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Aaron here for Zollotech and today apple released iOS15 beta 8 to developers.. This is available now to all developers around the world. At the same time, thats running the beta program, and hopefully it will be out to public beta testers soon. Last week with beta seven it released about the time I released this video, but if its not out By now, by the time, youre watching this, you can expect at the latest, sometime tomorrow. Thats, what they typically do., Now. Youll see. This came in at 529.1, megabytes. Thats on my iPhone 12 pro max, and it was between 400 to 500 megabytes on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 6S plus., Along with this apple, also released iPadOS 15 beta 8 that I have on my 12.9 inch iPad pro from 2021, along with tvOS15 beta 8 watchOS, 8 beta 8, and yesterday they released macOS Monterrey, beta six., So its a few betas behind and well talk about that. Maybe in a different video but lets first talk about the build number and then take a look at whats. New. So well go to settings then well, go to general, then about now.. You can see the build number is 19a53408 and this particular build ending in an A just means that its very stable and were getting closer to a final release. Ill talk about when to expect iOS 15 releasing to the public in a little bit. But as far as new changes in features, the first thing is this version does not.

. I have a new modem firmware update.. So if youre coming from beta seven and you were having 4g or 5g or LTE connectivity issues or switching between the different versions, there is no update, at least on the 12 pro max.. So that is not probably going to be any better than it was before. But so far its been great for me with the previous few betas prior to them, updating it is when I had some issues. Now it seems to be working just fine. Now as far as new features and changes. The first thing is, if youre using the iTunes? U application so you have iTunes, you installed, theyve made a change to the settings.. Now iTunes? U is going to be discontinued at the end of 2021, but it was updated either way.. So if you go into your settings and then you go down to iTunes, you again, you will need to have this installed. Go to iTunes.. You youll see that it has Siri and search notifications, cellular data and sync notes.. If we take a look at the previous version with beta seven, its a little bit different on the left, with beta seven, where we dont have cellular and data or cellular data and notifications has been updated, a little bit.. This is not a huge change, but it is something worth noting. Now also if youre using custom domain aliases in iCloud. This is a new feature.. If youre using the new iCloud features, iCloud plus and youll use a custom domain, you can get that on the website.

The custom domain on the beta of And if you set up a custom domain for email, those aliases are now showing.. When you go to send an email. This was found by a user on Reddit.. So if youre sending an email, that option will be there with the new email and domain name.. Now there was a change when you go into TV for the first time: theres a new splash screen., So its nothing huge, but it says apple, originals and shared with you at this popped up on every device here.. So its a new splash screen that were seeing here as well. And along with this apple also released an air tags firmware update.. So, as far as features theres not a whole lot going on in beta eight as weve gotten more and more stable and closer to a final version, Ill talk about resolved issues and remaining bugs and just a moment. But they did release a firmware update for air tags. Again recently they released one. Now theyve released another one. And the only way to update this as sort of just let it update. And theyve. Given you the option to see the update in find my but theres no way to initiate the update., So if you go into find by at the top, you can see the firmware version currently on. My air tag is dot. 2. 7. 6. Theres a new one that is dot, 2 9.

1.. What it does or specifically why theyve updated.? It is hard to say, but there is an update., So it will update in the background when it can now an iPadOS 15 beta, 8 theres. No major changes., Just the ones I mentioned already, such as going into the apple TV, app youll, get the same. Splash screen. And there is no universal control, enabled just yet.. Now they didnt enable it on the Mac either., Although you can enable it using a terminal command and it will work between Macs but on the iPad.. If you go to general and then airplane handoff turn it off and back on, youll have keyboard or cursor, and the keyboard which weve had for a few betas, hinting that its coming soon., But so far its not on the iPad.. So universal control is not here. Yet., Hopefully it will be here in the near future. Now as far as resolved issues or things that they fixed. They have zero mentioned in this update.. That doesnt mean they havent fixed anything but theres, nothing that theyve mentioned specifically that they fixed in this update.. So if you were having issues with Twitter, although Twitter is not crashed on me yet since installing beta eight, that could be a Twitter update., But again its still something that we have to give a few days to know. If its going to continue to have issues. But as far as any other resolved issues I havent had anyone mentioned that we have green tint or anything like that, but that doesnt mean it has been resolved since they havent specifically mentioned it.

. So theres still some issues that are remaining in this update.. In fact they they mentioned 26 known issues or bugs that still remain. And again that storage bug is still present for some.. So if you go into settings and then you go to general and then you go to your storage, your iPhone storage, some people are seeing excessive use of their storage. Youll, see its showing Im only using 29.2 gigabytes of 256 gigabytes. And thats, not technically accurate.. This will recalculate, but its still an issue for certain apps., So sometimes it shows a much larger number than what Im actually using. There. We go. It filled in and at the bottom you can see. Ios is using 7.77 nine gigabytes and system. Datas not really using any according to this, but theres odd storage bugs throughout and many people are still reporting this. So be sure to report that in feedback, if youre having that banking apps are still going to be an Issue for some, depending on your bank, where youre located and whether or not theyve updated their app.. But as we get closer to the final version, they can submit their apps with the updated code with iOS 15 and those should be resolved.. Carplay will still be an issue for some. I dont know if this is related to the specific manufacturer, whether that be Honda, Toyota, BMW Mercedes., If youre having issues with that, I hear more from Honda right now, where theyre having issues with CarPlay but right now there still seems to be some issues for some, Not everyone though.

. Now that leads me to, should you install iOS 15 beta eight And, if youre on beta, seven theres, not really any reason, not to., And even if youre, on the public versions. Ive said for the last three versions: it seems to be stable enough for most as long as you have a backup and are aware that you need a computer to go back to a previous version.. So if you have those things and youre willing to maybe wipe the device to restore to a previous version, then its safe to try it out.. If not, then I would hold off until the final release and when to expect iOS 15 releasing to the public.. Well next week, I would expect them to send out invites for the iPhone 13 event with maybe having the event on the 13th or 14th of September. Based on that, we could expect iOS 15 somewhere in the middle or next week in September., So middle of September, or the following week, where we would have a final release based off what they do year over year.. So we could see iOS 15, then, along with the new apple event., And then also, I would expect iOS 15 beta nine or release candidate on either next Tuesday or next Wednesday, thats. Typically, what apple does, as they get ready to that final to release that final version to everybody, else.? So look for that fairly soon.. Now, as far as battery life battery life takes a few days to measure.

So Im just going to show you my battery life from beta seven since its okay., Its nothing phenomenal, but it seems to be okay. Depending on who you are. Youll see my battery health is at 94.. The updates dont make this go down at all.. They just simply recheck, and this is what it was before for me and has been for the past few versions. And youll see. Yesterday. I had two hours and 23 minutes of screen on time: five hours and 40 minutes of screen off time. And today Ive had three hours and three minutes of screen on time. Two hours and 31 minutes of screen off time. Youll see Ive used about 40. Of my battery 30 to 40, which means, if we double or triple this, were getting six to nine hours of screen on time. Thats, pretty good, especially for the betas., And I would expect it to be right up there with the eight to 10 to 12 hours Of screen on time, by the time it releases to the public., So that seems to be what I would expect as far as overall performance., The overall performance seems to be pretty smooth.. I havent had any real lockups anything since installing it again its brand new, so Ill have to use it for a few days., And I have a up on Sunday.. I usually do., And this is pretty smooth just going into the app library.. If we go into music that opened incredibly fast, the first time I opened it on a 6S plus.

, So it seems to be doing okay.. However, the overall geek bench scores actually are a little bit lower or about the same.. So if we take a look at those youll see on my iPhone 12 pro max, I had 1590 for single core 4058 for multi core.. If we take a look at the history, I ran it a couple of different times and got the same. Scores. So. Youll see Im a little bit lower by one. Point on single core and about almost 70 to 80 lower on multi core, but this doesnt really show the overall usage of the device.. It just gives a general idea., So lets take a look at all of these devices, so you can compare what you have from left to right. Youll see. I have the iPad pro 12.9 from 2021, followed by the iPhone success, plus the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 pro max. And again. This is just to give you a general idea of what to expect. So with iOS 15 beta eight, as we get closer to the final release, theres going to be less and less changes. And theyre just going to work on bugs from here on out.. So there might be some small visual changes.. Some people have mentioned visual changes in the app switcher with maybe some of the corners changed a little bit and where theyve moved some of the texts, but very minor changes with this update., And once we get to the release candidate, thats sort of locked in until Ios 15.

1, where well, probably see share, play re, enabled and things like that. As far as iOS 14.8 Im thinking at this point maybe well never see one.. Some people were saying we should see it. Already., Maybe well see it with just the ability to add security updates or apple could have scrapped it altogether. We havent seen it now. Its possible.. We could see it this week, but if we dont see it in a couple of weeks, maybe well never see it.. We just dont know at this point., So Im not sure if well see that, but hopefully well see something for those that want to stay on iOS 4. But let me know what youre looking most forward to at the upcoming apple event. And, if theres anything else that you found in iOS 15 beta eight Id love to hear from you in the comments below.. If youd like to get your hands on this wallpaper. Of course, Ill link it in the description like I normally do. And if you havent subscribed already please subscribe. And if you enjoyed the video, please give it a like as always. Thanks for watching.. This is Aaron. Ill.

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