Y22 Smartwatch Video 2: How to Connect with Phone and Ti Band App Detailed Functions Review

We can click open and there are some settings. We can also click, ok and allow, and we can see this is the app and the first page is the home page, which is to synchronize the data from the watch to the phone and second page is the device page. We can connect to watch with the phone in the app here and also there are some other functions, and third page is the my page. There are some personal information and the goal setting unit setting and the session. Now we can click search device and click. The y22 – and there is a brutus person request – we can click pair allow. So we can see that this smartwatch is connected successfully with the phone in the app and then lets test the functions, such as push notification and take picture. We can just click the watch and the phone is taking picture and the search device when we click the watch where vibrate and the center in reminder drinking water, reminder and alarm. We can set new alarm here and also turn the wrist to bright screen and the duration of screen. The maximum duration is 30 seconds, then the hard remonitoring and do not disturb and the firmware upgrade and then the weather information after we stack chronize, then in the weather we can see that the weather is sequenced to the watch and then the dial selection. It has many existing watch face in the app and we can just click to install.

Also it is very fast and now the new watch face is synchronized to the watch and also theres some digital watch face and also this watch support customized watch face. We can select a picture in the phone and then click save and the picture will be connected to the watch and the apple health. You can follow the step to synchronize. The data to the apple house. Above is all our details.

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