it a middleton, they don’t have to foul yet and bridges thousand in the back court. Clutch free throw from middleton, inexplicably middleton, knocks down a pair eight point game chris paul for three rebound pendleton knocked out of his hands, picked up by attenpo holiday, ahead to middleton sons, half the foul and instead mike putin holds her close timeout and they’re starting to Celebrate here in milwaukee inside the condition, nobody near him, precious seconds tick off, madison gets away from the double team keeps his dribble alive. They finally foul him with 19.8 remaining ms brilliance on full display here tonight. Conan misses both 18 seconds remaining chris paul drives inside and let him lay it up and in, and that makes it a six point game with 10 seconds left and there’s the foul quickly.

This time 50 points a rare miss tonight and the suns will call their final timeout turn shoots. Fires shot, won’t, go chuckle, the rebound and that’ll. Do it it’s over the bucks have done it. The long wait has ended after a half century, the milwaukee bucks are nba champions once again: Music, Music, Music Applause, Music. The emotions come pouring out, one of the greatest nights in milwaukee sports history ends in a coronation: Applause and the brilliance of the young man from athens; Applause; Music, another crushing finish for devin booker and the phoenix suns after a superb season Music.

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