Canon, Camera lens EOS R6 "One YEAR Later" REVIEW

Put your name email address in it, hit, send it, and i will send you that guide for free jared, polin, and its been one year since the canon eos r6 was announced. So how does it hold up? This is my review of the canon eos r6. One year later now, before i jump into the r6, i do want to let you know that i did release an r5 one year later review as well. Something id like you to keep in mind. Is that canon not only released the r6 and the r5 at the same time, but that it was less than two years after their first real mirrorless camera, the eos r? And we all know by now that the r was a solid first go. But it wasnt perfect. In fact, it was far from perfect in many ways, but it did allow canon to dip its toes in to the mirrorless waters. I always said and felt that at the time canon was the sleeper of the bunch and with the r5 and the r6 canon proved my feelings. Correct lets do a quick recap of the specs of the r6, the r6 houses, a 20 megapixel full frame sensor. Now this isnt, just any sensor this to the best of my knowledge, is the same or similar sensor inside the much more expensive flagship, canon 1dx mark iii. The r6 is capable of shooting 12 frames per second with the mechanical shutter and 20 frames per second with the electronic.

It includes a digi x processor, which is the same one found in the r5 and 1dx mark iii, theres built in sensor, stabilization, dual pixel autofocus for stills and video 4k video recording two sd card slots. Three inch flip out rotatable touch screen and more a good way to look at the r6. Is that its basically a 1dx mark iii in a smaller, lighter and less expensive mirrorless body? So how does it hold up after a year of use this camera flat out crushes? I could really end the review right now, but what fun would that be now as a stills camera, its fantastic sure, its only 20 megapixels, which, in this day and age doesnt, seem like a lot but keep in mind? The r6 basically has the guts of a 6500 camera theres always going to be trade offs, but the image quality is great across the board, whether you shoot at low iso or push the iso into the 10 000 range. Youre gon na get great results. Keep in mind, if youre a cropper, you wont be able to toss out as many pixels as you could with the 45 megapixel r5, but you still can make it happen if needed, and if you need or want more megapixels and you can drop an extra 1400 Bucks, you can have an r5 when it comes to autofocus. The r6 does not disappoint the iaf and lock on tracking, in my opinion, basically matches the af that youd find in sonys and, if youre wondering how it stacks up to the more expensive canon r5, the af, in both cameras are exactly the same.

I was blown away with how well the af track quarterbacks on the move running through different drills, its sticky, its accurate at a distance, and it frees you up to focus on composition and exposure and not moving focusing points, a case in point at the renaissance, fair. It locked onto the hawks eye and tracked it perfectly whether it was flying horizontally to me or directly at me. It hit just about every single time, as you can tell. I am beyond sold on the autofocus and after a year, and a few firmware updates its only gotten better. On the video front, the r6 is capable of shooting 4k uhd up to 60 frames per second, as well as 1080p, up to 120 frames per second. It includes amazing, dual pixel af that even lets you utilize iaf. The 4k is oversampled from 5.1 k, which gives you super sharp footage. The r5, on the other hand, allows you to shoot up to 8k video, as well as 4k, up to 120. Now its 4k hq is oversampled from 8k. We are actually recording with a few of the r5s, as well as the r6 right now, hello. R6. How are you youre the r6 thats right? The r6 is right there. Now. I need to mention that the r6 only offers ipb compression versus all i or raw that the r5 gives you now. This means you will have a smaller, more compressed file, but most people theyll never know the difference.

The r6 really is a true hybrid camera. Great with stills and great with video, so are there drawbacks to the camera? Sure theres always going to be some drawbacks with every camera. Now one, as i mentioned earlier, is that the sensor is only 20 megapixels and for some people thats a deal breaker now. For me, its not a deal breaker at all. The r6 delivers fantastic image quality and the ability to shoot at super high isos and come away with clean shots. Let me jump in here real quick, because i want to show you fro pack 3 in action on two photos taken with the canon r6. Starting with this one lets go to zoolander one click. This is what zoolander gives you followed by winnebago. That looks super cool on this photo. I think it works for this guy. Then weve got prestige worldwide, which is like a catch all for everything and finally, lets go to capone. Look how good capone looks on this image, but next i want to take you to this shot with the r6 and its not exactly exposed very well, but lets see what happens when we go to fro pack one and hit skittles. This is what happens when we hit skittles boom. It goes pop, but i think its a little overexposed. I can just pull back just a little bit now, if youre, looking to speed up your raw workflow or give yourself a great starting point, because dont forget its not over with the click of the button.

Sometimes you need to do tweaks. We created 15 all new custom, lightroom presets that you can check out right now at, fro pack 3., while youre over there. You can play with the sliders to see the befores and the afters and if you decide to pick them up right now they are on sale or if you want to get skittles from pro pack one. You can pick up the triple play: bundle with pro pack. One two and three and save even more now lets get back to the video. The evf of the r6 is a 3.69 million dot. Oled display versus the r5s 5.76 million dot one. Now this isnt a deal breaker either as the evf is still crystal clear because they probably had to shave some money off somewhere. Another downside would be the cost of rf glass. Canon has brought out some amazing rf pro lenses, but it comes at a price which may be prohibitive for some new shooters. They are working on less expensive options, but even their pro f4 lenses are fairly expensive. The good news is: if you have quality ef glass already, it will adapt very well with the ef to rf adapter if you can actually get one because theyre kind of sold out everywhere at the time of recording this now. Another downside when it comes to lenses is that theyre, currently no third party rf lenses from sigma or tamron, whereas with sony, theres, a ton of solid options, both expensive and inexpensive from tamron and sigma price, is also another downside now bear with me.

As i explain this because i think its worth every penny, but i think it should be at least 200 to 250 dollars less because the closer you can get to that 2k sweet spot, the more i think canon will sell, but at the end of the day, If youre making money with your gear, the few extra bucks will be made up quickly its those people who, as of right now, who dont do this for money that might be scared away at the higher price, even though its worth every single penny. Like i said now, there are rumors of less expensive, updated full frame r bodies, but well have to wait and see what cannon releases at the end of the day after being out for a full year, the r6 still holds up and will continue to hold up For years to come now, if youre, someone who has a lot of canon, ef, glass and youve, been waiting to go mirrorless, the r6 is a great option. If youre just jumping into photography and cant, see spending r5 money, the r6 is a great place to start. Just remember, lenses are one of the most important aspects of photography and they can be more expensive than the body itself if youre into nature, wildlife, sports, photography and even portraits the r6 will get more than the job done. If you want to do more than photography and get into video, the r6 will be a great choice.

Personally, i find myself grabbing the r5 over the r6, as i love having more megapixels at this point, but does that mean you shouldnt go with the r6? The answer is no not at all, i just so happen to have access to both now heres, how i look at it if youre someone who makes money as a wedding photographer a portrait shooter, a landscape photographer or even sports, for that matter, you can afford to Spend the extra money to take that step up to the r5, but if youre new and you dont have any glass at all, i rather see you go with the r6 and take the extra money that youre saving and put it into lenses. Remember, lenses live on far longer than bodies invest in good glass, no matter what canon absolutely knocked it out of the park with the r6 it holds up today and its going to hold up tomorrow. Jared polin froknowsphoto.

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