FIFA, EA Sports, Electronic Arts, Competition TOP 10 BEST GAMEPLAY FEATURES IN FIFA 22

So far, lets go for 2000 likes in this video. That would be amazing, and let me know down below in the comment section, your top 10 as well. I really want to see that and im going to pick a random comment as well that im going to reply to and send a fifteen to copy to ive done. A couple of these keywords lately – and you guys, are really supporting the channel so really appreciate that and yeah im gon na do another giveaway today, but lets go for 2 000 likes lets, get into it right now and have a look in my top 10 lists. Starting off with number 10, it is going to be once towards leon and messi. Now you should have not put just like one card in you know a top 10 list about my favorite things about the whole game. But this is such a big transfer and its gon na make me actually want to play ultimate team a lot more this year. Just the fact that i really want this card somehow i really want to try and get this card. Of course, its going to be super expensive, so maybe i can lock in some of the rewards or anything. This is going to be my motivation to play, because you know what this year they have a brand new rule as well for the ones to watch cards. If that team wins four games in a row, it also automatically gets a one plus upgrade one time.

So that is pretty much amazing. That means that he will be upgraded pretty much fast, and i think that, of course, hes gon na be doing amazing psg as well. So he wants to watch messi its enough hype to be on this list. That is how big this transfer is and how much hype it is around it so wants to watch. Messi number 10. Nothing more to say, cannot wait to try and get this card number nine mason greenville has finally been updated in fifteenth tv now has a proper face update and, of course, he was probably the most requested player to actually receive one now. His face update is not the best one, but still it is much better than the ones that have been on fifa 21, fifa, 20 and ever since he came out to fifa so now in fifteen and two mason green, with proper face updates. So tall manchester united fans and all the caramel players and youre gon na be happy with this one, because such a promising player, of course has to have this proper face in the game, makes a lot better, so mason greenville has finally been updated in peace. Today, too, number eight is going to be vault arcade, more specifically uh, the food tennis mode, also the dodgeball mode, i think, looks really entertaining ive seen so much gameplay of this, and i have to say, im gon na, be trying this out myself. That is the first time.

Ive said that about volta, since it actually came out, really makes me want to try it this year, because some of these new minigames are really funny so im going to be trying them out with, of course, a few friends online, and you know, maybe make a Couple of videos about it, thats what well have to wait and see about that? How many people actually want to see it? But of course, if it is entertaining, then you never know i might be doing some streams or something about it. But i think that this looks really entertaining definitely going to be trying it out, and it makes the number eight on my list. Number seven is more interactive celebrations. Of course, this was introduced in 51 with the next gen console as well, where we have these. You know interactive celebrations, maybe late game winner. The player is running like crazy and the manager comes over and you know all the fans are going wild, but in 52 you can be seeing that this cutscene as well or this celebration cutscene, is always going to be in the game. Theres going to be a lot of different ones, but you can pretty much see that it pans out into the crowd as well, which i think looks really nice theyre going to be. Finally, getting this a crowd point of view during the game, which i think is an absolutely amazing addition. Ive talked about this before, because ive seen it on the trailers.

It looks really nice when theres, like a point of view from the fans and where theyre sitting, so that its also now going to be in 52, really excited to see more about these new celebrations. But yeah very hope for this. One brand new interactive celebrations, which looks amazing number six – is a brand new skill move called the skill bridge now. The reason i put this one and not the other three new skill moves in todays list is because this one is the most effective one from the gameplay that ive seen its gon na be really effective to go past the keepers with the skill move and, of Course it is called the skill, the bridge, so its pretty much a bridge which you know has been super effective in the past couple years on fifa, where you just double tap, and you know the ball goes crazy and you just went after it now this skill Bridge, of course, gives you more control. It is also a four star skill move, which is also another reason that i have to put it on my list. It is a four star skill move, not a five star one, which is all the other brown skill moves. Theyre five star skill moves. Not, of course everybody can use them, but this one there most players in the game can be able to use it and its gon na be super fast to use in the game really looking forward to it.

I think that the skill move as well looks really realistic and really cool to pull off. So im really excited to try more about this. One definitely going to be one that i use a lot in the game and, of course, a very effective skill move that a lot of people are going to be enjoying. The only worry is that this could be like very overpowered or something online, so maybe fix it or something im, not too sure, hopefully its not going to be that crazy uh. But still this skill movie ive got to really high expectations. So cannot wait to try it out in game number. Five is the brand new dressing room cutscenes now? This is amazing. Ive been suggesting this for many years. A lot of people as well wanted to see something like this in career mode. It is going to be for player, commitment and also normal manager, career mode youre, going to be seeing some of these customs. Of course, maybe after you won a trophy and maybe after you won an award or something or just want an important game, or even the lost as well theyre going to be seeing some different concerts like that in game, of course, in the dressing room and everything. So i just absolutely love this edition really needed some new cutscenes to carry well because once again it has been pretty similar the last few years, not that many amazing, exciting cutscenes, to see so im really looking forward to try out the player carry more this year.

This is one of the main reasons for it. These brand new cartoons looks absolutely amazing. The atmosphere in the dressing room really cannot wait to try this out. Number four, then, is gon na, be the brand new running style, specifically erling hall, lancer brownie running style technique. In the game, which of course went the super rival on take that so many people have been recreating it, but of course he has a very unique running style that they had to add into the game, especially when he was like the cover star last year, and One of the ambassador ambassadors of ea of ultimate team and all those things uh so earning hold on, has received one field folder as well as received his own unique running style and dribbling. You know animation as well. Same goes with trent alexander arnold hes always been updated. Hugh midson as well has received it, but i have to say that this one here is just amazing being in the reach to myself as well im a massive fan of early hold on. So this is a running start technique. The fact that the address after this summary has gone viral and take talking social media, its a really nice addition there by ea um. So this one, i cannot wait to try it in game im going to be having holland in all of my teams and, of course, this running style has to be one of the coolest ones in game thats, why its number four on the list? Number three anfield.

Finally, has the tunnel cutscene in the game and all of those accounts that we saw outside the stadium stuff is now finally gon na be added now. For some reason, this was in the fifa 21 trainers for next gen. It was not added into 521 next gen, but now on 52 anfield has a tunnel cutscene, which looks amazing. By the way, you cannot wait until everybody has seen it because ive seen it myself, but of course we can take a look at this gameplay from this trailer. Its gon na be something similar. This uh in the game. You can see that the players as well are gon na be touching the this is the anfield sign um, so that is just going to be incredible to see im a liberal fan. So, of course, this is the reason its number three on my list. Finally, we have more tunnel cutscenes. That is what we needed, because now we only have the one from atletico madrid, which was, of course, the reason for that was because it was a champions league final a couple of years ago, but with this brand new tunnel car scene. It looks amazing, of course, its going to be something outside of the stadium as well before the matches, so this is amazing. Hopefully, though they do this for more stadiums, maybe we can see you know the real madrid stadium as well inside of that uh. Before we go out, of course, in the dortmund stadium, that would be so cool theres, so many amazing tunnels that they have to add into the game.

But this by far is my number three on this list. It is so epic. I cannot wait uh to use labeling career mode and test this out myself. It is going to be amazing, but yeah there we go. Anfield is confirmed and ive seen that myself has an amazing brand new tunnel cutscene in fifa, 22. at number. Two. We have this brand new pre matched light shows, which i have to say, is one of the most epic things ive seen in fifa added into the game in the last few years. This is going to be amazing. We can see. I take a look at this one there from psg. Just take a look at the uh. You know atmosphere here before the game starts you seeing this. It is going to be amazing to play the game as well, and, of course, we also have this with the tottenham hospital stadium. I wish they also have a proper life, so in real life, ive experienced that in real life. That is also not going to be in the game, but i have to say that this addition right here is really amazing. I cannot wait to see how its going to be in game. You know the music and everything the atmosphere. I really hope that this is always going to be an old gen im, not too sure how many of these things will be on alden as well. Of course, uh probably yeah, i could have added everything on old gen, but i dont think theyre gon na do that because they want some of these features to be exclusive in action.

So they want them to. You know buy ps5 and you know get this a game on next gen consoles, which of course, is gon na be very expensive and difficult to do uh, but i really hope that this is always gon na be for both consoles. These are brand new pre matched light shows. I hope that this is for many more clubs as well, not just psg and tottenham. I know that you know but ramp. Now, some of these things before the games as well. Many teams have it, for example, chelsea as well, i think, have something similar. So i really hope that many teams have this, but its going to be super exciting to see this before the game start up im, not too sure. If its going to be an ultimate team, i think this is exclusive to you know kickoff and you know carrying on as well, because not many people want to see the cutscenes before the game starts and online thats not really that important. But i have to say this looks so epic, and that is the reason that its number two as well. I rate this one really highly very nice edition by ea and yeah. Can i wait to play the game and see this myself and then at number one? No surprise is create a club career mode. This has to be the most excited. Ive ever been about a fifa and a feature in a game as well uh.

You know this is gon na, be my main thing this year, its gon na be career mode content, and you know i cannot wait to test this out. Im gon na be doing so many streams about it and you never know probably many serious as well, because so this is gon na be entertaining. Of course, you now have the option to actually create your own stadium, create your own kits as well. Badges everything like that and, of course, have your own team starting in the low divisions or you can also decide if you want to start with a lot of money. But, of course, starting in the low divisions with a brand new team. Its gon na be exciting and, of course, theyre trying to build their way up then – and you know just maybe upgrade your stadium as well, eventually and just being an owner of a football club, is gon na be really exciting to see in the game. This is something weve been asking for for many years. It is finally in the game so theres, nothing really to complain about now until maybe ive tried it out and theres something that we might not be enjoying, but hopefully its gon na be just as enjoyable as it looks like in these trailers. This is gon na, be exciting. No surprises for me that this is the number one uh most exciting thing, and this is of course, my list as well.

Make sure you guys remember that this is my list, and i have to say that this is the most excited ive been about af featuring the fifa for every long time. Maybe since the journey came out or something but yeah create the club campaign mode is going to be super exciting, and let me know what you guys think about this one. Let me know what you think about my list: im gon na see your top 10 in the comment section down below uh, but yeah. This one im super excited about, cannot wait to test it out and yeah. I think a lot of people agree with me on that one. So there we go. That is my top ten list. I hope you guys enjoy it and of course, so let me know in the comment section down below your top 10 as well. You know this list might be changing because we still havent gotten everything about fifa 2. Just yet. I know theres going to be more gameplay released this week and next week as well. Some things that i might not know about yet so this list might be changing. You know before the game comes out, but from what we have seen so far, i have to say that this is my top 10 and the yellow, of course. So let me know what you think about it. Lets go for 2 000 likes on this video. That would, of course, be amazing, but that is it for now.

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