Microsoft Corporation, Windows Server 2022 Installation

Before I start downloading and installing Windows Server 2022. Let me talk about the hardware requirements for installing Windows: Server, 2022 operating system.. So here are the minimum hardware requirements needed to run Windows Server 2022.. For the processor. You need a 1.4 GHz 64 bit processor compatible with x64 instruction sets that supports NX, DEP CMPXCHG16b, LAHFSAHF and PrefetchW. For the memory you at least need 512 MB of memory., But for Server with the Desktop Experience installation option, you need 2 GB of memory.. You also need ECC type of memory, which is Error, Correcting Code. If the server is a physical server. For the disk space, you need a minimum of 32 GB of disk space. If you are using Windows, Server, core installation option. For the network, you need 1 Gbps network adapter, which is compliant with PCI. Express architecture. Specification. And additional requirements include UEFI, 2.3.1 c based system and firmware that supports secure boot, Trusted Platform, ModuleTPM and graphics device, with display capable of SVGA of resolution 1024 x, 768 or higher resolution.. Let me also talk about the Installation options of Windows: Server 2022.. As with the previous versions of Windows, Server Windows, Server 2022 also has two installation options to choose from. The first one is Server Core and the second one is Server with Desktop Experience. Server Core is the recommended installation option because it has a smaller footprint. That includes only the core components of Windows server, but supports all server roles and features without an inclusion of a local graphical user interface GUI.

. Because of this server core is more secure and requires less patching. Server. Core is usedfor deployments, which can be managed remotely through Windows, Admin Center, PowerShellor, other server management tools.. The other installation option is Server with Desktop Experience, which is thecomplete installation and includes a full GUI.. This option has a larger footprint than server core.. Next lets download the installation media for Windows, Server, 2022. Ill download the ISO media from Microsoft, Evaluation, Center., So Ill, navigate to this URL inevalcenterevaluate windows, server 2022 In here Ill expand Windows, Server 2022., And here you have 4 different options to choose: from. Ill select, Download the ISO and click on Continue. Fill in this form and click on Continue. Now select your language. Ill, select, English and click on Download.. The file size is around 5 GB and it will take some time to download., But Ive already downloaded this file and uploaded to my ESXi host where Ill be installing Windows, Server, 2022 operating system on a virtual machine., So Ill click Cancel., Like I said Ill, be Installing Windows Server 2022 on a VM and it has all the requirements met, which I mentioned before.. The VM name is Server01. And Ive already attached the ISO file of Windows, Server 2022 to this VM., So Ill click on Cancel. And Ill power on this VM.. On the Setup screen, Ill select, the language time and currency format, including keyboard or input, method. Ill, only change the time and currency format to India.

And Ill click, Next. And Ill click Install Now. Now, Im going to select Windows, Server, 2022 Standard Evaluation, Evaluation, DesktopExperience and Click on Next. Ill, accept the License Terms and click on Next. Since Im not doing an upgrade of operating system, Ill click on Custom, which will install a fresh operating system on this VM.. I only have one hard drive, which is of 60 GB, which is showing as unallocated. So Ill select that and click on Next.. Now the installation will begin. And it will take some time to complete.. Alright, the installation has completed and the server is going to restart on its own in few seconds.. As you can see, the server will restart couple of times.. Ok before you can log in to the server, you must set the Administrator password.. So, Im going to specify my administrator password for this server and Ill click on Finish. Ill log in to the server with administrator password which Ive set.. Since this is a VMware VM Im going to install VMware, Tools. And Ill open Windows, Explorer. Open up the installation, media. Click, Next. Click, Complete. Click, Next. Click, Install. Click, Finish. Click, Yes to restart the server. Ill login to the server again. In the Server Manager, Ill Click on Local Server. And here are the basic configuration you would typically set after installing Windows, Server. Ill, open up File, Explorer. Right click on This PC and click on Properties.. You can see it says: Windows, Server, 2022 Standard edition.

. The version is 21H2. And the OS build is 20348.169., And it is also recommended that you update your Windows Server soon after the installation of Windows.. So to do that, click on Start. And go to Settings. And click on Update and Security.. And you can see, it has already found some updates, which are available to be installed., So Ill, click on Install. And Ill click on Check for updates, again., And you can see it is downloading some additional updates, mostly the antimalware definitions for Windows, Defender., And it says You are up to date. Ok., So this is how you install Windows, Server 2022 on a virtual machine.. I hope you like this video. For more videos like these.

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