NASA, Artemis 1 Why NASA’s Artemis 1 Mission is making history

Christine ramos christine, you have got to be excited good to see you, oh my gosh, its crazy. Yes, an amazing place. It is quite a long time. Well talk to us about it about it, yeah and building the core stage of the space launch system. Uh also known as the sls, the big orange piece that uh you, you lets talk about what went into that development um and how does it compare to the one that we saw used uh on the space shuttle in the past? Oh, it is, it is completely different. I mean this vehicle is a man rated evolvable rocket. We can carry twice as much payload than any other rocket and its really going to help us set a sustainable future in space in deep space um. It took gosh ive been on this program for about 10 years from paper to manufacturing, to test out and stennis. It takes a lot of diverse people to design and build this rocket so 10 years. I look at you and i say: oh my gosh, were you like 12, when you started youre one of those young geniuses? Clearly what got you? What got you into this fired up about this? What, where did your interest start? Oh, it actually started in shuttle. I actually started in the shuttle program. I worked on the solid rocket boosters and following that i did constellation um when we really needed to transition from shuttle, and then it just evolved to space launch system yeah, and i think what really got me into this is you know we just need to get Back out there back into deep space, we need to start going further and beyond beyond mars, interstellar space, so it just got me more and more inspired to be in this program.

Well, you inspire all of us so putting men and women on the moon long term. Right is just one small step, as we like to say, as nasa sets the stage for the manned missions, you know further into our solar system with destinations like mars right. So what will nasa scientists learn from this voyage? You think that they will be able to use that you will be able to use in future missions well for future missions. This test launch is really going to help us with our flight performance um, just how we integrate with orion, because you know we need a lot to know a lot just about the orion module, especially when it comes to re entry, because thats very critical for our Crew but its going to help us just really redesign or modify or tweak a little bit for our future missions when we do artemis ii, artemis 3, when were boots on the moon and then further missions to mars jupiter enceladus pluto. So this is a very, very important launch and its not just historic, but you know its because its the main mission yeah its artemis will eventually have on board, is what were talking about lets talk about what is makes this mission just so unique and so special. So this is so unique and so special, because this is just a new rocket, a very powerful rocket and we really need to verify and certify this rocket. So we can just start putting just a substance out in space, just more people more cargo, a foundation out in space, and we have already a vision of what we want on the moon.

This is really going to kick it off, and things are just going to keep coming right after it well lets. I must mention its womens womens equality day. So what a perfect day to talk about this with you and your unique position, we appreciate you christine lift you up. Thank you for being a role model for our daughters. No thank you and thank you guys for all the support. We really really need this. You know im so excited to just show this off im proud of my co workers who are going to show this off were all very proud of our work, and i hope it inspires more yeah. It will takes a team thanks, christine be sure to tune in monday 8 a.m. Eastern for our full coverage of the artemis, one liftoff to the moon space launch right here, hi everyone, george stephanopoulos here, thanks for checking out the abc news, youtube channel. If youd like to get more videos, show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and dont forget to download the abc news app for breaking news alerts.

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