Destiny 2, Bungie Inc, Hotfix | NEW POWER FARM GLITCH! Easy INFINITE PINNACLE & EXOTIC Loot Fast! Season Of The Lost

The new season has finally arrived. Hopefully, everybodys been enjoying it and in todays video im going to be sharing with you, a method that will allow you to farm out infinite, pinnacle gear. This is the actual gear that will allow you to rank up to the new hard cap of 13 30.. We are not going to be discussing xp or bounty hoarding in this video that will be for another video that hopefully will accompany this one. But before i get into all that information, i just want to remind everybody im still doing the giveaway on my youtube channel. The next one will be at 50, 000 subscribers. All you have to do to be entered into. That giveaway is like this video subscribe to the youtube channel turn on all the post notifications, the bell thats right next to the big red subscribe button and follow me on instagram or twitter theyll be linked in the description box down below and as always, if you Stick around till the end of the video ill have that secret hashtag. You can leave in the comments section to be entered into that giveaway a second time for this video and remember those secret hashtags. They stack between all videos. So if you havent done this on a previous piece of content on this channel, why not go back check out another video and, of course, do it again now one caveat here is this method might not be for everybody.

Certain players will not be interested in this. At all so just know that moving forward, but if you are trying to hit the power cap of 1330 gear, the only thing thats going to get you there are going to be. The pinnacle drops every week now theyre a little bit scarce. The only things you can get pinnacles from are the three weekly activities like the three strikes, a 100k nightfall doing control or one of the normal crucible playlists doing gambit the prophecy dungeon. I believe, if you rank up the empire hunt to a specific point, you can actually get a pinnacle from that. I remember correctly and beyond that there are only two other places where you can get a pinnacle every week. One from the presage mission in the tangled shore and the other is from the harbinger mission now thats, of course, excluding the new seasonal activity which you can find in the helm. Now the interesting thing about the presage and harbinger is because they were tied to a specific season rather than a whole expansion like the other activities and are not updated as such. A very interesting glitch that has been available ever since these two missions were actually released is the ability to do them over and over again, if you are willing to delete a character like i said, this is not a method for everyone, but if youve already completed All of those said activities on all three characters, and you are just trying to hit the max gear score as fast as possible.

This is the method to do it now. The presage, though it functions the same as the harbinger is actually not. What were going to focus on the harbinger is really the thing to do. The reason why the pressage, though it still functions this way, is not as good is because it requires you to open up the tangled shore and do the initial tangled shore campaign, though that doesnt take very long. It does add some time to this whole process, but it is available if thats something you want to do. The reason the harbinger is better is because the harbinger is only tied to the edz loan zone. Excuse me so its actually available, as soon as you create a new character. So this is how itll actually work youll do the harbinger on a character that you dont really care about that week, maybe its just the third character that you use to farm up. Xp like i said well talk about that in another video youll. Do the harbinger youll get the pinnacle youll then transfer all your gear, hopefully its at a higher level, maybe at max 1320 to your volt, delete the character and then immediately remake another one. As soon as you load into the starting mission, which you see me doing here, you can then transfer all the gear back over onto that character, that a character will immediately be the same power that they were before you deleted them. Minus all the things that you would have done with that particular character so, like i said its only for somebody whos willing to delete a character, you then do the starting mission again, which will actually also earn you some good xp.

And then, if you have two buddies that you want to do this with you just jump right into the harbinger, maybe theyve already been doing the harbinger up until this point, so you can just join them later or at least while its in process. I dont believe you can actually join the presage in process, so thats another added bonus to the harbinger you complete it. You get another pinnacle and then you repeat the process over and over again its that simple. I only mention this because it has not been patched when it is. I will let everybody know but like i said, because this is tied to a season and because i feel like this particular mission might be leaving us eventually. I dont know when maybe after this year, theyre really not taking the time to patch either one. If at that point you decided to go and unlock the tangled shore again and continue into the pressage. You could do that and you would get another pinnacle from that. As well, so thanks so much for watching all the way till this point of the video, this was my weekly run in the harbinger, its actually a fairly easy one to complete this week very soloable, especially if youve already hit the soft cap of 1320. I kind of wish the campaign was a little bit longer this season, but overall it seems like its going to be a fun sort of walk up to the next full expansion.

The witch queen. If youve watched till this point in the video, please leave a hashtag beyond light or a hashtag season of the lost or a hashtag, infinite, pinnacle farm or glitch in the comment section down below, we will be covering more things like how to maximize your xp. So you can actually get even higher than 1330 in a video coming up. So look out for that and, as always i am wilhelm scream. Of course we will see you in the next video the traveler brought us together to rebuild hawkmoon. We fought sabathuns taken.

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