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014, Bitcoin and Trust wallet without any investment. It is absolutely free. This one involves direct withdrawal to trust wallet or any exchange platform of your choice. So I urge you to pay attention to the details of the procedures that I will show you so that you can be able to perform the same in your phone at the end of this tutorial. But before I give you the details, if you like what Im doing on this platform, kindly subscribe to this YouTube channel, if you have not done that on notification Bell, so that will be among the first set of people that will notify one side to a video. On this channel give this video a thumbs up, drop a good comment at the comment section and share this video. I urge you to join my telegram. Whatsapp and Facebook Community is via the link at the description section. We call I will drop the link for this free ending of PTC at the description Center, so you can get it from there and also I order you to subscribe to my new YouTube channel or YouTube. Is there hope, via the link at the description section now lets proceed with the details of this tutorial? Please sit back and enjoy so when you log into this particular site via the link I drop at the description section. It will take you to this page. If you dont know how to get to the description section, make sure you open this video in YouTube once this video is playing you at the just, you will see the title of this tutorial now at the extreme right.

You will see a sign of small V. Just click on it, it will take you to the description section. If it doesnt open fully, you will see where they provide for more just click on more. It will open completely so that you can get any details that you need in the description section now once you get to this particular page. The next thing for you to go is go to this menu at the top. So when you get to the description, when you go to this menu here, you click on it. So once you click on it youll see the option of register. Then you click on the register. So when you click on the register, it will take you to this page. You enter your email, your password, you confirm your password click on register. They will pump up something for you to do security check after the security check, click on register automatically youll be registered, and it will take you to the next page that I will show you. Then it will take you to this particular page and youll. See this information. Please confirm your email address by clicking. The link will send to your email account if you havent received an email, please click here now you have to go to your email check, your inbox and your spouse. You will see a message from this platform that looks exactly this way. Then you will see this option, then click on email confirmation.

You will see the option for you to open it via any browser in your phone. If this one is not working, you copy this link and open it in any browser in your phone, and once you finish your verification, they will take you to this next page. So now we just will be taken to this particular page. But before I proceed to show you details on how to end on this platform, please remember Im, not a financial advisor. This tutorial is meant for educational purposes, a load, so you have a duty to do your personal investigation and research about this platform. Before you start executing the step that I will show you right away now, when you come to this particular platform, you go to this menu here, theres, something important for you to do. You go to your setting, so once you go to the setting, this is the first thing for you to do. On this platform. You go to your setting. You will see your Bitcoin um, the provision for you to add your Bitcoin address. Okay, so once it opens, you just go to trust wallet, get your Bitcoin address. You paste it here, you put in your password. You click on change. Um withdrawal address now lets. Do it practical? Let me head to my trust wallet so Im heading to the trust wallet now so once you enter into your trust wallet Im using this teaching wallet to show you how to do this, you go to the top here.

Youll see this sign at the top. You click on it. So once you click on it you you will type Bitcoin Music type Bitcoin. So just you will see this first one here, you click on it. When it opens, you see, said you see, receive click or receive you click on it. So you see option of copy that you copy the address. So once you copy the address, you proceed back to the any site. So once you proceed by you come here and paste the address. So once you come here, you paste the address. So once you paste the address you put in the password Here, your password, so I have type in my password. So the next thing for me to do is to click on change. Um withdrawal address, so just you can see an email was sent to you for confirmation. Let me go to my email, so you can see the email that they just sent to me. So I have to you have to click on the link here. So if you click on the link, youll see the option for you to open it via a browser in your phone. So let me use Chrome to open it, so once it opens so just you can see Im doing everything practical are you? Are you seeing it that the withdrawal address it you change withdrawal address, your whatever address? Will change um successfully now the next thing to do is for me to continue to take you through this particular platform.

So if you go there, you will see your referral program. You click on it its one of the ways for you to end on this platform. Okay, so it has opened. So when you refer people, you earn 50 of their earnings. On this platform, referral commission is 50, so you have to refer people look at your referral. Link you have to copy it, you share it with people so that you can receive 50 of their earnings on this platform. Now, if you go to this particular place again, you can be able to to end via um end more and the equally. You can be able to earn our via free rules, but Im gon na show you the aspect for you to be earning. These are Bitcoin 0.014. So you can see it is possible for you to end it on this platform. You can end it via this free PTC. Every one hour now lets. Go there free PTC every one hour Music. It gets kick so sorry for the security problem for the issue that just showed up. So once you take you to this end, so you can see the instruction here. The instruction here is simple: please click on the row button to get your free Bitcoin. The amount of free Bitcoin that you get will depend on the number that you grow and paid out according to the payout table below you can come back and play every one hour to earn additional free Bitcoin each time you would also get 50 of what your Referrals get from us so you have to it depends on when you roll this particular stuff.

Whatever number you get its possible for you to get um 0.0140 or 0.0 just you can see this one. So if you can be able to get between this number, you can even end more than what I I stated on the thumbnail. So its just a matter of luck so lets. Let me just try my luck to see what I can be able to end, and I will continue to. I can come back every one hour to be doing this and I might be looking at enough to end this particular storm. So the first thing for me to do is for me to click on the row, so the thing is going then they asked me to do this verification um. I have to click each image containing a dog with a collar on the neck. I let me see if I can get it right. Okay, let me see if I can get it right and click on verify, so its still going. So let me check the number that Im going to get oh see. The number that I got uh see the number that I got Im, not all that lucky Im not lucky enough Im, not lucky enough, see the number that I get after rolling it. So Im not lucky enough. So what what youre going to do is that youll be coming back every one hour, so you might be lucky enough to roll and in one instance, you can be able to end this particular amount of Bitcoin, or this particular one, or this particular one or this Particular one its just a matter of just so let me refresh this video it and show you something thats something I need to show you now.

Just you can see the countdown has started. I have to come back in the next one hour to do this again. I might be so lucky for me to end more so, but this particular ones that I just did. I was not lucky enough, so you can be very lucky to get this number and you can be able to even earn more than 0.0140 PTC. So you have to be coming back and be performing tax on this platform, and after doing this, somebody can be asking. How can I be able to withdraw my earning if you go to this particular place? So once you go to this particular place, you move down. Youll see where the road to withdraw, then you click on withdraw. So once you click on the withdraw, you must remember, you must have a minimum of 0.002. Please people always come back to ask me that the place with over on different platform without receiving payment. Please you always shake the minimum withdrawal limit. You must get it before. You can be able to place with your one. So, as you can see, you must have 0.002 before you can be able to place withdrawa on this platform. So once you have it, you enter the amount here automatically the address, your link will be showing here and they will tell you the transaction fee and the amount that you are going to receive and the next thing you click on, withdraw and you will receive it To the any agent platform of your choice, remember look at the instruction.

You must use a valid Bitcoin address so that you will not complain that you do not receive your reward at the end of the day. So you can see it is very, very simple. So what are you waiting for continue to engage by coming back every one hour to end Bitcoin on this platform, and once you raise your minimum, you place your withdrawal and you receive it to any agent platform of your choice. Please, thank you. So much for being part of this story. I appreciate your presence here, but if you have, if you have not subscribed to my YouTube Channel, please kindly do that. Support me thats, a way for you to support me. I have a lot of surprises that are coming up stay to this YouTube channel. I will be receiving a lot of means for you to end free crypto. Thank you.

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