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Well, he says scotty youre, always pissed about something. No im, not you dont understand. I analyze things. My wife says that too you know you always look at the bad side. I fix cars for a living. Therefore, i spend my life looking for problems, so what do i do when i see a car? I look for problems in cars. How theyre made tools? Are they good? Are they bad theres good stuff out there, but the reason you see me being peed off a lot is because our society has gone insane lately with this pc nonsense and people have lost their minds and you just give money away forever print out as much as You want like its leaves on a tree. No people need to be responsible for the actions that they do and people are getting further and further away from being responsible for their own actions and thats the wrong way. I just read ford theyre going to buy off early retirement to a thousand of their workers and they say its because were modernizing not it and make everything work great right, no theyre doing it because they have to pay the older workers more. They want them to retire, so they can hire younger people and pay them less, and that makes me mad because they used to make great cars and the qualitys been going downhill for all of them for a while, because theyre cutting corners too much and its not A good thing: eventually, it comes home to roost if everything we have is made out of crap and breaks down after a few months of use.

Hey i dont go for that stuff people that make it maybe they do, but i dont, i think most people want to get value for their money and not as neil young once sung about all the stuff in our society. It was a piece of crap. Well, theres a lot of crap out there and im warning people not to buy it. If i see it and discover it im going to tell you novaris cruz says girl scotty. I got a toyota matrix 06 with 300 000 plus kilometers. How many kilometers do you think i have left in the car were in the united states? Where are you kilometers, youre, probably in canada, right well, so whats that, like 160 000 miles, ive seen him with 400 000 miles? Not kilometers miles got a lot of life. Probably left on that thing realize your toyota matrix yeah. They called toyota originally theyre called toyota corolla matrix theyre, just corollas on a different body style same engine transmission brakes all that stuff right. They can run forever. Take care of it change. Your oil regularly change your coolant once every five six years, because its got that toyota coolant the pink stuff itll. Last a long time you made a good decision buying it. Jimmy anderson says i got a 99 gmc z71. My ac fuse keeps blowing your fuse balls for your ac. You got a problem in the ac system, unfortunately theres all kinds of wirings and switches and everything else on it.

Heres. The first thing i advise you to do go to where the ac compressor is where the fan belt drives. It theres a plug there thats the power plug unplug it. If you unplug it, you put that fuse back in and turn it on now. Of course, the ac will not blow cold. You turn it on the fan blows, driving around 10 20 minutes doesnt blow the fuse. You know your compressor is bad now, theoretically, that can be a bad ac clutch on the compressor, theres the compressor and then the clutch bolts on the front. But i never advise replacing just the compressor clutch, replace the entire assembly compressor and clutch assembly as a unit get a new one, because the reason the clutches generally go bad is because the compressor is weak and if the clutch is gone and you put a new Clutch on which is expensive and a big job right away, or sometimes within a few months, thatll break again, because the compressor is worn and it makes it strain the clutch and it burns out so thats how you test it now lets say you unplug it in A few still blows any of the wires that go between the battery the switch, the computer and the relay the ac relay that sends 12 volts and turns the compressor on. I know its illinois, its a compressor, so vibes incorporated, said scotty. What do you think about? A 2000 dodge dakota rt 5.

9 magnum im, not a dodge fan by any stretch of the imagination, but that is a 2000. They were better made down its 22 years old, so youd want a mechanic to check it out before you buy it. But if he says okay, it could be a very good truck. I had a guy bring me a 99 1500 silverado the other day i dont like the new silverados, but in 99, and he got real lucky. He found one from a little old lady that was sitting in a barn and it only had a hundred thousand miles on it. The seats were immaculate, not cracked or anything, five thousand five hundred dollars for it, but still it was in excellent shape and he loves the truck so back in the day as long as theyre, not four or five hundred thousand miles, they can be great trucks. They can still last quite some time the new ones no lmac says i got a lexus. Ls430. 2001. I need suspension work. What order should i replace the suspension all right? Well, the obvious thing is anything thats physically worn and has play you jack it up. You pull the front wheels and go clunk or clunk out like that means. You probably need tie rods. If you pick the top and the bottom, it goes clunker clunker you need ball. Joints fix that lets, say theres no clunker clunker. Well. That would mean that your struts are worn out theres four struts two in the front two in the back, that has the engine in the front and its rear wheel drive.

So i would change the front struts first, because a lot of times change the front once it rods. Fine, you leave the back ones on ive seen lexus had 400 000 miles on it. The rear struts are still original and they replaced the front once so. You can always add more, why buy all four put the two front in and it works great yeah. If not, then change the back ones later, doesnt cost anymore youre not doing any extra work cause the front is the front and the back is the back gt, says scotty. How do i know when its time to replace the clutch on my car? If you cant get it into gear, when youre starting up grinds, it usually means the clutch is worn. Unless your clutch pedal is soft, if its soft, it means your clutch master, cylinder, clutch slave cylinders, leak in and replace that and that doesnt cost that much money on most cars. The biggest thing is clutch slippage. So what you want to do is going 30 miles. An hour lets say: put it in fourth gear and floor it. If you see your rpms, you go real fast, but it doesnt accelerate very well. That means the clutch is slipping. The plates are wearing theyre, getting thin and its time to replace it. Take my advice: if youre going to change the clutch in your car, dont say well ill buy this part that buy the entire clutch kit.

You can get aftermarket clutch kits that are great for 100, something bucks with all the parts. It costs a ton of money and if you do it yourself its an awful lot of work pulling off the transmission youre going to go through that much work replace all the parts, then you have to think about it for years, dont, like some guy, said well, The throw out, bearing was bad, so i changed it and then six months later it starts slipping. No, you take it all. Apart, replace all the parts iran says scotty. What do you think of the 2021 toyota hilux with the 2.4 diesel engine? Should i consider it, of course they dont sell those in the united states. Those are excellent trucks and also excellent engines. Now youre talking about a brand new truck right by a toyota brand new truck its going to last you an awful lot of time. If you dont mind the price you want somethings going to last go ahead and buy that truck those things can run and run and run and run. I dont sell them in the united states, but i got friends in australia with them. They go in the outback. Chasing after kangaroos they drive the heck out of those things. I got a guy. You know hes got 500 000 miles on this, so theyre excellent trucks. If you dont mind the price its jorah says scotty, what do you drive? Well, i drive my wife insane.

Most of the time, if youre talking about vehicles, we got a 2007 matrix. We got a 2001 lexus es 300 thats, a great car. I got my 94 toyota celica. I got a triumph, thruxton motorcycle and a suzuki katana, but its got a gixxer 750 engine and its screaming fast. Those are the my vehicles that we drive around. Of course, since theres two of us theres all those vehicles, a lot of them sit in an awful long period of time. My brother in law stopped by from texas and he looked, he says: hey look. Why did you buy a new car? You heard those cars for years. I said: hey, look, they still look new. What do i care and they run great? He doesnt fix cars, so he buys new cars when they get a hundred something thousand miles on it, and i mean hes, not dumb. Theyve always had uh toyotas. They got a honda crv now and thats a great vehicle. I mean hes smart. He buys the right vehicles. He just gets rid of him too soon. He can keep him a lot longer than what he does. James self says scotty. When do you change shocks on a vehicle, easy question, when theyre worn out okay, you want to know how theyre worn out, if it bounces too much a simple easy check, is parked in your driveway with the emergency brake on push on the back of the car. You know if you weigh like me: 185 200 pounds push on it or get a couple of guys and if you push on you, let go in a bouncy.

Bouncy bounce theyre, worn out do the same in the front. Thats a good static test, the best dynamic test is take it on a highway. If it goes straight perfectly straight, but then you hit a bump and it starts bouncing around theyre, worn out thats one of the best ways or if you corner and it starts swaying around theyre, worn out and if you get a flashlight nice bright. One like this look inside the struts, you see the springs. If you see oil means theyre starting to go out, theyre full of oil and if the oils leaking out theyre starting to wear im better to change them sooner than later, just dont ask a crooked mechanic to check, because a lot of times theyll have a can Of spray or theyll spray it like look its leaking oil. You need new ones, so check it yourself, youre not going to rip yourself off right 10 pieces scotty, my 2010 rav4 200, 6 000 kilometers has cool ac, not cold. Does it need a top up? Im? Sure it does, i did my sons when we went to rhode island hes got a corolla and he said its not working right. I didnt bring my ac tools with me. I just went to an oreilly, auto parts store a mile away and i got one of those cans that has a built in gauge right and i put it on. I could see the pressure was low and theyre cool.

You push the button and it edge. You watch the pressure when the pressure went up to about 35 psi. It was freezing cold inside and then he was all happy plus it still had. Half of that can left. So he said if it gets low in another three or four years now. You know. Do it yourself so yeah all cars leak refrigerant over time they have to because the compressors spin on a belt so theres a shaft that goes in a compressor. The shaft has to have a seal to seal the compressor to seal all the gas inside its a rubber seal. If that was a perfect seal, it would run dry spin it on a shaft that would burn out and it would all leak out so its made to leak a little bit so a little bit of refrigerant and ac oil lubricates it so over time. They all leak somewhat toyotas. They might go 10 years without needing a top up. Hondas generally theyll go four or five, and then they need to top up, but they all eventually need some kind of top up. Texas native says hello, scott youre, getting a 2016 4runner with the all time four wheel drive. What are your thoughts on their system when a forerunner, well ive never seen one break, so they must say something. You know i mean the four runners are for runners, theyre full frame theyre all still made in japan. They really work.

Well, if you dont mind the slightly lower gas mileage thats, one of the best systems to go, because i personally never seen one ever break and toyota knows what theyre doing with those things. If thats what you want its a good pick.

What do you think?

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