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Nobody appears to know if it is only rumors or if apple is truly hiring engineers. For an autonomous undertaking apple, never stops astounding the world, hey everyone and welcome back to our channel. Today we will be talking about some of the latest updates about apples, newest invention, make sure you stay tuned till number one so as to ensure that you dont miss the most recent update about the apple car number. Eight self driving system apple is working on a self driving shuttle service called pale, an acronym for palo alto to infinite loop. The shuttle program will transport employees between apples, offices and silicon valley. Apple is partnering with volkswagen and will be installing its self driving software and volkswagen t6 transporter vans to serve as an employee shuttle kept under the project. Titan name due to its closeness to the original car design concept. Apples work on self driving vehicle systems has been the most prominent element of the entire scheme. Unlike the designs which are brought up in patent files and rumors, it is actively known that apple has developed and tested a self driving system, one that has appeared in public filings with government regulators and has even been spotted on public roads. As of january 2018. The state of california permitted apple to have 27 self driving cars running on public roads. Apple was registered with a california dmv to bring the fleet up to 66 cars before peaking at 72 vehicles and 144 drivers in november 2018.

. Number seven apple car design. Patents, since apple is one of a kind and ensures to bring unique ideas. It also steps into redesigning essential concepts and vehicular design, rethinking basic elements and unusual ways. The sunroof of an apple car could be set to slide a large glass panel, but in such a way that it remains central despite the car framework and tracks diverting away in non parallel lines. A multi, segmented, sunroof, with independent sliding and lifting sections has also been proposed. A headlight system could highlight root hazards for drivers such as by using an illuminated indicator shown next to an obstacle, or specifically illuminating sections of the road. An anti glare system for the windscreen could protect drivers from bright lights by dimming or blocking out parts of the glass while leaving the rest, transparent. Continuing the theme of lights apple has suggested alternative ways to illuminate the inside of a car. These have ranged from fiber optic systems to an interior lighting system using band pass filters to offer privacy by making it hard for onlookers to see into a vehicle. True tone technology borrowed from other apple hardware could also be employed to ensure that there is even internal lighting inside of the car. The seats and seat belts have received particular attention from apple, such as the use of a smart seat belt that could control carplay devices. Illuminated seats could inform users of how to adjust them for comfort or simply to buckle up number six.

Shell companies apple is believed to be working on the secret automotive project at a facility known as sg5 in sunnyvale california. Under the cover of a shell company named 68 research, according to reports as of 2016 apple, seems to be scaling back on the project to focus on self driving technology, specifically giving it the opportunity to either partner with an existing automaker or return to developing the apple Car later on, an investigation confirmed that apple did indeed have a large presence at the location and numerous automotive related renovations, including an auto work area and a repair garage that was constructed at the premises. At least one neighbor complained about motor noises late at night. The facility may have also been the site of more construction work following one report from may 2019, claiming that apple was building very large drive rooms. Financial analyst, craig owen of roth capital partners, declared this as evidence that project titan is absolutely not dead, with it being part of a substantial effort to create batteries and drive systems for a potential apple car. Though the concept of a drive room was not explained, it is likely the rooms could be used for the development of drive systems for vehicles and for battery system. Innovations apple reportedly picked up a 10 year lease for a mil possessed warehouse in october 2018.. The facility and industrial manufacturing space located at mccarthy creekside measures almost 314 000 square feet and is a single story.

Building it is unlikely the building will be used for manufacturing with r d and storage more likely uses, though the size does lend itself to the development of vehicles. Number five hires losses and layoffs. Hundreds of people on the project, titan team have either left on their own or been reassigned or cut following a crisis of confidence about the projects direction in 2016., the first round of layoffs is said to have hit in august 2016, followed by another in september. Over 120 software engineers working on a car, os and testing procedures were tossed and several hundred hardware engineers working on things like a chassis suspension and an undercarriage simply vanished. The remaining employees were said to be crafting not just self driving code but centers and simulators for real world testing. One big hire that came in 2016 was porsches. Race program lead alexander hitsinger, hissing alaska, to apple until 2019, when he was poached by volkswagen for its commercial vehicles, division for july 2019, apple, hired, former tesla engineering, vp, steve mcmanus, a long time, auto industry veteran mcmanus joined with the vague title of senior director, but It is probable that he is on the titan team number four criminal activity in july 2018, former apple employee xiaoling zhang, pleaded not guilty to accusations of trade theft. Specifically the theft of a 25 page schematic of a circuit board designed for use on autonomous vehicles. Zhang was a member of the project titan compute team apples, security team discovered unusual download activity involving confidential files when zhang handed in company issued tools, as he was leaving with the intention of moving to guangzhou and a position at chinese electric car startup ex motors.

Under questioning zhang, initially denied the allegations but later admitted to taking two circuit boards and a linux server, as well as air dropping files from company computers to his wifes notebook. A second employee was arrested in january 2019, with jizong chen found to have taken photographs of a secret work area and hoarding manuals diagrams and schematics on the project. Chen had applied for a job at a chinese self driving technology company and what appeared to be another case of trade theft. In december 2019, apple representatives appeared in federal court to ensure the two employees were closely monitored with the argument that they both posed flight risks. Number three possible partnerships rumors suggested that, under the partnership with hyundai hyundai mobis would be in charge of design and production for some apple car components and hyundai group affiliate kia would provide the us production line for apple cars. Apple allegedly approached nissan about a potential partnership, but negotiations were brief and did not make it up to executive levels due to disagreements over apple car specifics. The two companies clashed over the idea of a partnership with nissan worried that apple would downgrade it to a simple hardware. Supplier apple wants full control of the apple cars design, and software and nissan has said that it has no plans to change the way that it makes. Cars nissan has since confirmed that it is not in talks with apple number, two, the probable cost of an apple car.

The team suggested that the icar is likely to have a price tag of around 55 000, which translates to around 36 000 pounds at the time of riding. That makes it almost half the price of teslas model s in the uk, which could give the fruit chain company a much needed advantage in the electric car industry number one release: speculation apple was rumored to be planning to partner with hyundai for manufacturing the apple car.

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