Garmin Forerunner 55 vs Vivoactive 4S

But before i get started, make sure to hit that subscribe button. So you can stay tuned to all my new videos dropping weekly, and so you can help the channel grow so im going to go over the major differences and similarities between these two watches and ive gone ahead and left time stamps. In the description for key points. Im talking about, if you want to jump to any point in the video, so i have the garmin vivoactive 4s in the color dust rose, light gold and i have the garmin forerunner 55 in the color white. And if you guys are looking for a more in depth, review ive done a full review on both of these smart watches. So you can see that either in the description or on the top right. The first difference im going to talk about right now is the price. The garmin forerunner 55 goes for 259.99, canadian or 199.99 american, while the garmin vivoactive 4s goes for 479.9, canadian or 349.99 american, so its definitely a big price difference between these watches. So, in terms of the similarities between these watches um, they do have a lot of similarities. In fact, so ive listed them on screen for you guys, such as they both have always on display theyre, both very accurate water resistant. You know they could track variety of activities and a lot more, as you guys could see here now, im just going to focus on the differences.

A major difference is the design. We could see that the forerunner 55 is larger. It has a 42 millimeter circumference watch face, whereas the vioactive 4s has a 40 millimeter watch face and the band sizes are also different. So we see an 18 millimeter quick release band on the vivoactive 4s, while on the 455 we see a 20 millimeter band. Also, a difference is the display here, so on the vivo active for us, we have gorilla glass 3, while on the forerunner 55, that display is made of a chemically strengthened glass. So its definitely not as strong here and the bezels you know are also different. On the vivoactive 4s, we have like a stainless steel bezel going all around while on the 455. We have, i think, like a plastic coated type of bezel, so theres definitely a difference. There in design and theres also a difference in operation guys, so the 455 is completely button operated, no touch screen guys. So if you want to do everything you can use, one of the five buttons to you know find everything you need to do and use all your applications on your watch, whereas the vivoactive 4s is test screen, it also does have two buttons on it as well. So i find this blend between having two buttons and touchscreen a lot more beneficial for me, and i find it easier to use personally. Another difference here is battery life guys, so the vivo octa 4s has a quoted battery life up to seven days.

I typically get around five to six days with it, whereas the garmin forum 555 has a quoted battery life of up to two weeks guys, and i typically get around 11 to 12 days with it, so they both have awesome battery life. In my opinion, this one you charge it once a week charge this every other week now. Durability is another difference here guys. So, with this price difference, it really takes a hit and durability with the forerunner 55. Had it for a couple weeks now and im already seeing you know, scuffs on it, some dance stuff like that, just from using it like daily um working out stuff like that garmin viva octa forest ive had this thing for over a year and you cant see Any like scuffs dense anything like its so much more, durable guys and in terms of the buttons the vivo acta 4s has metal buttons, whereas the buttons on the 455 are all plastic. So, in terms of durability, the vivoactive fourth is a lot more durable. So with that price, you are getting a more premium, more durable watch, so another difference here is music on the 4runner 55. You cannot download any music on here. The only thing you can do is kind of connect it to your phone via bluetooth, and then you can control the music on your phone when its connected, but with the vivoactive 4s you have complete ability to download music on your phone.

You can do that with spotify with deezer and with a couple other programs there. So i definitely prefer this because you can listen phone free um. With your watch to your music, you can just connect some bluetooth, headphones or anything and go off on a walk or a run, so i prefer that for sure and thats definitely a difference here in terms of the differences im gon na put those on screen. For you guys, so you guys can see the differences there. So theres a difference here in between what these watches track, showing you guys on screen. You could see you know what the forerunner 55 tracks and what the vivoactive 4s tracks, so the vivo octa 4s does have the ability to track more activities and more workouts. So that is also a difference here. So if youre asking me which watch i prefer – which one, i think is better im gon na say the vivoactive 4s, i do think its the better smartwatch its more durable. You can do more with it and i do like the design you know better as well. I love the color the size i like that you can download music on your listen to it phone free, and i also love that it has a touch screen display. So if those things appeal to you as well, then id recommend the garmin vivoactive 4s, but if youre looking for a cheaper alternative, if youre, someone whos, maybe more on a budget and youre looking just to track your basics, like your steps, your sleep, all that stuff, You can definitely see that on this watch and if youre, someone who is a runner and if you want a button operated watch, then id recommend the forerunner 55 to you, thats all i have for today guys.

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