Apple, App Store Now ILLEGAL In South Korea! A BIG Win For Epic Games And Fortnite

You may recall this was a big deal with the whole epic versus apple lawsuit, which is currently still ongoing, where epic decided that it wasnt fair for apple to decide what payment processor, the customers or epic were using, and so they uploaded their own payment alternative. In violation of apples terms of service and was thusly immediately, yetus deleters off the platform which has set in motion a whole large scale, lawsuit trying to argue that no apple has no right to enforce what payment processes you can and cannot use. This has now been put in law in korea or well its about to be. It just needs to be signed by the president, and apparently his party was one of the main forces pushing for it, so that is essentially just a little triviality, its going to happen, and then what is gon na happen to apple. So one of the big reasons why this was such a big deal for apple and, incidentally, as well – apple arent. Of course, the only ones with an app store – and this goes for anyone with an app store – is that one of the primary ways they used to monetize their platform was by taking a fee on every transaction on the platform. So if you wanted to give a hundred bucks to uh fortnight, for example, for a martin luther king costume or some such lunacy, and may i just sidetrack for a second here and say a martin luther king event in fortnite.

Is that really the right place? A time magazine sponsored one as well time magazine is lets face it practically a propaganda outlet like most mainstream media. These days, frankly and unsurprisingly, the children in a childrens battle, royal shooter game, acted dum da dum, like children and disrespected their heck out of the event shock and surprise, and since, of course, martin luther king. Through no fault of his own mind you. He was a great man, has now been absorbed as an icon of a certain movement that cannot and will not be criticized much less mocked. Epic, of course, had to remove all emotes, and there was also some words about banning people as well, for using emotes in a video game. When has the world come through to anywho? What this is gon na do is, if you give a hundred bucks to fortnite as little as they do deserve it back in the day. Apple would then take a slice off the top of that, and that slice could be pretty damn substantial. There was one um commission fee which could reach up to 30 percent right here, like thats a hefty fee and thats one of the fees that, of course, epic is fighting against as well as steam. Also famously take a 30 cut. Its a lot of money hell youtube, takes a 30 cut of super chats as well. It seems to be just a thing that they can apparently get away with, but no longer now, of course, if epic wanted to do so in south korea, they could upload their app onto an app store and a platform and say all right, heres one payment option: Heres the other payment option and if their payment option takes no fees, a hundred percent of the money goes straight to developer and the platform takes thirty percent.

Well, in the hundred bucks example, you as a consumer will now have the option between a hundred dollars or paying a hundred and thirty dollars, Music, which one do you think youll choose uh yeah its its pretty obvious there, and this leads us on to the interesting Point doesnt it uh this article here is fairly short missed. It just outlines the news, which is a welcome goddamn, rarity in this day and age, whilst also asking the question. What do you think about this, and that is the interesting thing isnt it because on the one hand, in the case of the the the apple app store they have made all of it. Theyve made the software theyve made the application around it. Theyve even made the device upon which the application is delivered, theyve made all of it. Theyve made all of the infrastructure and theyve made everything that makes it possible. I do believe that it is just that they do get a certain slice, then of transaction that goes on on their platform. Just as a way to you know, pay server fees basically and a way to pay back the investment they put into making it because, of course, being able to make money off. Something you make, unsurprisingly, is a pretty damn key incentive in making sure that people actually make stuff. But there is a limit to this and it is a monopoly if you own everything around it, and yet you are apple, one of the largest most leading developers in this field.

You are a monopoly and hey ill, extend this argument to google and everyone else as well, and i would like to extend it far beyond just app stores. If you are a monopoly, you should be heavily restricted in what you are allowed to do. Perhaps a blanket ban on payment processing is not the way. Perhaps a certain fee might be better. Okay apple, you get to make x amount of percentage of the top, and after that percentage you are not allowed to enforce your requirement of payment processor. So you get to take um, say five to ten percent right. Anything above that you have to give the consumer an option. Maybe that can be a way i dont know, because this is one of those things that we just we developed all of our systems. For for copyright for patent for ownership over certain things, how even our basic ideas of monopolies were based on something very different to todays, modern tech, environment? Theoretically, speaking by the strictest meaning of a monopoly? Google isnt a monopoly because there are other services that offer search engines that offer advertisement that offer app store stuff like that theyre, not a monopoly. In the you know, good old fashioned, technical sense of the word, but in reality they absolutely are they own 90 of the searches made on mobile devices. That is a monopoly. You cannot get around them. They own such a ginormous chunk of the advertising market that they can bully anyone else around with absolute imperviousness.

If google pulls your ads youre done, where else are you gon na go again? I do need to make that whole alternatives need to start becoming competitors. Video at some point, but like youtube as well, youtube is a monopoly. No one is competing with youtube because nobody really can compete with youtube because they cant monetize. If they cant monetize, they cant bring over the creators if they cant bring over the greatest, they cant bring over the audience, and if they cant bring over the audience, they cant bring all the advertisers, and so it goes in perpetuity. It is a big problem, and this as imperfect as it may be, is one of the starting steps to fix that it is a government going in and saying all right, this isnt a monopoly by the most technical aspect of the law, but this cant be allowed To continue this way, it is stifling creativity, it is stifling competition and we do need to open up this marketplace and we need to lower the barrier to entry and we frankly need to siphon off some resources from these ginormous companies really apple doesnt deserve 30 percent. Even though they made everything required to get that 30 percent theyre, frankly too big at this point to be allowed it. This is the wolf thing with anti trust as well, which i hope. Well, the thing is: antitrust was getting some decent traction in the u.s, but you know, then the thing were not allowed to talk about happened and ever since silence weird strange mystifistical.

Indeed, though, there has been some pushes in america a bipartisan bill, targets, apple and googles ability to profit from app stores. Essentially, this is a us attempt to do more or less the same kind of thing that has now happened in south korea, and i do hope it gets traction, though again in the us. You need broader things than this. There has also been some um some competitive attempts as well um. I dont recall the name of the governmental entity, but its the body that oversees uh mergers through various companies and to make sure that no single company gets too large. You know if 25 of the business and another 25 of the market join hands. Theoretically, that shouldnt be allowed to happen, but with stuff like facebook and instagram etc. It has which is a big problem, and is why now many of these purchases are being investigated again, it is heartening to see that more and more big tech is getting challenged. Im just hoping that um, oh amongst theory, has always been big. Tech is screwing me now, whilst the government is merely a potential screwing in the waiting, i just hope we avoid affirmation stirring. Nevertheless, congratulations, south korea, you may in fact be best despite uh, despite my objections. After all, in war game red dragon, we all know who best korea is. North korea may not have much in the way of tanks or airplanes or helicopters or anything useful, but they have lots of dudes and thats always fun in the strategy game, at least until next time i have been art.

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