Nine Noir Lives, Cat, International Cat Day Miraculous Fei Wu | Quest of Ladybug & Cat Noir Update

Faye is now added on zags stand, shes a free character that we can unlock after completing the quest, so whos faye. Well, just watch a miraculous world, shanghai special and you will definitely love her. Okay lets get back on the video Music, so we can unlock fey for this week. All we have to do is destroy 10 trash cans, hit 5 player on gamer 2.0 and collect 20 000 coins. Wow thats a lot of points. Okay lets do the 10 trash cans; first thats, one trash cans, Music, two trash cans, three trash cans, four trash cans, Music, five trash cans, six trash cans, Music, seven trash cans, eight trash cans, Music, nine trash cans, Music and 10 trash cans. Now the first quest is complete. Lets do the second west hit five players on gamer 2.0 and i have a good idea how to finish this quickly: Music, hey shadow moth. Why castnet help me with my quest? Please Music? Okay, what can i do for you im? Just going to kick you five times: Music! Oh no, just five kick only okay, wait, im, not ready! Okay! Just do what you want shadow moth! You are really helpful. Just two more kick yeah thats. Five kick already Laughter thanks, shadow moth. Okay, now all we have to do is collect 20 000 coins, and this could take us a few more hours. We can collect coin faster by doing many games and, at the same time we are collecting paycheck Music.

Once we completed all the quest, a message box will show like this saying we have unlocked the new character. Fae. Okay, now lets check fae. So what do you think of your costume and since faye is now added this lady dragon will be also available on next week update? What do you think comment it down below if you want lady dragon in her transformation on next week, update also poly mouse have now its own hairstyle. We can now remove her hood. I think this hair will amazing on me. Oh no Laughter: do i look more miraculous now yeah. What also toya have added a new background on green screen map Music. We can now choose if we wanted a blue or green map. So this is green map and this is a blue map. Theres. A lot of things that we can use this map and heres my example of using this map – Music – oh Music, ticky, Music.

What do you think?

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