Destiny 2, Bungie Inc, Hotfix New PS5 fixes HUGE problem!

The ps plus games for that month have leaked. Fans are mad at ghost sushima and a ton of games are getting a lot better on the ps5, so were. Finally out of the summer games, drought and bungie just had a huge event where they listed out the next few months of destiny, 2 and theres. Some really cool stuff coming to the game, but, most importantly guys, i finally got the platinum trophy for destiny 2 and i didnt even realize it. I finished a grand master raid over the weekend and then that platinum popped – and i was very happy so thats part of the news today but yeah. The first thing they revealed is the witch queen expansion which is coming out on february 22nd. 2022. They had to go with that 2 22 22 numbering system, which is weird for bungie, because theyre all into sevens but hey. I think they just want to do something like fun, so people will remember it, and i also noticed that the witch queen title treatment is the exact same font as the witch movie, which i think is cool. Also, im not gon na bore you guys with the story stuff im, just gon na tell you whats coming to this expansion, because the coolest thing they introduced is a weapon called the glaive. Now its a melee weapon, it looks like a giant spear with like a blade at the end of it, and it has like a projectile mode, but the cool thing about it is that, even though its a melee weapon, you use it in first person because in Destiny, if you use a sword or something like that, it goes into third person mode.

So i think its cool that theyre trying out new types of weapons and another cool aspect about it, is that youre actually crafting it. You get to pick the perks that go into it and by using it it levels up. They were kind of vague on what exactly that means, but i think its cool that theyre doing new stuff other than just relying on random dropped rolls with guns, because that gets super frustrating towards the end of the season. When youre grinding out the same stuff, youve been doing for like months on end and youre just trying to get one roll of a gun so the more stuff they add where you get to pick what your weapon is when it drops the better. In my opinion, they also announced the next two expansions after the witch queen are gon na, be lightfall and another one thats called uh. The final shape, which i think is a really bad title for an expansion. But those are going to wrap up the current destiny story and they already confirmed that destiny is going to continue after that and thats, where i think theyll kind of bring things back and take the two off the end and they wont necessarily do a destiny 3. But theyll just kind of relaunch the whole package as a destiny platform that they can keep updating, because we all know the only reason they even made destiny 2 in the first place is because activision required them to have a new core release every x number of Years and im glad that they got out of activisions control because everything theyve been doing since then, in my opinion at least, has been really good.

I noticed after i talked about split gate in a video. A lot of you guys added me on the psn. So if you want to play destiny 2 with me over there make sure you. Let me know in your message when you add me that youre subscribed to the channel and have your notifications set to all and then finally, they announced that theyre doing a bungee, 30th anniversary pack that you can buy in december and yeah. It is kind of a bummer that you have to buy this separately from the season pass, but what it includes is a new dungeon themed around the infamous loot cave that plagued destiny, one theyre bringing back galahorn with the expansion and the armor that comes along with It looks really cool and that loot cave dungeon is going to be pirate themed theyre going with that theme for the iron banner armor. This season too so, like i think, theyre doing some cool stuff over at bungie and im just glad that all these years later, destinys still going because its basically my favorite game. Moving on to another game, i really like ghost of tsushima just finally got its re release on the ps5, and i literally sat there all day sunday, just playing through the entire game. I had a save from the ps4 version that i was going through on my ps5, where i was like about halfway through the game and the process of transferring it over was kind of confusing, like i hit the transfer from ps4 button on the menu, and it Said it worked, but it didnt actually do it and then i was like well.

They put all this work in to improve the graphics with this new expansion. So i may as well just start over, and i got back to where i was in about the span of a day like i already knew what i was doing man. This is a really good update for the game, but it seems, like fans, are kind of upset about this new release because theyre trying to tank the review scores of it, which is really annoying because i honestly think its really good. The biggest issue comes down to people are upset that they have to pay 30 bucks for this new expansion to get all the ps5 upgrades, and i noticed in the comments in the last video that a few of you have gotten ps5s from the links in our Description so make sure you go check there now, if you want to get a copy of go sushima to go with your new console. So i guess what the real problem is. Is that if you already own it on ps4 theres, no free ps5 upgrade path? You already got the 60 frames per second update and there was a patch that added in some new quality of life features. But again, if you want those new graphics updates, you have to buy the new eeky expansion and it is a shorter expansion right. You got to pay 30 bucks to get it, but, along with that, 30 bucks youre also getting all these other improvements, and i can kind of see it both ways.

Right, like i understand why people are upset, but i dont think its a problem that sonys charging for an expansion for their game right they charged when they released the expansion for horizon zero dawn. And, if i remember correctly, that was 20. So for this one youre getting a whole new graphics update on top of the new expansion which, by all accounts, is pretty good, like its more ghost of tsushima and its condensed. So you can go back into the game. You can jump right into the expansion blow through it in a day and just have fun with it. So, like yeah, i dont know, i feel, like sonys totally justified here to charge a little more for this upgrade, and also you guys got to remember that sucker punch went in well after the game came out and added in the entire new legends mode, which is Essentially, like its own game to the point where theyre releasing it stand alone for like 20 bucks, so you can just download this sweet ghost of tsushima multiplayer game that has a raid, and that was just a free edition that wasnt announced before the game came out. Its like yeah theyve, given us value for free there. I feel like its totally fine, that they ask for 30 bucks for a brand new ps5 version of the game and, if youre spending the whole weekend playing it, this game is just so good, especially right now, when theres not a lot of stuff coming out on Ps5, this feels like a full on ps5 game at this point like if you showed this to someone who had never seen ghost of tsushima on the ps4 or never played it or never, even heard about it and said this: is the brand new open world sony Game thats, just on ps5, i guarantee they believe you because its awesome, its the swan song of the ps4.

Arguably it could have been just held back and released on ps5 exclusively, but no sony released it early on ps4. Let people play it for a year and now people who have never experienced it can jump in and play it on ps5 again, im sure theres gon na be some people who are like well its stupid that theyre charging for this expansion, because if i have a Ps5 and i dont want the expansion. I should just get the graphics update for free and, like i dont care im. Sorry like its 30 bucks. If you cant afford that you got some problems, but if you dont want to pay 30 bucks for the ghost of sushima upgrade, you can just go back and play assassins creed odyssey because it just got a patch to run at 60 frames per second. Now, if i remember correctly, this game had some sort of a 4k mode on the ps4 pro they use checkerboarding and dynamic resolutions. I dont know the numbers here. This is one of the few assassins creed games that i actually completed. I put 100 hours into this game and it looked amazing on my ps4 pro so im, assuming having it run at a lock 60 frames per second on ps5 will make it even better. I think its cool that, even though assassins creed odyssey, is like an old assassins. Creed game at this point, ubisoft is still going back and fixing it to make it a little bit better for people who want to play it on ps5 and the cool thing about it is that it takes place so early in the assassins.

Creed timeline that its basically a stand alone: game like if you play as cassandra in this game, its basically a wonder woman game. So if youre into wonder woman or anything like that and youve never played assassins creed odyssey, you should definitely check it out. Im pretty sure it goes on sale for like five or six bucks, all the time too and like if youre a cheaper gamer out there. You just want a 100 hour experience that has a ton of great dlc and cool greek god, themed missions and stuff, like that, i feel like assassins. Creed odyssey is made for you and its a good game to showcase your ps5s power. So one of the weirder controversies sonys had over the past few months, is that they shut down their japan studio and basically turned teemo sobe. The people who made astros playroom into their whole japan, studio now japan studio, was a little bit different than all the other sony studios because they worked with outside developers and kind of helped them to make games bigger and better than they would have been otherwise so Stuff, like demon, souls and aiko and shadow of the colossus thats all stuff that came out of the japan studio, but wasnt necessarily made there now sonys decision to shut down this japan studio was actually like a years in the making thing, because there was an internal Culture, war at sony between playstation europe, playstation america and playstation japan and when the ps4 came out here, first that basically signaled that playstation north america had won this internal struggle and thats.

Why youre seeing so many third person open world action games, because theyre really in control right now versus like nintendo whos, completely controlled by their japanese element so yeah? It seemed like for a while japan, studio wasnt, making the smartest moves and herman huls whole thing is like making up for those mistakes like he shut down this studio in manchester, because they had five years of mismanagement right, like hes, making good smart business moves, and I agree with it because if this money, thats being used on games that arent going to sell well or wont, be very good can be used elsewhere on bigger games. Thats. Obviously, what i would prefer to happen – and it seems like thats whats, going on because they just pumped like 200 million dollars into all their first party studios to the point where most of them now are working on two games at once. So good things are happening at sony were just gon na have to wait for them to finally come out, but going back to games that are getting updates to look and run better on ps5. We have to go back to spiderman remastered, real, quick, because insomniac quietly released a patch that added ray tracing to that game. Now this is another one that upset people when it came out, and i got ta say i was a little upset too, because theres no actual way right now to just buy spider man remastered you basically have to buy the whole ultimate edition of spider man miles Morales and then theres like a bonus you get with it, which is the spider man remastered game and then theres the whole thing where they changed peter parker.

He looks a lot more like tom holland, he looks a lot younger. I also disagree with that change, because the peter parker from the ps4 game was so good. Looking and like i love that game so much that i was just bummed that they went through all this effort to change him, but yeah its good that theyre going back and adding ray tracing into the game because spider man remastered in my opinion, is a lot Better than spider man miles morales, like i like the story miles morales, i like a lot of the gameplay changes, but my spider man is peter parker and im glad that the longer more fully fleshed out game is getting even better. This patch went live over the weekend, so if you have spider man remastered and you dont see the patch downloaded yet just hit the options button on the little tile on your ps5 and click check for update, and you should be good to go and the timing For this is perfect because i dont know if you guys know this spider man is a halloween game and halloweens coming up, and i was just thinking about replaying it so im glad that i waited a couple weeks longer. So i could get this retracing update and speaking of halloween were quickly approaching the end of august, which means the ps plus game for the month of september has leaked. So i know im not going to upset anyone when i say that last month was probably one of the worst ps plus months weve had in a while, which again is fine, because all the months before it for like the past year have been incredible.

But im glad sonys getting back on track because it looks like the september game is going to be tony hawks pro skater 1 and 2 remake. This games been out for about a year at this point, but im glad that its a newer game coming to ps, plus and its kind of like the perfect type of free game, because its a cheaper one as well. Like i remember when this came out, i blew through the entire thing in one weekend, because when i was growing up man, i loved tony hawk games. So much. I remember when my grandpa took me to the store got me my psp, the first game that i got on. It was tony hawks underground 2, which i had already played so much of on the original xbox. But man, i was excited to just start it over and it also had a ton of new content like it had this sweet pro skater mode, where you could go through new levels and remade levels from older tony hawk. Pro skater games its just such a good franchise, but this remake really just knocked it out of the park. I remember when tony hawk pro skater 5 came out. I was so bummed because it was such a poorly done release and it really seemed like tony hawk. Was gon na go to a different publisher and just take the rights to his own game, but he stuck it out with activision and what they made was absolutely incredible, but unfortunately activision hates money and they took the team that made this game vicarious visions and they Were like good job in this youre going to go? Help remake diablo 2 over at blizzard, which kind of sucks, because you know the best outcome here – would have been them making this incredible remake of the first two tony hawk games and then getting to make a new tony hawk game right doesnt.

That seem like the logical progression. They let the same thing happen with crash and crash four turned out great, but anyway, getting back on track. Youre gon na be able to get tony hawks pro skater one and two remake free and if youve never played these before, you should definitely check it out. So im sure you guys have heard at this point that sony has like kind of secretly released a new iteration of the ps5 just into the wild unceremoniously. No one really knows what the changes are, but this new version is 300 grams lighter, and you can use your fingers to unscrew the screw that you use for the stand instead of using a flat head, screwdriver or a coin. So, as for why its 300 grams lighter, they could have changed anything from the fan to the chassis. But one of the rumored changes is that they might have used a new wi fi adapter in the console and the reason people think that is that theres. A small group of people who have ps5s, who have had issues connecting to wi fi with their systems and apparently the issue, comes down to ipv6 connections and a lot of these people who have this issue just turned that off on their router and it fixed their Ps5, but to me it seems like an issue with the ps5s that they had themselves like. Maybe they had faulty wi fi chips in their consoles, because im 99 sure that my router system uses this type of technology and my ps5 works just fine.

But from what people were able to find this new wi fi card works a lot better with five gigahertz connections and it works a little bit worse with 2.4 gigahertz connections. But at this point in 2021 i feel like most people are on five gigahertz connections anyway, like the router that i got from spectrum, when i moved into my new apartment had five gigahertz, i immediately switched it out with a much better router, but i remember the One that they gave me for free with my cable setup or whatever the hell. It was had this like five gigahertz mode. So i feel like everyones, probably good on that front. But if youre one of the few people out there, who still has 2.4 gigahertz setup, just get a new router its time but yeah speaking of this new ps5, we actually have one ordered and were just waiting on it. So we can dig into it and figure out whats different between this one and the launch edition that we have sitting right here, but yeah guys thats all the playstation news i have for you today make sure you, let me know what you think of all of It down in the comments below and remember if you want to stay ps, ready, subscribe and set your notifications to all. As always guys. My name is jimmy champagne and ill.

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