Bungie Inc, Destiny 2 – Bungie Reveals Season of the Lost, with Mara Sov Returning

We did get a heads up about this earlier, given a pretty big leak from the company razer with marisol splashed. All over banner ads, which also include the name the season of the lost well today, im gon na have a look at what this means for season 15 plus give a quick recap of morris of in destiny. If youre new around here or find this useful dont forget to hit that subscribe button down below for all the latest destiny, 2 content and turn on notifications by hitting that bell well, it looks like some banner eds went live a little early yesterday, revealing the name Of season 15 plus revealing its league character and bungie, then confirmed the leaks by tweeting, the queen returns in season of the lost, alongside an image of morosov with osiris. So that is particularly interesting. Given whats been going on with osiris this season. Well, season 15 is going to be called season of the lost and it features a returning mara sov as the lead character. Samarasov is the queen of the awoken and has famously taken the fight to the hive before featuring heavily throughout the original destiny, in particular. Waging war against the taken king oryx well, it looks like, were going to be assembling a team of powerful allies to take on savathune in the upcoming witch. Queen. Expansion and weve got a truce currently with the cabal through kaitl mythrax and the splicer elixini, and also now weve got returning mara sov and were likely going to need an expert team too, because savathune is, unlike any other enemy weve battled before and rather than use.

Four shes, the master of deception lets, have a quick look back at the timeline and mars influence in destiny. So, first of all, looking back at the taken king, so morozov met oryxs fleet when he arrived in. The solar system, with his taken army and mara, was defeated after oryx fired the dreadnoughts weapon on the battlefield, so orex took out most of his own fleet, plus the awoken ships too and then mara disappeared, thought to be dead, but it turned out. This was only a distraction. This was part of the secret plan by mara and eris mourn, forcing oryxs armies back and allowing room for the guardian to take on and ultimately defeat. The taken king walmars body was vaporized in the attack and most of her ship too. But her consciousness was able to survive in a manner similar to that of toland, a soul with no material form so fast forward to forsaken, so with morosov gone petra did her best to maintain order in the reef. However, the reef fell into chaos. Aldrin sov maras brother then betrayed the reef during the forsaken campaign, leading to a break out of the prison of the elders and then ultimately leading to the death of k 6, and the guardian then sought to find and bring justice to k 6s killer. One of the main motivating factors of aldrins mission was to find mara and he believed that she was talking to him through visions and was trapped in the dreaming city.

Aldrin was told he required a combination of light and darkness to free mara and then, when he reached his goal, he thought he was about to free her it morphed into the form of the taken chimeric server to creature, the voice of riven. Well, the guardian killed this creature at the end of the forsaken campaign and aldrin was then killed either by the guardian or petr revenge. Well, over the course of forsaken, the guardian worked with petra to communicate with mara as the weeks went by via the oracle engine and morosov instructed petra to rip the heart out of riven which ultimately led us to the last wish. Raid. After weeks of charging the blind well, we then opened up a portal to maras throne world, so we could talk to her face to face and she understood the circumstances of aldrins death, but didnt hold a grudge, and she did, however, have a warning that the darkness Are making their way towards the solar system, and this was one of the earliest sightings of the pyramids in the game. Well, next up weve got the curse of the dreaming city. So while the taken riven baited the guardians into killing her, they inadvertently made a single collective wish, allowing riven to alter the rules of ascendancy within the dreaming city. Well soon enough, the entire realm was plunged into an unending battle between the guardians, the awoken corsairs against the armies of taken and hives sent by savithoon and zevu arath.

Well, as the curse continued to blight the dreaming city for three weeks, petra was able to identify the true source of the citys, taking curse dull in karu, a daughter of the witch queen. So, with the curse now its peak, the techians use the blind well, which was kept charged with light by the guardians and opened up a rift where the guardians could confront the witch and her dark blade bodyguards. So upon the death of dal in karu in the dungeon, the dreaming city reverted back to the state. It was in when the curse was first unleashed and the curse then spread in the same manner as it had previously, with it being revealed that the curse trapped. The dreaming city within a time loop there are sets at the events of rivens death and dull in karus defeat, though messages left by an unknown sender, it revealed that the loop was made possible through the wish riven granted upon her death and was modelled upon the Vex simulation overseen by the taken vex mine courier. So while the curse was looping every three weeks, there was currently no way to permanently rid the city of the curse, despite the efforts of both rasputin and osiris. So, following every reset, the guardian made reports to morosov using the oracle engine occasionally visiting her personally within her new throne world. So then we proceeded to have conversations with morosov each week so upon the guardians. Fourth, visit mara immediately demand to know how her brother had died, so the ghost claimed that he died, believing he was freeing mara from the dreaming city and that all he had done was for her.

Samara did know that, despite her brothers strengths, he was suggestible and shed been aware that her plan would put him at risk of such a fate and thus was not surprised to feel him die. The ghost reminded mara that aldrin had murdered their friend kade six, so she was actually quite dismissive of this, noting that while shes sure they missed it, she was not satisfied by their quest for vengeance. So upon the guardians seventh visit mara states, she dreamed of having a friend and then states that the next act is about to begin before disappearing completely. But then, following the disappearance of mars, mercury, titan and io marusov broadcast a message at the beginning of beyond light. Throughout the system, and in that message she stated she deployed all weapons at her disposable against the black fleet and it had no effect. She then promised to return to the dreaming city, though she was aware that savithoon would be waiting for her well. That brings us right up to dates, and now we know that marisol is coming back. It does have major implications for the story in season 15. So, given courier is dead, you would assume that the curse hanging over the dreaming city could now be broken. Well. Salvathon is definitely not going to be happy about maras return plus. Are we going to assemble any more powerful allies in the fight against the hive, where eris morgan certainly comes to mind, as does rescue in two well, the good news is, we dont have long to wait to find out what this is all about.

Thanks to the leak and also that official reveal by bungie, we know marisol is coming back and also the season is going to be called season of the lost or morosov was lost until now, but i wonder what else that could be referring to. You know theres plenty to be excited about. Well, let me know down in the comments what you think about mariosov coming back and as always, thank you so much for watching for more destiny. 2 content like this hit that subscribe button down below and subscribe to this week in video games.

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