Earth, China, Rocket, Space debris, Tiangong space station Is FINALLY Taking Over The Space Industry | Huge Threat To Elon Musk And SpaceX

. Perhaps his history of causing a ruckus on social media or smoking pot with Joe Rogan comes to mind.. You may even just know him as one of the worlds wealthiest people.. What you may not know is that Elon Musk is working on a project called Starlink.. This company plans to use an expanding network of private satellites in space to offer internet connections to nearly everyone in the world. Starlink has already garnered several detractors all across the world. Despite its recent achievements and huge sales., I mean 2000 of its satellites are now in orbit, so its not exactly out of the ordinary., Hey whats up you guys In this video lets dive into about something. Exciting. Lets talk about how China threatens Elon, Musk and SpaceX, with their bid to take over the Space Industry. Yeah China.. They always do that., But before we get to it, make sure to hit the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button and lets go. Elon Musk has made several powerful rivals in his fight for a better planet.. After a few months since his public spat with Russia. The CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk, is now embroiled in a dispute with China. To protect Chinas national security. Chinas military specialists have asked to create a hard kill missile that can destroy Elon, Musks Starling satellite system.. The experts underline the enormous strategic potential of Starlink and the necessity for China to develop countermeasures to monitor, disrupt or even destroy the ever growing satellite network.

. These findings were published last month in Chinas, Modern Defense Technology, a scholarly magazine in the country. Chinas scientists were particularly concerned about the constellations potential military prowess.. They believe this might be used to track hypersonic missiles, which would greatly boost the data transmission rates of U.S. drones and stealth fighter fighters, or even to smash into and destroy Chinese satellites. Starlink has already had several near contacts with China.. Last year the Chinese government wrote to the United Nations.. It seems that the countrys space station had to undertake emergency maneuvers to prevent close contact with Starlink satellites in July and October 2021.. A combination of soft and hard approaches should be employed to bring down the constellations operating systems. Chinese military strategic support. Analyst Ren Yuanzhen led this study. Team. Ren is a professor at the Beijing Institute for Tracking and Telecommunications.. The two categories of space weapons are hard kill and soft kill, hard kill, weapons like missiles and soft kill weapons like jammer and laser weapons.. Deactivation of satellites is already something that China is well versed. In., According to the United States Department of Defense website, these microwave jammers can interfere with communications or melt electrical components.. They also utilize millimeter resolution lasers to collect high resolution photos and blind satellite sensors cyber weapons to hack into satellite networks and destroy them and ASAT rockets to blast them out of the sky.. Although these methods are successful against individual satellites, analysts feel that they will not be enough to stop Starlink.

Distributed systems such as the Starlink constellation are prevalent.. The researchers noted that this disagreement is not about individual satellites, but the overall design., A Starlink system assault would necessitate low cost high efficiency methods. Precisely what these steps will entail is unknown.. According to the researchers, China should develop new and enhanced ways of hacking and more effective means of bringing down several satellites in the network to better spy on Starlink. Lasers, microwave weapons or smaller spacecraft capable of swarming Starling satellites might be deployed in this scenario.. China is also preparing to develop its own satellite network to compete directly with Starlink. Xing Wang, also known as Starnet aims, to provide its paying clients with access to the internet all over the world. Chinese anxieties are not wholly unfounded, despite how ridiculous they may appear at First glance. In the past, Starlink has been utilized for military objectives. Mykhailo Fedorov Ukraines Vice Prime Minister urged Elon Musk on Twitter to provide more Starlink satellites to Ukraine just two days after Russia invaded the nation on February 24th.. According to Russian media reports, Roscosmos director and former deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin threatened Elon Musk by accusing him of selling military communication equipment to Ukraine and threatening that the billionaire would be held accountable. If I die under unexplained circumstances, its been lovely knowing you Elon Musk Tweeted in response to the tweet., Since ASAT missiles threaten all spacefaring states. China may consider other options for countering Starlinks capabilities.

. Hundreds of debris bits ranging in size from a basketball to a grain of sand, can result from space explosions, making them very hazardous.. This space debris has the potential to cause significant damage to satellites.. According to the U.S. Space Force, Database of Orbital Objects, an anti satellite missile test conducted by Russia in November 2021 resulted in a debris field of at least 1632 fragments. Because of a single anti satellite missile launch. The U.S. astronauts in the International Space Station were forced to take cover inside their docked capsule.. According to a recent United States Department of Defense study, China has increased its number of ISR satellites from 124 to 250 in 2019.. In 2022, China will have 499 satellites in orbit. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists., There are just 2944 more than the United States, with more than 2200 coming from Starlink., Since its first launch in 2019, SpaceX has put many satellites into low earth orbit.. The corporation. Also intends to put as many as 42000 satellites into orbit to build a gigantic mega constellation.. Unlike traditional broadband satellites, SpaceXs approach will deliver speedier connections across a greater region.. According to information provided to federal authorities. Lately the companys Starlink internet service currently boasts more than 400000 members worldwide.. According to SpaceXs May 19th presentation to the FCC. The business is rapidly expanding the number of users for the service which launched in October 2020.. Three months ago, Starlink reported having over 250000 customers.

In January of this year. It claimed to have 145000 subscribers.. There are 48 states in the U.S. where Starlink is now functioning.. It has already been established in 36 countries with plans to extend the networks reach throughout Asia. Africa and the Middle East as early as 2023., There are currently just a few countries on SpaceXs Starlink website, where the service has not yet been announced.. Afghanistan, Belarus, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, China, Russia and Syria are all included. In this group. – Approximately 2500 Starlink satellites have been launched by SpaceX to support its worldwide network.. In addition, in flight internet will be offered by the corporation. JSX and Hawaiian. Airlines have inked agreements for installing Starlink antennas aboard their aircraft. After receiving regulatory certification. Spacex expects to begin commercial airplane service within a year. A few hours after tweeting that Starlink had been cleared in the Philippines Elon Musk CEO of SpaceX revealed that SpaceX had received regulatory permission in Africa.. Service providers may now operate in the Philippines, making it the first Southeast Asian country to do so.. This low earth orbit network is currently authorized on all seven continents, thanks to its governmental permissions.. The business has launched 913 satellites in the previous six months. Alone., Once Starlink gets its price and availability concerns in order it has the potential to obliterate. The traditional telecoms. Before then well have to see if China is a real danger to Starlink or if its just barking up the wrong tree.

. So do you think China can catch up to Starlinks success, Or are we just looking at its pipe dream? Let me know what you think of this in the comment section below This brings us to the end of todays video. Dont forget to subscribe to this channel and make sure you hit the notification bell so as to stay updated on the latest news about the EV Industry. Also activate the bell to make sure you definitely wont miss any of our future videos. Enjoy your day and Ill, see you in the next video..

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