Fujifilm GFX 50S II Hands-on Preview

So you know theres something exciting. Coming out from fujifilm. We have the brand new fujifilm gfx, 50s2 Music Music. We actually have two things to talk about with fujifilm. Today, one is the brand new fujifilm 50 s2 and the brand new gfx lens the 35 to 70.. Yes, its an exciting combination for fujifilm, not because theres, a lot of new tech thats been announced, but because theyre hitting a new price point for their medium format system, and so this combination with this new 35 to 70 millimeter lens is coming in at just under Six thousand dollars, canadian and for the body only its just under five thousand canadians, so its making it a more accessible price point, thats a crazy price point for medium format. I remember a few years back were looking at. You know, mid five digits for medium format. Yeah now what were going to talk today is about the specs of this camera. What are some of the things that we like about it and where this fits in the market Music when it comes to the style and handling of the gfx? 50? S2. Its the same handling, design and ergonomics as the gfx 100s. It is very similar, but it feels great like thats the thing we really love the 100s and its ergonomics. Now they sort of made a lighter weight package than the original gfx100, which was a monster camera. It was quite heavy i found yeah. The grip is nice on this camera.

The placement of your fingers on everything is good. I, like the panels that this camera has it, has that nice top panel, where you have those digital dials on the top its kind of cool. I would like to see real dials thats, something that i said with the gfx100s, but i think that the design of this camera is very practical. The other thing is, it does have the same lcd screen it just tilts, but it is nice that you at least have that option for doing different angled shots in terms of some of the other physical features of this camera. You are not getting a top of the line electronic viewfinder – this is 3.69 million, dots and id say the biggest issue with it is actually the refresh rate, its only 50 frames per second – and i do find it to be a little bit kind of sluggish when Youre looking through it a little bit, laggy yeah and so its one of the areas where youre kind of taking that sacrifice in order to hit that lower price point yeah and i think its an okay sacrifice. I mean id rather have ultimately the better image quality and, if im, using this on a tripod im gon na be using the rear screen. Anyways, which works quite well um, but the viewfinder itself, its its adequate, i think, were comparing it against like the latest and greatest cameras on the market its true, so we get a little jaded right yeah.

As you see once you see something better, its really hard to kind of go back to something thats a little bit lower resolution or just doesnt have that same like higher refresh rate. So the other features that we quite like about this camera is that you do have two sd memory card slots and its nice that you dont have to use super fast cards and theyre two of the same media, and that just makes things very convenient. Now again, the feel of this camera for medium format. It does have a nice kind of compactness to it, and especially paired with this new lens, this 35 to 70 millimeter lens. It does make it feel like a very portable, medium format, package, yeah and the one thing you look at the size of this camera and we forget its actually stabilized sensor and so, depending on what lens you use, you can get up to six and a half Stops of image stabilization, which again, is very handy when you have a higher resolution – camera like this 50 megapixel, one yeah im a big fan of that – i think its really important to have now. This is also a camera that youre not going to be shooting any kind of action with or any kind of sports i mean i was trying to do some like uh shooting in my son skateboarding the other day, and i was not successful really at all and Even when i was trap, shooting with it where i was pre focusing and hoping hed hit the frame – and i would time it properly it just doesnt – have the frame rate for one thing: its three frames per second, so thats, so pathetic.

Really, when it comes to shooting sports nowadays, however, its the autofocus that has to keep up – and i find the autofocus a little bit sluggish and thats, because its only contrast, detect autofocus, not the hybrid autofocus we see in the 100s or in the gfx 100, compared To other cameras on the market, it does feel quite slow and you get kind of that jitter. That is very common, with contrast, detect autofocus systems. I know that it can find you, but it just takes a little bit of that extra time to actually nail that focus and so again, if youre shooting things like still life controlled, portraits, youre shooting. I think landscapes is probably one of the best things, but anything that is still life its really gon na sing. But with that fast moving action thing, its gon na be a little bit of a frustration yeah, the other area, thats. A big sacrifice on this camera is video. It is jacked for video in terms of the actual jacksons camera. You have a headphone jack microphone jack. It has a lot of those kinds of things whats the highest resolution. You can record video its just 30p hd video, so its nothing to write home, but it doesnt shoot 4k. No like this camera, this camera is purposefully leaving out those features, yeah im, actually, okay with that, because there is a huge group of people, i believe out there that they just want image.

Quality is the highest thing when im talking about cameras – and i mention video – a lot of people just like i dont care about video, its not my thing at all, so its not a video camera, its, not a sports camera. However, i think it is a fantastic walk around landscape, camera and sort of you know. Wedding photographers are going to love it for formal shots and more studio kind of work thanks. I think this is going to be a very cool camera and at this price point this is really tough to beat Music every time a fujifilm, dfx camera comes out. I feel like theres a need to kind of talk about what exactly this medium format sensor. Camera is all about its all about size, its all about the size yeah of the sensor and, of course, fujifilm. Their big tag line is more than full frame, so theyre trying to show off what this sensor is capable of now its not a new and exciting sensor per se. This is a 51.4 megapixel sensor and it is larger than a full frame sensor, and so what exactly? Does that mean when youre a photographer so part of it is a little better light gathering ability? We have a larger surface area, which tends to be a little more efficient at capturing light yeah. So, theoretically, you should be getting better image, quality and, of course, with a lot of the modern full frame – sensors, its starting to become a little bit more negligible.

Now one of the things, though, that is undeniable, is for landscape photographers, when youre looking at the actual aspect ratio that you can get out of an image theres, a lot of people that, like the more square image aspect ratio, and so this right out of camera, You are getting more resolution than if you took a full frame sensor and tried to crop it in. So if you had say like a 45 megapixel camera – and you were cropping it in to get that same aspect – ratio youre not going to get that same kind of resolution – Music, so dave now it is the point in the show where we like to talk about Our feelings, how we feel about this camera and i have to admit i always have such a crush on fujifilm cameras. You totally do. Oh, the images just look so good and i always just feel so happy when i share with fujifilm cameras. They have some magic qualities about them, its almost similar to like to leica but again and sort of this more affordable price bracket. So ive been pretty happy with it today, its nothing groundbreaking. We dont have top of the line technology, but i like what fujifilm is doing theyve taken some of their flagship top of the line, technology and theyre, breaking it down, theyre breaking the barriers and so that they can create a more affordable price point camera to get People access to those amazing gfx lenses.

Now we also see this with other fuji cameras. We see them trickle down. They have the same sensor in multiple cameras as they release them now were just seeing that in the medium format world instead of that 50r body. Now we have a much more improved 50s body, which gives us a great ergonomic image stabilization, which is very cool for this, which makes it a much more accessible camera for walking around with yeah and fujifilm is good about picking up things that are like subtle, but Important differences – and i think this camera hits a lot of those marks that we have wanted to see within the lineup. The other thing we should talk about is again that access to gfx lenses – and i think, thats, where the fujifilm gfx line sings, is in their lenses, and we cant not mention that this particular kit is a very affordable way to get into the system. This 35 to 70 millimeter lens its not their top of the line lens, but its a great kit lens to get started with its absolutely a great kit lens im surprised how quality of detail we are able to pull out of these files here and im. I was expecting you know a substantial loss in detail, but were not and thats the other thing 50 megapixels is more than enough resolution. For most peoples needs its crazy. How much detail you can pull out of these files right, wait, youre, saying its enough, for you, dave! Usually dave wants to go to the maximum.

Well, if you want to go bigger, you can use their multi shot on this camera and you get a 200 megapixel image. You do need a tripod. You need to be fixed, but if you want the ultimate detail from this, you can go up to 200 megapixels. Yes, and one last thing that we almost forgot to mention, is this camera system holy hannah but its weather sealed? So if all of a sudden like a crazy storm, comes and blows on us now we have 60 or rain or rain snow i dont know were in calgary, anything can happen, but this is weather sealed and this is the wr lenses. So it maintains that weather ceiling when you pair them together, so another important feature yeah. So i think overall fuji has done a fantastic job of getting medium format into the masses, its finally affordable, compared to what they were several years ago yeah. So we can see this going into the hands of a lot more people that again want to get into the gfx system, and i think youll be happy. If you do, you get all those films animations and you get to go with meeting format. So on that note, thank you so much for watching. We want to know what you think about this camera, the gfx lineup the direction of fujifilm. Let us know in the comments below make sure you follow us on instagram and if youre new to our channel please subscribe hit.

The notification bell, give us a like and well catch you again very soon: Music, hey thanks for sticking around and watching this episode. If you want to check out our other episodes, click up here and if youre, a canadian and you want to shop local check out thecamerastore.

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