Apple, Apple electric car project, Toyota GTA on a GOLF CART! Risking Lives for Salt & Vinegar Chips! (FV Family Isle of Palms Vlog)

Music whats wrong with you. No you cant, never Music! I hit 70 on a 35, the other day were gon na die. Hey guys, you guys trust your aunt. You press the gas. Oh, this is like skirt thats fast. I want to go faster, stop doing that. Are you sure you got this because it could be scary? Am i sure i got this? Am i hiding theyre all like what happened? Did i do something yeah? You like whipped around the corner and the whole thing was like or actually tip over wouldnt it. It couldnt, you guys, all just fell out of the gauntlet lets keep laughing yeah. This is how we have to go. Oh wait. Can you go that way? Yo people are doing it just do it just do it Music. What if this is just for, like big huge fat bicycle tires and two people are driving side by side, dang thats funny like when i, when i heard that joke i was like we like, maybe switch drivers. No, oh my god, Laughter Music, a little faster youre. Only going 16. can you at least go your age. Better! Save this sorry, no, no! Its just like okay, its just like a regular car, okay, youre freaking out for absolutely no reason. Im 100 fine Laughter lets go. I just find a spot. What do you think im doing seriously? What do you think im doing wait? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait these dog cages, we can put you in there.

Oh really you mean it. Why would you do that to me? Okay, press turn. The take the key out there. You go thats it guys. How much is this? Oh, my god, hes 11.99 well thats a 24 inch booty board. What is it bodyboard, no its bodhi. So why did we go through that whole, like almost life, changing jeopardy experience just to get salt and vinegar chips? Wheres, my potato chips, oh, were not having chips tonight, munchkin! Sorry! I want my chips. No, i dont even know why careful holy mack truck im so glad you picked a great time to get salt and vinegar chips. Cause. Look at this weve got delta variant lines over here right. The line goes back there seriously. Dude. Look at that. What is going on, i wan na ask you: do you guys see the line? Yeah go see the line, oh my god, hes roaring right now. No, not the lions. The line. Oh go, go see the we lions took a 20 minute trip in a golf cart to get salt and vinegar chips to have a line of 400 people. We dont even got to buy nothing, though, like i mean heres here, im feeling very rectangular today, youre feeling, like spongebob square shirt, verona ice cream, thats your favorite ice cream. I think its our strawberry look, thats just the way my head looks. Unfortunately, why are you doing it from below? You have to get the sticks head, thats, how you know the earths not flat, go pick out.

Your sewing, vinegar chips, theres a line in the store, but we dont know what for its a line. What are you doing? Okay, nothing express checkout is now a relative statement. Here we go got, you saw him vinegar chip we got him help is on the way, its time for you to scream help in the store again, oh youre, good, youre good. I call not driving all right. Thank god, say cheese before i get a ticket, something about this doesnt feel legal Music hold him by his ear. Yeah lets practice. Yeah there you go, let us see yeah that should be good yeah. That should be good. This is the only reason why were here not now. No, i know we just have to like thats our mascot. We just have to drive with it. Are we ready? Why are you facing it backwards? No, we need it. We need everybody to see this isnt sponsored. Oh, that was very, very funny: Music shes going to steal aloe vera shes legit, going to steal aloe vera – i heidi, oh, my god, its not poisonous but youre gon na. Oh, my god howd you like. If someone came to your house and stole your daffodils guys lets leave Applause, Music, break dont, let her go in im back one hour later nobodys here. Why is there theres a leg underneath the rat like youre on a dead body? Oh, never mind bro! Maybe someone threw a marker again that was funny Laughter and now a word from fgtv.

You wish your boy does and im here to tell you about our new book. Fgtv saves the world thats pretty cool right. If you liked our first book Applause, you are gon na love. This the whole of the tv family is back for a brand new adventure. Oh thank you. Sean watch as we take on the evil, colonel corn and hes got other evil henchmen too hey. Where are you going? You got to pick up a copy of our new book. Fgtv saves the world right here at target its my favorite store this place. I love target. Yes, you know i do thanks for watching, have a fun day. Music.

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