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A very interesting thing, thats happening to the game and it might be going free to play well talk about how its happening. Well talk about why its happening and highlight how you can get it as soon as possible. Thats the goal lets have some fun and maybe get a match in here when he plays the parade, so id have a blast while doing it. Why the hell not to highlight the game in its entirety, so any new players coming towards the game know what the games about well talk about it as soon as we get into it. This should be a fun one nevertheless, but before we do get into this video theres only a small percentage of mates to watch the video that are actually subscribed blue light shows for click. The subscribe button to keep up to date press that join button to become a member of the channel so without further ado lets get straight into this, so jumping into the match on the game mode hunts, impressions grounds, which is a game thats going free to play. Well, talk about that as we go, but make sure you hit that like button lets, try, i guess 600 likes on this video and also wrote a hierarchy. Subscribers lets get it mates, lets get it so the goal or the gender of this video is the topic based on prayer undergrounds going free to play, and it has in a certain way, so the game will be free to download for at least a month on The playstation store through your playstation membership.

So if you do have a playstation membership, you should be able to download the game in the month of september im just around september, 2nd or september 3rd, as it releases as a game to download to be able to play with your friends or playstation and also Have cross play features to play with people on pc and epic games on steam and also the recipe on ps4 and ps5. You get a whole bunch of options, and i was like why not lets highlight some gameplay in celebration of that, because why the hell not why the hell, not my sensitivity, may be a little bit too fast, well get used to it. Well get used to it. I think its too fast compared to like aliens fighting, but there you go pete come back. Oh my god. The piggy is a speedrunner. I want this piggy. I will get this for you there. You go, got it for future reference, so we always got that. I can hear the gunshots towards this direction so lets go there and my builds quite good whats your setup whats, your stop nice damage barrel explosion got that nice work. Nice work are a couple things i can do with my build such this and itll still work out pretty well. Nice work got some damage there, but no enough we see a play here got my sickle. Lets get some damage off nasty work, nasty weve lost a bit of hp, yeah thats.

Why we dont push in with that ever as much, but just to highlight the dynamics of the game it comes to every component of the kit. Do you have any peas here? Im not seeing any piggies, i do see the players trying to get reef up here. Well, that kind of stuff me up lets bounce out lets bounce out. Are they trying to hunt me down theres all these piggies down here, but more cena waiting for energy overload. Finish we go back to the people that were killed super early. I think we could its not too bad for us, its still quite viable the way to go into thats the question we killed it. Where did bloody yo its gone its even on the map there? You go tab. It went that far. It went this far how it went to the other compound. Okay lets bounce out this. I cannot believe it. Where is it? It went in there howd it come here. Ive got no clue, thats quite incredible, that distance from that one attack, but well take it well. Take it interesting, interesting lets, keep it going lets get back into the mayhem, so the game is free to play on playstation, plus for a month to download and download it youll be able to keep it simple as that, if youre, a playstation plus member youll, have It most likely september 2nd september 3rd is when its out to be exact, i believe thats the date or time for it lets see this piece here.

Its got a talking game continuously. I might have to mute that this is like having a different conversation. Get that mute go make it happen. Lets find these enemies, theres been a cave like structure over here on excavation, and they do quite a bit of damage im kind of stuck here. This is not the best place for me to be fighting in im. Not gon na lie not the best place at all, and my sister is quite insane right now, so i havent played a game like this in a while. Is he up there hes up there? What an interesting spot theyre hiding got it got it set up, got it set up as long as we got our set up, we got potential so im gon na watch you now. I need a couple things. I can actually chuck some bear traps. There lets check our smart disk, which was made for this shut up. You aint got time to do it. This way you get the shots come on. I missed it. You rushed from every silence bounce out of this, but we ended up getting killed here, easy dip. Nice, nice, nice, nice. We go back to the pigs that we know about in the early game. We need to kill them before they complete the missions, so you always have a bit of tension here and there when it comes to these gameplay, its always fun. Doing here invisibility do they chase or what, if they chase now look like were safe.

Look what were safe, not bad, not bad, get somebody energy back from being alcoholic. Well, do a couple. Smart displays, yeah, look at me, im actually chuckling from here. Oh, they know they just saw and hit me so around the corner here get some damage nasty work. Instead, rushing by that lets go for this nice work im actually thirsting straight away: okay, a bit of damage, yeah, im kind of stuck here. Actually, this is the weirdest area. Its been oh, ai got me what got me. Oh, my god, this cable, like structure right now, is annoying me. Let me bounce out this. Let me bounce – oh, my god that cost us big time big time, so we erase it there with our second win. So you get a chance to always come back so thats always opportunity. It should be quite easy to come back from this. Weve got self kill. Just a special feature that happens when you do down someone couple times you get that benefit. Do i see someone run past us that was p im gon na get the piggy very nice. Very nice lets get back to full hp. We got this mates. We got this believe in the predator king. There we go all the lord practice. There we go that works as well. Oh, my god get out. I got ta go, i got ta go. I got ta go no hit at all. They didnt play the missions, at this rate, going to be very cool with this.

Another kill very happy about that, so that guys gone deleted out of the equation. He had to kill him hes playing sport, hes, quite tanky. We have to go for kill. Now we try to kill everybody else in the team and take them out one by one before they get reinforcements theres another one down here. Wait what i know the same guy, never mind guys somehow down another person like theres. No way got him. Nice work, nice work now were gon na stand here watch and we can see play down. There got him hes been down to hes, not down who shot me this guy going for the republic i didnt get down. He survived hes chucking these hes trying to get me there. You go outplayed, get that very nice, very nice, other guy didnt die. Did that guy die out. He did lets heal up here. Oh thats enough to survive this, i better not lose. My biomass come on. Dont, let me lose my biomass against this. Ai thatd be the worst way to go out. Oh, i thought its right here. Can we go find this respawn before they actually get the full respawn? It could be anywhere. It literally could be anywhere and its gon na be impossible to actually tell where it could be. I dont see it here so thats. One thing to know it could be in any of these compounds, so there are a couple of positions where they can actually go for respawn, so im going to try and hunt them down before they get to that position.

It could be right around here, too. Does double check not is there no response here? I dont remember all the positions. No, it might be that compound down there cuz hes waiting for it. The person is waiting for it. There you go its down there, its back, oh its right here. Its right here guarantee kill, guarantee, kill dead. I win my signal wins this. I was ready for this. Go nice easy claim, easy victory, making sure we win that game because theyre pretty close to the end of that mission, we have to make sure we held that down nice and easy and you get a clean outro for the predator, loving it loving it. So that is practical underground at its finest, its so much fun, and we pretty much max love in this game. Quite extraordinary weve played this game for such a long time on the channel, but i just want to make sure you mates know about it. You can download the game on september, 2nd 3rd or the month of september, with playstation plus for your playstation, 4 or playstation 5 to get the game for absolutely free. That is amazing, and i just want the mates to know about that. This will be a whole bunch of mates playing the game very very soon in the month of september, so thats, something i want to tell you guys before. That does happen, so i dont feel, like many people have covered that yet so that was really cool to see but mates tell me your opinions and thoughts in the comment section down below.

Do you think this is about time or do you think the game should be free to play on all platforms continuously? Tell me please and thoughts in the comment section down below and as always mates its a pleasure to have you guys on the channel as go through this and ill catch. You mates next time, bye, wrote 100k.

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