Installing FitPro App in Android with Y56 Smartwatch

com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs new sandwich. Okay, we are on another video for the y56 smartwatch. This time were going to install the support app for this wearable okay, so we have here the qr code lets see if its also available here in the support app or in the smart, watching the device. Okay lets go to the settings or the more set function or menu. Camera lets see okay, so we have here the support, app qr code. So, as you can see here, the symbol is fit pro app. So lets search for the app here. Okay, im just going to search for it, it bro, so we have here the fit pro app. Let me adjust the display with pro app okay, so we have here the fitpro app lets try to install again its a pretty popular support, app with over 10 million plus downloads. It is used by cheap or affordable, so lets say, affordable wearables, so lets see. Lets install lets, install and try to connect our y56 smartwatch. Okay again, this is a rugged sport, smartwatch really basic functionalities. So we are installing and lets see okay, so it is opening again. This is your wearable ey, 56. smartwatch, so its still scanning, as you can see here – thats sweet, okay, okay, so it is activated. Now we can open it now fit pro open okay, so we have the fit pro app lets see if we can connect it flawlessly with the device.

Again, we already activated the bluetooth here for the smartphone, so here it is asking for permissions. Allow fit pro to access photos, media and files on your device, of course, allow it then next we have do. We have another permissions lets see, so it takes time to load okay. So we have here fully loaded the support app. So we have here the ui. We have the heart rate slip and the details here for emotion, also, okay, we have a support, i think, for the map. Trajectory okay, connect the gps. This is the profile here. Okay, so we have here the settings. Okay, so lets check device is disconnected so lets. Try to connect it, so where do we have to bind device to experience more features so allow fitpro to access this devices location wow? So it is scanning well see if it is able to detect the smartwatch okay, it takes time if you cant scan the device. Please try reboot and click okay, so lets try go to your smartwatch and we lets reset this one and hopefully or lets, try to turn it off. So we can be sure long, press power down, okay, okay, so you already turned it off. Lets turn it on again and hopefully it will be able to detect again okay, so it takes time for the device so for the smartwatch tool, fine crap, please try restarting bluetooth and click reboot, reboot, okay, so lets wait. Lets check lets go to our bluetooth settings.

Okay, lets try to have a troubleshooting pairing well, see: okay were turning on the blue device, sometimes its either. You have to restart your phone or start the device so lt7, so we have here the lt719. Is this the right device lets see more okay, so we have the lt 719 so lets see. If we can connect this one, so try to connect, completed, completed, completed okay, so synchronized data is copied, as you can see here, we troubleshoot it and so far it works so theres. Some minor issues in connecting this smartwatch to the device. Okay, so here well see, so we have a message: push notifications, okay, lets see. If what are the app supported, we have the facebook here, twitter line, whatsapp, instagram, qq, wechat, okay, so sms reminders, its also sporting other apps. Here we have the skype kakao talk and linked ln. Okay for the dial settings lets see, i guess theres no option for this. One lets see okay, so we have. We have at least two here the default and we have other options here. Okay, we will have more on the watch faces on our next video anyway. Lets just try a simple watch face here. How about this one okay lets see: okay, synchronize dial, so lets check upgrading, as you can see here, its loading well see. How long will it take to download the watch face here in our device? 20. 26. 30. So lets see its almost finished like okay update success, as you can see here, we successfully loaded the watch face on our device again well have more on this topic.

Okay on our next video, okay, so also i have it the default watch. We see here, okay, other options here we have lets, see vibration thats it nothing else and do not disturb alarm set entire brightness and over the air upgrade lets see. If we have some updates for the so device, so no need and thats it so that thats, your y56 smart watch, sweetie installation of the fit pro app okay. So it works. Okay, no issues at all, although we have some minor setback for the connections, but if you know what youre doing it is easy to troubleshoot. Okay, so far, we connected it with a support update pro app again, if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will try to answer your queries. If we do have the time this is

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