COROS PACE 2 Eliud Kipchoge GPS Watch Review + Full Menu/Interface Tour!

So if you dont know who elliott is hes, basically one of the greatest marathon runners of all time, hes run a sub two hour marathon, which is absolutely insane plus hes won back to back olympic marathons, so chorus and elliot got together and joined forces to bring You a limited edition pace 2 sports watch that comes with a few extra bells and whistles beyond just the standard pace 2, which well get to in just one second, and just for a quick refresher on the pace. 2, its a very capable gps watch that has triathlon and multi sport modes along with a lot of other sport profiles that youd expect like running outside and inside cycling outside and inside, pool swimming open water swimming growing and a few more. It also collects running power from the wrist without an external accessory. It supports corus, new evo lab sports science platform, which provides training and recovery feedback, its super lightweight it pairs to a bunch of external bluetooth and ant plus sensors, including power meters and, most importantly, its a great value for all those features. And this isnt, the only new watch that course just launched so course also launched the vertex 2, which adds maps music and a bunch more to the original vertex. And if you havent checked out my in depth. Review of that, one ill have that linked down in the description below which you can check out after this video anyhow back to the elliot khachogi, paste, 2 and ill just be referring to it as the ek edition for the rest of the video just so i Dont mispronounce his name, but in this video ill be going for whats special about this pace 2, as well as what you get inside the product bundle.

But i also have data to share in terms of how it performs for running cycling as well as a weight training just so you can get a good idea if this device is going to be right for you and also give like a tour of the interface. The menus and activity profiles in case youre interested in that as well, and if the information this video does help you out at all dont, be shy about hitting that like button down below. As it definitely helps this video and the channel a lot quite a bit – and i appreciate it – oh and one last thing – is that this isnt, a sponsored video or anything like that. So i just thought id mention that too. Okay, so theres only going to be 5 000 of these limited edition, ek, paste 2s being made, and they all come in this special packaging with his photo and his signature on the front, but its not his real signature, of course, because i doubt hed be cool With signing 5000 boxes and then inside the box are all the goods so theres an area with the chorus pod, thats included and on the other side, is the paste 2 itself. Youll also get a charging cable manuals and a sticker for the watch itself. It rocks these special colors with these nice red and green accents in the buttons and even on the strap and this silicon strap. This is seriously a very nice strap and i know it may sound weird that im raving about a strap, but i just appreciate a comfortable stretchy strap, and this thing is awesome.

The straps are easily removable via small pin on each one, which makes it easy to swap out for the additional nylon strap that they include with this package. The nylon strap also has those red and green accents and again, the strap is really good, but just for those of you who, out there who prefer fabric over silicon, it has a good amount of stretch to it. Its super comfortable, its its great and then with the pod. All you do. There is just open this little door on the back of the pod by sliding the door counterclockwise. You pop in the included cr2032 battery place it into the little holster and its ready to pair with the watch and by the way it was not already paired with the watch. I actually had to do that later, which doesnt take any time at all. Okay, so before we get into how this device actually performs, the sports and fitness capacity lets go and give a quick tour of the interface. So this is a 1.2 inch 240 by 240 pixel display with 64 colors, its not a touch screen, but does come with a two button configuration so this bottom button right here. This acts like a back button and itll also enable the backlight that you can see right there and then this ones kind of like an enter button, and this also is courses. Digital dial, so youll see that this is a special ek edition watch face.

That comes with this watch that kind of symbolizes the finish line, but it also does come with the standard watch faces that come with the paste two and then youll see that when i press this back button right here on the watch face it kind of cycles Through different information on the bottom kind of like my altitude, heart rate battery floors climbed if we scroll down the first screen that were going to see, is courses evo, lab running performance index. So it says basically that i have a 98 percent from my last run. If i click enter, it also has a race. Predictor itll show the pace for those distances. Then a little bit more information goes back to the race predictor press, the back button. Next widget down is going to be my fatigue level, as well as my base fitness and load impact, and if we press the enter button again, we see my seven day. Training load as well as my four week intensity, distribution of easy hard and medium efforts. Scroll down a little bit more information about my fitness level, next screen down is going to be the recovery, so basically it shows that im 74 recovered right now, so im ready for some easy training, but im going to be 13 hours till some heart training and Then, if you press this button again, itll show you even more information like its going to be 23 hours to my full recovery.

Next, one down is going to be kind of like a daily stats widget, so this is going to show my calories burned for the day. Steps taken amount of workout time for the day as well as floors, climbed next screen down is going to be a heart rate, widget and im, not sure i had my finger on there enough for it to pick up my heart rate, but basically, if we press This enter button right here. You can actually use the digital dial to scroll through your heart rate data over time, which is kind of cool. Next, one down is going to be the altitude widget. So again, if we press this, you can kind of scroll through that over time, next ones going to be atmospheric pressure. Again, you can do that. This is going to be the temperature widget, and this is going to be a temperature sensor on the watch itself. So its going to more closely resemble your skin temperature than the ambient temperature. This next widget is going to be a sunrise and sunset widget and then the next widget down is going to be a notifications widget. So basically, you can show text, calls emails, a whole bunch of different notifications ill show you that screenshot right now from the app, but this doesnt allow you to like reply to text messages or answer calls or anything like that. This is definitely more of a sports watch and then you scroll back and you get to the watch face so in terms of the activity profiles, youll press the upper right hand key to launch the list of activities as well as a few other options.

So in terms of activity profiles, youve got running outside indoor running track running and does have the track profile where it is able to provide really accurate pace and distance around a track. Cycling, indoor cycling pool swimming open water swimming rowing, indoor rowing, if you like flat water, so you can do like stuff like stand up. Paddle boarding. There is a triathlon mode, theres, also a strength, mode kind of a generic gym, cardio mode for anything else, and then a gps cardio mode for everything else. A multi sport mode, theres going to be a training menu of a training plan that you can set up, and then you can see your workout history right here. So this is going to be like how a run looks if we press here its going to show my best mile average pace and well actually see this information later on in the video when i go over the gps and heart rate performance. A lot of the same power same information uh. Basically, it will collect running power from the wrist, so thats what its showing right. There elevation gain loss, cadence, stride, length, calories and then the system menu right here. If we click that theres going to be different types of settings that you can do so you can do enable a do not disturb mode if youd like to you can also change the workout interface, whether you want a white or black background, you can change the Font size, if youd, like so medium or large, looks like those are.

The only two options you can do. An auto scroll feature will just automatically scroll through the data pages and then whether you want message and call alerts during a workout, this is going to be pairing. A phone ive already did that with the phone, so you dont really need to do that anymore. Sensors. When it says sensors right here, this is going to be the onboard sensors. Actually so its going to be the heart rate sensor the barometer. You can calibrate your elevation. You can calibrate your compass from here and then in terms of like sensors. How almost everyone else calls it uh its going to be accessories right here, so heres, where you can pair an ant plus or bluetooth external sensor? You can see the added list right here, so i already added the chorus pod right here to it as well as a power meter, but you can also pair external heart rate sensors as well and then for more settings. You can change the language theres, all the languages, for you watch face theme and color, so this is going to be. The ek edition watch face standard paste. 2 watch face yeah, so there you go, you can change the colors of those as well and then whether you want the gesture backlight to come automatically, and this is going to be based on a time or you can just do it all day or you can Turn it completely off.

The gesture seems to work pretty well too by the way in terms of enabling the backlight youll also choose which wrist youre going to be wearing this on right or left and whats. Cool, too, is that with the digital dial you can actually choose which location you want to wear it on. You can also change the rotation of the dial too, and then you can enable vibrations for the keys, as well as your alerts tones, so whether you want tones at all. I just like to mostly turn those off just because i dont want to be bothered generally auto lock whether you want to choose imperial or metric units. You can adjust the date and time its going to be gps settings, so this is has gps, qss plus glonass. You can check the satellite signal and then gps, satellite location data, thats, going to sync from your phone and then position format and then just device info is going to be like the firmware version, and then you can reset it and you can turn it off. If you like, and then one more thing to show, you is going to be theres going to be a controls menu. So if we long press this lower right hand key this brings up this control menu. Here you can broadcast heart rate to uh another device. You can see a compass, you can turn do not disturb on or off you can access those system settings like i just showed you before theres gon na be a night mode.

You can access the watch faces. You can set your alarms, theres a timer, stopwatch satellite signal like we saw before this is the ultra max mode, where itll reduce the gps, sampling frequency to get you better battery life, metronome and then the battery usage, and this is kind of cool. So if you click into the battery usage here, so you can see this nice little graph over time and how its actually using the battery. But then you actually see the remaining power estimated days of use left just a lot of information, its pretty cool, so yeah. You can see the gps workouts right there, pretty great, actually thats a lot of information right so now that weve gone over the menus interface and activity profiles lets see how this thing actually performs for sports. First, going to start out with some running so on this right here you can see that delivers very similar data to a lot of the other devices that i used, including the new vertex 2. So the distance lined up pacing all that good stuff. The elevation gain was just slightly higher than the others, but not really that far off and even without hooking up to the chorus pod. The paste two will still deliver. Cadence stride length and running power from the wrist and then, when you do pair the paste two with the chorus pod youll get additional running dynamics like ground contact, time left and right balance, stride ratio, stride, height and form power and then, in regards to running power.

Heres, the native running power from the pace 2 compared to the new vertex 2, and you can see that theyre nearly exactly the same with one watch on one wrist and the other watch on the other. And then, when we compare that running power number from the pace 2 to a stride, foot pod and a garment hrm pro chest, heart rate strap that also collects running power. Again. The trends line up, even though the actual power number may be different and the reason the power number is different, is because theres not really industry standard on that. At this point for the heart rate accuracy on that run, it was pretty good for the most part. It was a little slow to pick up the ryzen heart rate at the beginning of the run, which is pretty normal for a risk based heart rate sensor, but actually a little bit quicker than the vertex 2.. Over the course of the run. It was pretty in line and whats interesting – is that on this point right here, both the vertex 2 and the paste 2 reported a smidge low, but still minor in the whole scheme of things on this increase in heart rate right here it was a little slow To react, but then got back in line for a while and then on my sprint finish. It was a little bit behind, but funny enough. It picked up faster than the vertex 2. for the gps tracks.

Theres really not too much exciting here, which is a good thing. So, for the most part, things are good to go, but on this section right here it was just a little more far off than the other devices, including the vertex 2.. Still, nothing crazy by any means and totally acceptable, and then i also took it on this road ride and everything lined up for the most part. But it did track a bit higher in total elevation gain than the other devices, as well as the corrected elevation figure and strava not way off, but enough for me to notice at least for the gps tracks, again very respectable. Just like that run. I actually noticed that it actually tracked throughout the underpass right here better than the other devices that i was using, which is kind of interesting. But there was this one portion right here where it drifted just slightly and then for heart rate accuracy on that ride. Pretty good stuff, but there were a couple little random spikes at the beginning of the ride, nothing earth shattering, and then it was pretty much in line for the rest of the ride and then for indoor cycling. It was nearly perfect the entire ride, except for this one little blip right here, but other than that the rest of the workout was good to go and then, when it comes to weight training, this is basically one of the toughest types of activities for a wrist Based heart rate sensor, to get right due to the all the arm movement and wrist flexion, and these are actually not bad results for this type of activity.

There were a couple spots were tracked high and a few sets were tracked low, but this is pretty trendable data and better than what i generally see from watch and it did a decent job at tracking the high intensity intervals at the end, except for a little High blip at the end overall, though, the pace 2 ek edition, as well as the original pace 2 for that matter, they perform really well and they do deliver a lot for the money. So in terms of why you may not want the pace to well, i kind of have to reach here because again it is a really good value, but it is kind of a small watch. So if you have a larger wrist, it may not fit your wrist. Well or if you just like a larger watch and its only a two button, configuration and some people may just prefer more buttons, which can be easier to use in some situations and then, in terms of smart watch features. You can receive the one away notifications. But you cant reply to them or anything like that: it doesnt have music and it doesnt have like contactless payments or anything like that. This is definitely more of a sports watch and not a smart watch. The standard pace, 2 runs 200 bucks and then the ek edition pace 2 runs 250 dollars. So basically, if you kind of do the math here, so you have 200 bucks for the watch.

I think its like 70 bucks for the pod and like 30 or so for the watch, strap youre kind of getting a savings with the ek edition pace too. So if id say that, if you need a chorus, pod or wonder chorus pod, the ek edition would be a good deal. Anyhow, thats everything with the ek edition paste 2 from chorus, and if you have any additional questions about, it definitely leave those in the comment section down below and also subscribe to the channel for plenty more sports tech videos that are coming soon.

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