Apple, App Store Will the U.S. crack down on Apple and Google, following in South Korea's footsteps?

For us, we are always talking about anti trust penalties rulings. However, it never seems to be in focus for investors, at least as we continue to see big tech apple included, hit all time highs. Yeah, i think the the quote that i keep thinking about here is the famous jeff bezos line. Your margin is my opportunity. This margin for apple and google is huge, its been driving both these companies for years and years now, and that margin is going to start getting redistributed back to app companies and app vendors. Who are going to be able to take some of that 30. That theyve been paying to apple, put it back into their own products, potentially back to their investors. I think thats a huge deal. I think this south korean regulation is just the first were going to see worldwide and i think a lot of countries are going to see how it plays out before taking similar action. And what about here in the us neelay? How closely are they watching, and i know that there is something similar being considered over here, so you think that this is sort of just the first step were going to see a domino effect from here on out. Oh, i think this 30 rate for both these companies is dead in the water around the world. I think here in the us it depends on how a lot of things go theres a lot of dominoes. I dont know what order theyre going to be in theres.

The epic uh trial against apple, which is going to come to a verdict soon that will obviously get appealed in either direction. Theres also the case against google from epic, which uh the complaint was unsealed weve learned a lot about how google manages the play store at one point, they were even considering buying epic to shut down this competition. As more and more of that evidence comes to light. The regulators in the united states are taking a hard look and there are those bills in congress. They seem like theyre moving along slowly, theres. Quite a lot happening otherwise to this tractor government right now, but those bills are on track. So i think i dont know in what order a verdict: the google lawsuit congress congressional action is going to take place, but its happening – and i think fundamentally, this is good for these companies themselves, its good for apple and google, because the way for them to win Is to start to compete again, providing services to developers its so interesting as we wait for these uh, these dominoes to fall, as you put it, and one of those bills in congress. One of those bipartisan bills does have a lot of the pieces that this south korean law has, and i think its worth, noting that that is in play here. When you say this is going to help apple and google im wondering what you mean by mean by that in terms of competition and how you see them reacting, maybe proactively, as they await more of those dominoes to fall.

We saw apple. Do the settlement in the class action suit last week? Do you expect apple and google to make more concessions ahead of more legislative action? Uh? You know i dont know if that settlement was a concession at all, but i do think its emblematic of the steps apple thinks it can take versus the steps it should take. So apple put out a press release that theyre settling this lawsuit. They paid all the lawyers got paid, lawyers are very good at getting paid, app developers got fundamentally nothing and i think youre, seeing with developers in particular just a rising swell of antipathy towards apple towards google. If these companies dont have great developers who want to build great experiences for their apps, these phones effectively just turn into shopping malls. And i think a big question for all of us is whether we want to have our own computers or someone elses shopping malls. And for apple to maintain its brand image to maintain that pride of place, the american tech ecosystem, i think they have to make sure developers are on their side and the way to do that is to be pushed into competing. You know flip side of this. I mean its interesting its a decade, two of these app stores – and you know it was great for the first decade, everybody was excited now theyre like wait, a minute, a little bit much control and take from the operators here.

The flip side of this is that, in a lot of ways, these app stores are working better than the pc equivalent and software distribution, which was all kinds of buggy and unsafe. So do these companies have enough different options. I mean apple and google specifically of levers to pull in order to maintain enough influence over their ecosystems to build and build profitably from here yeah. I think they do. You know the one argument that never resonates with me from big time. Companies is when they tell me, theyre, not smart enough to figure something out. I think theyre smart enough to figure it out. They figured it out on the mac. They figured it out on windows to a large extent. Actually, they figured out an android which does support additional app stores in the side. Loading of third party binaries theres a lot of ways to to maintain the security while providing things as simple as third party payment options.

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