Is this safe? How can i know isnt that the vaccine takes long to be used? Why would i take vaccine from the first place if this virus is weak? So, along the way i had to do my research on how this things been developed, as i was following up with the vaccination rate, record results are looking promising. Yet this fear of letting this thing into your body was a steel. In my mind, most of the fears are associated with the unforeseen side effects of this vaccine. Like am i turning into a dinosaur or im growing a theater or im becoming an shall i register for this, or this is risky. Why do i have to take it to save yourself and others around you, because you may be in good health still carrying the virus and spreading around those who are not in good shape, health wise? Is it well? Let me talk and register them. Are you sure about that yeah 90? What about what about the other 10 uncertain? So tomorrow is my vaccine day, im kind of excited and nervous. At the same time, wish me luck. The one thing that i have to mention at the vaccination center that it was well organized, which is something that malaysians are good at im, headed to take the vaccine. Now i hope it goes well and hopefully there wont be any third arm that will be grown from here, Music, so uh, so i just had my vaccine.

It did well, i didnt fit nothing at all. It was a smooth process, so uh, you know uh, but im kind of feeling now, like a dinosaur im, just kidding that i dont think no, not dennis or nothing feeling pretty normal. So i think uh everybody should get the vaccine, because this is the only way we can contain this pandemic, and hopefully you guys also uh can uh take the vaccine soon, whatever whether its uh this or that you know it doesnt matter, you know all the vaccines. All the approved vaccines are, okay are good. That was the end of the video.

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