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Okay lets look and see whats in the box and heres the watch itself, which is quite lightweight and quite entry level. This seems well made enough. The strap which is made from silicone features an unusual fastening system which ive tried before and found deeply annoying, but it does seem to work on the rear. Are the various sensors Music now heres the charging cable, which is quite short and quite lightweight? It works well and gets the job done, heres the user guide, which again is pretty basic. It tells you all. You need to get the phone working. Okay, lets look and see whats on on the watch. There are seven watch faces, not much choice, but they all seem to work, although none of them appeal to me particularly well, this is the sleep app and that seems to work its quite simple, but it works. Well and displays on the phone as well heres the halfway morgan, which is quite fast and so far as i can tell fairly accurate Music. These are your sports options, different sports, you can choose. This. Is your sporting history when working? This is the skin temperature and again another thing ive seen before on the smart watch, and so far as i can tell it works. Okay, again, just before, were recording this in real time: Music, heres blood pressure – and one thing i like about this – is using the um, the app you can calibrate this against an external third party blood pressure monitor to give you more accurate readings.

This sets alarms. This gets you into your calendar. This is a music control, but for some reason, not working at the moment, one or two of the bluetooth related apps are a bit um reluctant to work, sometimes heres the phone control, um, camera controls, youll, say, and that works every time. The timer is your calculator. This determines what your list gestures, control on on the on the watch again, just international options, more more level, arcane settings: this is a blood oxygen level, the sp02 reading and again the files, i can tell seems pretty accurate. This is a countdown timer Music. Your phone book phone dialer: this is your call logs your phone call logs email, not thinking at the moment that controls your syncing, this searches for bluetooth devices to pair with this is your step counter with the history which is not working with my finger at the Moment this controls, where the apps display on the watch and the find my phone action option works. Well, and here we are back to sleep now then lets have a look at the app and, as you can see, its very much health orientated. The front page shows all the principal physical readings is taken of your health and activities. Today. Ive walked 1.21 miles. 3. 000. 4000.22. Steps. 109 calories. I can click on that to get more information information from earlier in the week. I can look at the other readings. Historically, for example, um theres, my heart rate press, the calendar button and theres my heart rate for joining yesterday.

Ecg, yes, is watched as ecgs again press on the calendar press again see my readings from yesterday theres an ecg reading from yesterday, and so far as i can tell this works well the page for personal information, a page for them finding the watch. I can press this button and hopefully it will send me an alert from the watch yourself. Sometimes it takes a second but theres work quite fast today, theres also an app on the watch to find the phone. So there we are theres the outlines of the phone app, which is really actually simple, but good Music Music do Music. Now, then, here it is the watch, smart watch and very interesting. It is too its the sort of mixture between an entry level smartwatch with some rather high end sophisticated electronics pushed inside. For example, it does ecg sp02 um, heart rate blood pressure, temperature, skin temperature. A full range of bubbly sensors are inside here, as well as the usual smartphone app controls like for music camera, that sort of thing and, of course, step counting. The only thing that is lacking is um a gps, so you have to use a connection to your phone to get that, but that aside pretty much all youre going to want is here there are drawbacks. The build quality feels a bit under some entry level side. The screen, it seems to be fairly low resolution and the watch faces are few in number and to my eyes rather than attractive, but actually over overshown by the quality of the senses and the information it can give to you.

So, if youre looking for a health watch that will trap your bodily activities as well as your health levels, your heart rate, that sort of thing and you dont – want to pay too much for it, and this might be just what youre.

What do you think?

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