How to Connect Oraimo Smartwatch to your Android or IOS

You can connect your rymo smartwatch to any of those devices depending on what youre, using okay, so in this video im going to show you how you can do that as you can see. Currently i have my smart watch and i have my android phone by side. Okay, so currently im using my phone to frame this all set up, so i can show you how to do it, but same thing applies both up both the app on the android phone and app on the iphone is actually the same thing. So dont get worried about following the same video for the iphone or android phone depends its going to work. Okay, so lets dive into this video so lets dive into this video. Okay guys. So let me show you how you can actually install the app so currently, once you check your case youre, going to see the name of the app in which you are going to install at the back of the case. Yeah part of the case theyre going to show you the name of the app you need to install as you can see. Instead, you need to install the new download this driveway tool, okay on your app store or your google play store. So currently i use it on my on my iphone i connected to my iphone but im going to connect it with my android phone, okay, so heres my iphone and im also going to show you how to connect it.

In my previous video, when i was doing a review on the products, i shared how to um connect it on your iphone, but now im trying to make this video from only connecting your rhino smartwatch to your phone. Okay, so im going to put this away. So now lets go ahead and install the app. So i have my google fps so lets click on it. Then the next thing im going to do sorry: im going to download im going to download okay, okay. So there is this lets install the app is around this 3mb, okay, so loading okay. So we spend rendering pending okay first for those that actually want to stay by the original buff and orient smart watch im going to paste the link in the description below it. Costs about 15 000 to get your own smart watch, okay, so going to list installing. So why is installing? Let me go ahead and pick up my rms smart watch, Music. Okay! So currently, as you can see, the smart watch is currently on, as you can see its on im just going to go ahead and im going to go ahead and increase the brightness, so you can actually see what it looks like. Okay, as you can see its not connected as you can see its not connected, i also have this oh stuff there and ill just cancel these okay. So right now, as you can see, this is the app drive it is currently on my phone.

So the next thing im going to do is click on its joyrea 2. Okay, so, as you can see its similar to that of the android, sorry thats, the ios, and the first thing you need to see is usually a disclaimer that says you have to accept or disagree trust me. You have to accept. You know you know the app. So im just going to get an accept, then yeah, you can log in with your facebook, depending on what you want, but you can just simply ignore. So i always proceed on ignore this. Okay, as you can see its going to lift a little that background activity is telling that that um, the app is going to run in your background, because its going to connect to your smart. So your smart watch, which means you have to make it and you have some improvements in your background, so im just going to get into that ill. Go to next permission: information, okay! So, okay, okay, allow over all the apps okay, okay, so i think im done so ill, just click on next, so that you can next thing thats, my male or female. I can ignore all this. Okay. Now all these allow over bluetooth so quickly. Bluetooth is on, as you can see, inside the menus. You can see youre going to see on spots right more device under me. So let me just quickly explain a few things about the um is where you actually say things about your your um steps, in which you count each day.

Your tag, your eats your things, youve worked by the resistance. Youve worked for that day, youre going to see it and yeah. You can see that its good, you can set it like. It goes, and you can also use your smart watch to run in your ex for exercise when youre trying to exercise you can use it. As you can see, we have that we have the sports section where you can set your targets and yeah. You want to run, you can set it. You want to work, you can work, you want to write, you can write and if you come to this programmable section as you can see its not clickable its just a logo, so it comes to device youre going to say i have a device connected. So how you connect your device? Okay, so what im going to do is im going to okay. So what im going to do is click on me. So once you click on me, youre going to see achievement. Sorry ill come back to so ill. Come back to the device, then ill click on this select device and its going to show you the list of which thats. Currently, honestly, as you can see, this watch is going to be on okay, so click on it and its going to connect. As you can see, i have it its on okay. So now i guess, as you can see, i am connected. You show me.

The percent of this smart swatch, the magic presence of this mask, was currently is 98 percent. As you can see, you can change your dial settings. I can go ahead and change my die settings its going to synchronize and bring more settings or more screen settings available online for me to download and install on this app on this. My smart search, for example, im going to show you how to do that. Im. Just going to type on anyone, i think i love this okay ill start this once i click on synchronize synchronize, dial its going to synchronize, as you can see, currently its restarted to the to the first time when i post this watch. Okay, as you can see, its synchronizing is taking time its taking time, okay, okay, so why is taking time on this watch as you can see, if you swipe from the top youre going to see a few settings, if you swipe down youre, going to see um Your home screen, then you swipe to the left youre going to see different things in which you can do on your smart watch. Then, if you swipe back to the home and swipe to the right, sorry, if you swipe back you swipe to the right youre going to see steps taken, if you swipe again youre going to see your ass beats rate, if you swipe again, when you see your Sleeping time when you sleep, when you record, you can see it and you can see where that.

Okay, then, if you go back, go back, go back to your home and scroll down youre, going to see notifications of uh, maybe sms whatsapp. But if you know what to set youre going to get notifications, then email somebody else can see currently share. My speech rate is its true. I dont know whats going take you kidding yeah, so lets go back. Consequently, its connected thats. Why you have this connected icon? At the top – and if i swipe up again so i can still pass it back to the then click on this, then, as you can see its going to survive its on my hand, okay, this replacement. Once i have any notification, which means once i have notification on my phone and my phone is in my bag im going to get notified. Yes, i want to get notified okay via this months watch and i can go ahead and read this. If i, if its something i want to reply, then i can take my phone and reply. Something applies to when im receiving a call. I can call us on this watch then guess if my phone is in my bag ill just take my phone and receive the call. So, according to i dont, know whats going on its taking time for me to synchronize this style, but i dont know maybe its my data or something i think its big, so ill. Just kind of cancel this okay, its telling me its synchronizing so ill just see.

If i can double tap so i dont know whats going on its not they came back, never excluded its trying to be trying to push stuff on to me. Okay, so, as you can see, okay, as you can see once i click on the device, its going to show me everything about this smartphone assets, i can set anything i want, so i can declare i can update. I can do tons of things with it. Okay, so that is guys for this video. I hope you enjoyed this video, so you enjoyed the video guys dont forget to subscribe to my channel dont forget to like this video and dont forget to comment. If you have any interesting smart watch, so thats it guys if you have any products you want between the review next on my youtube channel, please leave your comments below im, going to try as much as possible to review that product.

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