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My name is derek ray and with me in the commentary position is the arsenal legend lee dixon, and if the game is as enticing on the pitch as it looks on paper, were not going to be disappointed, it is facing anderlecht yeah. Thank you, derek. Looking forward to today, shell be in for a good game lets hope we see a quick start from both teams set the tempo for the rest of the match, and the lineup for the home side looks as though theyre going with the belt and braces approach. Yeah. Five three two or three five: two: the midfield will be flooded when theyve got the ball defensively, those full backs will be asked to supply support to their three centre backs, but it does enable you to play two strikers up front and introducing the visitors lineup today. Well, as a team, they do have their stylistic preference and it really is all about trying to put the opposition under pressure, making sure that they dont compose themselves lee. Do you expect to see more of that in this game yeah pretty much? They love to press eye dont they its their preferred style of play, winning the ball high up the pitch. It certainly benefits their strikers, theyre very good at it, and now they get the ball rolling Applause. Well, the attack carried promise but petered out. Applause, matu shibero, promising pass offside by a fraction; Applause, Applause, vital interception. The danger was very real, open, excellent vision.

How could he take them on and beat them able to close down the shots? Versailles Applause, mastery of the passing game Applause rebel patient, build up at the moment tremendous ball played through and collected tidally. He had plenty to think about maximilian v tech, well, not very clever, defending oh, a tremendous block, vital intervention Applause and he could cash in thats part of his game, holding the ball up and waiting for teammates to arrive on the scene. Looking for that final pass, looking for the goal that would put them ahead could be a goal. The opening statement of the match, a richly deserved, lead, and now they can celebrate Applause well, hes gone for pure power, and why not? When youve got a rocket in your boot? What a strike slightly different vantage point in terms of the goal that was scored? Well, it can be difficult being a manager at times, none more so than now. One nil, then ashimero Applause well, theyve won the ball back quickly, good defending to prevent the chance crisp tackling this might be ideal for the counter textbook defending inside the box. Lucas metcher setting off perhaps a little bit too much here – Applause, ashimeru Applause – it might be on for them. Well, they continue their push for the equalizer, but definitely not forcing it and giving it away. Good movement. Applause, really good. Reading of the game to win possession back well, that is how to run at defenders metcher.

It looks promising defensive roadblock in the way of that cross Applause, rebel Applause, andrea trebel. Can he get them level and it goes the leveler throwing stuff here Applause? Well, this is definitely worth another look, superb interplay, so slick and then the composer is impressive, as he smashes the ball with all he has to beat a forlorn goalkeeper brilliant strike Applause. Well, the earlier goal: canceled out one apiece, another successful intervention running the ball back, mourinho Applause, keeping the ball moving a really single minded piece of defending to make sure nothing untoward happened. That is how to apply the pressure Applause well in terms of added time, a minimum of one minute Applause, but he stopped them just when they looked menacing. That is that for the first half here, hes been the standout for his side. So far, dont you think lee well hes been involved in most of the positive things in that first half and obviously getting that goal has given his team a huge boost for this. Second, half the teams are ready to have a go at each other again, as the second half commences, andrea trebel Applause still passing it around with authority and a chance to whip it in here using a strength to shield the ball now lets see about the cross. Have he dealt with that ball played in rather well, and the counter looks on here options available Applause, hes found a pocket of space crossing opportunity, but nothing doing in an attacking sense, ill dealt with that ball, comfortably, really good, high press Applause, an attack full of Promise good defending trebel Applause is it going to end up being productive for them and a throw in forthcoming Applause? Applause, kobo Applause thats, the kind of shielding well decent, save there a chance now with the corner Applause, the managers trying to get his matches across on the touchline theyve just got to keep pushing.

Surely a goal will come so the corner played into the box? Did his job defensively? Can they get in behind them a really sumptuous ball and he has just fractionally misfired yeah? He should have put his lacy straight through the ball. Sometimes he can get too cute. Both managers deciding this is the time to change things around. Both teams going to the bench danilo dukey Applause, allowing their opponents to come on to them, precise, ball movement, metcher defensive resilience to shut them down Applause. Can they hit on the break? Will it be sufficiently imaginative? Really good challenge? Oh lovely ball a chance, maybe from the wide position there to take it away. Applause Applause, e, coma, loiso, penda, no real conviction in the challenge. Can he put them in front? Oh offside? How marginal was that? But the flag is raised Applause and the decision offside here. Applause well thats how to beat your opponent, Applause fire again towards goal and the keeper making sure there were no scraps for them to feed on dangerous. Looking attack very quick thinking there – Applause michael mourillo, ashimero Applause – can they push ahead on the closing stages? Applause? He has time to play us over Applause. Well, the counter chance looks very real good strength to keep the ball and possession given away Applause beautifully weighted ball. He might profit from here. You know: couldnt grab hold of it good, defending to prevent the chance, and he did well to cut it out and they do like to press whenever they can.

Applause only attack is there to be late, drama, usa, opportunity here and able to get a body in the way. Michael mourillo. We have entered the final minute of normal time – Applause, miasga Applause. They cannot be separated here and its on to extra time.

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