OtterboxEXO EDGE Case Black for Apple Watch Series 6/SE/5/4 44mm (Unboxing in 4K)

In this video beautiful case for your apple watch series. Se apple watch, series 4 and later 44 millimeters not compatible with ceramic models. Really nice simple presentation, otterbox, i know them for making cases for the iphone ipad. I have one here. This is the exact same one for the series. 3. super great case series: 338 millimeters exact same thing as you can see real other box super much uh protection. Nice, discreet uh layout, so that is the series 338 millimeters. What i have here is the se 44 millimeters nike edition. I have it here on this beautiful space, clear spigen case case and screen protector in one really nice one yeah im such a big fan of otterbox, then ive decided to put the trigger on this particular product. One thing to tell you, like this apple watch, im quite delicate with it, because aluminium uh, i think its just a mineral crystal, like im, super worried about scratching it, which is um not so much the case with the stainless steel edition. I mean that stainless steel, like it does scratch, but like its not the end of the world and has sapphire on top, which makes it like so much more durable. But again, with these aluminium build watches like you got ta, be very careful man they break if youre unlucky. So let me try and open up this simple, yet effective box. So there we have it ill. Leave a link to the item in the description im not affiliated with other box but other box if youre watching, if you wan na you know, send me products to review just uh ill be more than happy to do so.

I mean, i think, its a great uh, its a great company, great products, some instructions here, so you got ta, remove, watch bands, youre gon na start with the crown and work your way down like so so that should be uh fairly straightforward. So, first of all removing the band yeah. There we go, as you can see quite a nice case by spigen. Let me just uh, take it off, as you can see nice case, it reads spigen its clear, but it also has a bit of that space gray feel to it. They come in a transparent one, and this is a bit more great transparent. I would say there we have the uh apple watch. Se nike edition really like this piece, glad that i i dont think theres any damage to it yet and ill try to keep it. You know in impeccable condition. This is the case. Nice cutouts a lot more to say it reads, other blocks on the front and we need to start with this side. So im gon na try and squeeze in the crown here so im, gon na start, underneath trying to fit in this crown in this cutout. Like so yep and then try to squeeze that squeeze those materials around the case im going to start with over the top okay, i think that worked so here you can see on the top were in. This is around the case, and now what were gon na? Try to do is pull this downwards, and that was it like that, took us like a minute and were inside and, as you can see like super robust.

Only negative point about this case compared to the spigen is the fact that this uh this part has no protection. I mean it does is very tall, so this screen, if you drop it like so the screen, will probably be fine talking about like a direct impact, for example, on the screen, like so theres no protection, unlike the spy gun with the plastic screen protector, if theres Any damage you know it will hold some of the damage, so definitely beautiful, beautiful uh design. Let me throw it on this band again: the milanese loop, i think its black yeah. That was easy, so there we have it and, of course, like wearing this uh watch with such a case. It takes away a bit of the design of this beautiful watch, but then again, this watch is like pretty easy to damage and i wouldnt like to um to damage it like. That would be such a shame. What is the retail price of the other box exo edge? 44? I found this on the web yep all right, so it should be uh around thirty dollars. Yeah talking about like these buttons, theyre still um easy to operate so there we have it on my six uh and a quarter inch wrist because the screen is not covered with a screen protector. The display is uh much better to operate, and then again i dont need to worry about the corners of the case. Being damaged.

Lets have a look at the crown. Crown is easy to operate. Still like no lies like the crown is quite easy to Music operate. What about this button? This is still a bit stiff. This uh this button here side button is a bit stiff, but i think it will just break in man. All i can say like. I think it looks rather nice again. Apple watch, without any case is, is the best in my opinion like, for example, the stainless steel edition here like without any protection, just looks the best its beautiful products beautiful design, but then again, especially these aluminium editions, apple watches, theyre very likely to scratch. At some point or damage or break so definitely i would recommend wearing it with a case. So that is the other box.

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