LW11 AGPTEK Smart Watch Review

If youre new to my channel, i do in depth reviews on different products where you can learn everything important about them. If you like, my videos, please consider subscribing today is 12 july 2021 and the price of the agp tech, lw11. Smartwatch is 50 us dollars. The watch comes in three different colors. This is how the box looks like and in the box beside the watch. You will find the straps charging cable instructions and extra pins for the straps. The watch has 1.28 inch screen with the resolution of 240 x 240.. It has one button on the side and on the other side, we have an optical sensor and magnetic charging port. The strap is made out of silicon and its width is 22 millimeters. The strap can be easily exchanged. Thanks to the quick release mechanism, the watch weight is 54 grams, with straps and 37 grams without straps, according to the documentation, battery will last from 8 to 10 days. Charging time takes about two hours to see the watch face, turn the wrist or you can also press the button pressing. The button will toggle on and off the watch once in the app swiping right will take you one step backwards when you turn the wrist. The watch face will stay visible for two seconds by default. You can increase that up to six seconds. If you press the button, the watch face will stay visible for nine seconds. This can be reduced down to five seconds.

This is how the default watch face looks like, while on the watch face pressing and holding the screen, will take you to the watch face menu where you can choose one out of five different watch faces, while in the app you can choose from many more now Lets go to the main menu where we have the list of all apps available to do that, while on the watch face swipe right. The first step on the list is sport data. This app records your steps, walking distance and burn calories on the day below that we have sports. Here we have eight different sport modes, walking running hiking, cycling, swimming basketball, ecliptical and yoga. This is how the running sport mode looks like here. We can see the watch counter health rate and steps if you swipe up calories and distance swipe right or press the button to end the workout below sports. We have sport records, then hr up that measures, your heart rate, below that we have the sleep app where you can see your sleep data. It will record your sleep, but only in period from 9 pm to 12. Am so if you take a nap during the day it will not get registered, then we have the bpap which measures your blood pressure below. That is bo app, which measures your blood oxygen. Then we have the female app which measures womans menstrual cycle below that we have the music controller, where you can play pause, change the track and control the sound volume.

I have to mention here that controlling the sound volume is super. Slow and youll have to tap 100 times on that icon to reduce the volume completely. So the sound volume controller is not that useful below that. We have the stopwatch, and this is how it looks like. Then we have the timer when the timer is done. The watch will vibrate and below. That is the message up where we can see notifications about our missed calls and messages below that we have find my phone feature. It will use the bluetooth connection to look for your phone once it finds it. It will make your phone ring for few seconds and the last thing on the list is settings in the settings. We have the screen display where we can change the watch face, set the brightness change the screen, visibility time when you press the button from 9 to 5 seconds, and you can also change race to wake screen visibility from 2 to 6 seconds below the screen display. We have the vibration intensity here. You can change the vibration intensity from one to three setting it to zero will turn off the vibration. Then we have the language where we can change the language directly on the watch below. That is the qr code, which you can scan to install the app, and the last thing is system where you can shut down and reset the watch, and with this we are done with the main menu apps.

While on the watch face swipe left to go to the quick access apps here, we have sport data, heart rate app and sleep data. These apps from quick access list cant be replaced or removed. While on the watch face swipe down to enter shortcut interface, where we have dont disturb which disables the vibration on the notification, then quick access to settings find my phone info and brightness, while on the watch, face swipe up to see the messages and missed calls. This is how it looks when you get notifications, the watch will vibrate and show you the message. This is the list of the apps from which you can get notifications. When someone calls you, the watch will vibrate and give you an option to end the call some other features you get is activity reminder, drink water reminder and you can also set up to 5 alarms. The last feature on the list is shake photography which allows you to take a photo with the watch by tapping on the screen or turning the wrist. There is a problem, though, with this feature, as i would take six photos, for example, and the phone would behave as if it took those six photos. But when i looked into the gallery uh, i would find only four photos saved, so you should know that this feature doesnt work properly, sometimes, and with this we are done with pretty much all the features now lets do some tests.

The first test is raised to c feature. This test demonstrates the speed of the hand, movement detection. So far, i didnt see any problems here. The movement detection is very good. The second test demonstrates the touch screen. Responsiveness. What i notice here is that, when you swipe in any direction, the transition is quite smooth, while that slightly changes when i swipe through the app in the main menu here, you can see a little bit of flag. The next test shows the screen brightness, and this is how the screen looks on a sunny day with the brightness on maximum in the next test. I am testing find my phone feature. What i found is that, if your phone is in the visibility line, you can detect it easily from the distance of 26 feet or 8 meters ive also managed to detect my phone in another room through a thin wall. The next test i did is an alarm vibration test. I wanted to see if the watch vibration is strong enough to kick you out of the sleep, and what i found is that the vibration is not that strong, even if you put it on level three. So i did overslept it for one night and it woke me up for four other nights. I need to mention here that on those days i was fully arrested. So if you had a hard day and you go to sleep, really tired, uh dont count on this watch to wake you up now when it comes to the step counter, i have to say i was positively surprised.

I did three tests in the first one. I did 100 steps and the watch recorded 100 steps in the second test. I did 500 steps. The watch recorded 500 steps, while in the third test i did 1000 steps and the watch recorded precisely 1000 steps. Of course, this doesnt mean that this watch will not make any mistakes yet it only indicates that its step counter is really precise. When it comes to the battery life, i was not able to do a proper test as all battery information on the watch and the app is this battery icon, which stands alone without any number or indicator on the battery level. So i couldnt really see how much of the battery im using during the day or the night according to the documentation the battery should last up to 10 days and from what i found online. It looks like thats the case. Http11 smartwatch is ip68 waterproof devices backed by an international standard rating of ip68, are deemed to fit enough to withstand submersion up to a maximum depth of 1.5 meter under water for up to 30 minutes. In this test, i kept the watch under the water for 30 minutes, and here is the result. As you can see, the watch has successfully passed the test, its important to mention here that, according to the documentation, the watch is not suitable for salty water, hot water, saunas or environments with large temperature fluctuations. In the next three tests, i will be testing the health measurement apps its important to mention here that, according to the documentation, all health measurement apps are not medically approved.

Yet they are there only for the reference to test the heart rate up ill, be using the pulse oximeter. I did seven different tests in the span of few days, and here are my results. Three out of seven measurements were correct in the next test. Im testing the blood oxygen level. The pulse oximeter shows 98, why the watch shows 96. So, as you can see its not that precise, but its not useless either. In the last test. Im testing blood pressure for this test im using medically approved digital upper arm blood pressure monitor against the watch. The blood pressure monitor shows 117 over 76, while the watch shows 131 over 72, which renders this app pretty much useless, as the differences are simply too large, and with this im done with all of my tests, i hope you have enjoyed this video.

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