NVIDIA, Graphics card, AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, Computer hardware, Central processing unit, Radeon 3 AMD Nitro Sapphire + 2 Nvidia. 6700xt vs 3060 From gaming pc to mining rig, my first mining rig

This is iam speaking im going to quickly share with you guys my first mining rig and some settings hash rates and how its doing um. Although started like a gaming computer, because i like to play video games a lot and also do forex, but enough about that, um its turning pretty much into a mining rig, and i would just like to share those. So i have starting from the left to the right. I have 2 r, 9 r, 9, ‘ dx amd correct me. If im wrong, if im going to be taken according to the system from where i bought them, there are the x. I cant tell the difference between the x and the regular ‘ um ‘0. um, but yeah those are amd ‘0. They are 12 gigabyte, um video cards and right now they are doing 17 mega hash rate each one on etas. If i overclock them and do some other stuff here and then whatever blah blah blah ive seen them ive seen them go up to 20, something 25 mega hash rates. But ive read and ive heard that if you go on hive os and you do some other overclocks and all their stuff, um youre able to get some decent amount like 30 mega hash rate, but again im not sure im still trying to find out and right Now theyre not running on overclock, i dont want to push them too hard or do the wrong thing until i dont have enough knowledge to you know: do uh the things the right way and then for the middle card, one that has the hdmi plugged into thats.

Just a 10 30 that one is my gaming card as of now and pretty much the one for me to get into the system the display thats, the thats, just the display and its doing nothing else, im not mining on it and obviously because um, i dont, Think that theres any miners right now that im interested that do the supports two gigabytes, because thats just a two gigabyte card, but enough about that one. That one is not important and i dont want to do a long video. So this one right right here, this one is a 3060 nvidia 360, its another ti its just a uh evga 30 uh rtx 3060 um that one, unfortunately, i bought a new and its just doing like as soon as i started miner on etas. Again, all of the all of these are just running on e tash im, not doing no cal power or nothing like that im, just testing how its how its gon na do for a whole week on etas, um and right now. I just start some 40 mega hash rate, but then it drops to 25 and it just stays on 25. Even if i do overclock or anything like that like lightly, no nothing major. It goes to 27 28. Something like that. Ive read some reviews. Uh, i mean some other blogs and some other people youtube channels that they say that you do dummy um, hdmi, plug into it, to kind of like eliminate the whole half cutting hash rate.

But also i read some others that they say that the new ones that undo it after some serial again that still not conclude im gon na post, that into another video, probably and see how its doing. But let me know give it this a long run and then go with the final one with the 6700 xt that one is an amd uh and that one is pretty much my strongest mining car right now is: it does 47 to 48 hash rate mega hash Rates im, sorry um on etas, two and literally no major overclocks. All i do is well right now to save power, because i have two on one power supply, which is this one, the evga i have them both um im. Sorry i have the 6700 xt running with the power. Let me show you right here. One second wait: i have a running uh plug the core voltages 912 power limit 6 and then i have the core clock: 1500 memory clock. I have the 2100 and then the fan speed, um 59 um. You know i have a pretty much like power saving mode and then hold on. I have dont mind the pictures that i had on the background its just for brightness, because i dont want to turn on the light and then for this i have two power supply units. This one is the one that came with the gaming uh computer. I used to have a gaming computer somewhere right here, the case, but i turned it into a minor rig and then my motherboard is just some simple motherboard and i know im running some stuff, like kind of like ghetto like i uh in the meantime, let me See what i do while i actually get a real mining rig um.

This is rock, i dont know the motherboard i mean i know i could find it, but its not really important and then im running a ryzen 7 um, Music, cpu and two rams of 3600 um megahertz or however, that goes sorry about that. But ill go back to the mining uh, its just 216 gigabytes, yeah thats. What i was gon na say and then two hard drives one ssd and then the other one is just a big chunky, one but anyways back to this. So for the ‘0. It again it does, as you can see, 16 mega hash per second to 20, but right now its just doing 16 17, because im not overclocking. None of the cars are running right. Now there are none, none of them are overclocked like like really hard. I have them like lightly um, my settings on the on adrenaline. This is for one of the gpus. I just have um 1080 thats stuck if im mistaking for the for the core clock and then for the b ram. I did just a little bit to 1700. I have the fan almost at maximum and it kind of like out to dose it like like it goes like it goes up and down up and down and same for the gpu one uh since theyre, both the same car and for the 6700. I have not. I havent done nothing here because i prefer to do it on msi afterburner um.

I feel like i get better settings doing it through msi, but anyways um thats about it for the for the nvidia, its only doing 22 mega hash rate right now but like if i started miner, it will jump from it will drop from 40s to 30s and Then eventually goes to the 20s, but im still trying to investigate whats up and you know and its like a little lame because you pay so much money for them. Thinking that youre going to get something good, especially since its a 12 gigabyte card, just like the 6700 xt, you will think it will do the same stuff, but in reality, actually it doesnt do nothing like its just like way. Half like they literally have nvidia nvidia. Really have that thing i tried to get the the driver that is called 470.05 or 500. Something like that to see if i could get it to work, but its just doing nothing to me, like i mean im, sorry um, i apologize about that. No, i couldnt find it. I couldnt find it and then here on This is how pretty much is going with this again, as you can see its been up and down up and down, because ive been like trying to get like the final or good tweak about the cards. Its just estimated earning right now four dollars, but i think thats wrong and ive. Seen is wrong, especially with with that amount i mean its just because it goes up and down, but eventually, as soon as these like stay steady like that, like im, just like now, im just not gon na stop it for a whole week um, i think its Gon na you know show me the real value of what im gon na be making and thats about it.

Please leave a comment if you see that im doing anything wrong, which i know im probably doing a lot of stuff wrong. That might help me and might help others too. You know also, if you wonder, about the power supply, i know its kind of ghetto, but i saw um that some people are doing a pin literally, but i i mean you could just literally google that up uh how to have a second power supply running without The with that adapter im still waiting for the adapter to come to my house and thats about it.

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