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Intels 12900k is set to change everything in rx, 6000, refresh and nvidia is about to release a new flagship gaming gpu, okay, its news time, man first up for today, if youve been waiting for andys next gen threadripper lineup, you likely wont have to wait much longer As two new threadripper processors were recently spotted, the cpus were found on milky way at home, which is a volunteer network to model the milky way galaxy. When it comes to the new processors, we first have the threadripper pro 5995wx, which is a 64 core 128 thread. Cpu next is the threadripper pro 5945wx, which is a 12 core 24 thread part. Basically, the core count looks to be the same as last gen but, of course, thats to be expected. These are said to be based on zen 3, so theres no big reason to think they would or could move up. In course, either way with the parts being tested. Andy is clearly working on them, though, of course theres a chance that these results were spoofed, but thanks to the gigabyte leak, we already know the next gen threadripper codenamed chagall at least exists, and while these are the pro parts, the mainstream cpus shouldnt be far behind. Now, before i get to the next story, if you love getting the most up to date, pc hardware news make sure to subscribe as well as hit that bell icon to get notifications. Not only that, but if you like talking pc hardware, make sure to join the gamer mail discord server for free at discord, dot, gg, slash, gamer, melt check that out today.

Next up for today, a new benchmark on intels upcoming 12900k is out and its seriously impressive. The benchmark was found on geekbench and while it has been taken down for some reason, video cards has a good breakdown of the information. As you can see, it got a single core score of 1893 and a multi core score of 17299. When we compare that to last gen, the single core score is a measly 2 faster, which is a bit disappointing, but remember that alder lake doesnt have the abx 512 instruction set that rocket lake does so that could be one reason. Also. The maximum frequency was clearly not read correctly because it shows 3 megahertz. So we dont know what the boost clock was and the base clock seems to be a bit low, meaning it may not have been running at that high of a frequency, so the end result could be better regardless. The big thing here is the multi core score. The 12900k, of course crushes the 11900k because it has more cores, but it even beats amds 16 core ryzen 5950x. Now, before you talk about how you can get a better squirrel in your 5950x or how its last gen etc, hear me out as long as intel. Hasnt added some new skew between the 900 and 700 parts, its made to go against the 5900x, not the 5950x meaning as long as intel doesnt drastically change their pricing. The 12900k even getting close to the 5950x, is a huge deal.

It would be a really big jump in price to performance and sure amd could, of course, lower their prices and release higher core cpus, but thats. The beauty of competition and dont forget that weve seen a similar benchmark before basically intel looks to finally be back next up, it looks like amd may be, releasing a refresh of their rx 6000 gpus according to a new post by four onyx andy, just added a Ton of new device ids for rdna 2 gpus to their linux driver were talking a total of 17 ids, as foronik says its pretty odd for amd to release a slew of new ids this late in the game. They could, of course, be used for some kind of new custom designs or reserved for future engineering samples, but this amount of ids dropping at once is definitely weird. If anything, it likely points to some type of refresh that or if you remember, i recently discussed a leak that claims the lower end cards for amds next gen parts or a 6 nanometer refresh of rdna 2.. So these could be that or given weve been hearing about a super refresh of nvidias rtx 3000 series. They could easily be a response to those time, as always will tell. And lastly, for today it looks like nvidia is set to release a new top of the line gpu above their rtx 3090 thats right. If youve been following the channel, you know that weve seen information on a new super lineup for nvidias 30 series gpus.

So far, its mostly been details on super cards for laptops, with the existence of desktop variants remaining unknown. That is until now. First up we have new information from known leaker graymond55, who tweeted 3090 super and 10752 fp32. Basically, nvidia is planning to release a super variant of their highest end card with the full ga 102, which is a couple hundred more cores than the regular 3090.. He also replied to the tweet, with 400 watts plus, and that plus part looks to be more the case as the news doesnt stop there, the very trustworthy leaker kopi 7 kimi also tweeted out details on an rtx, 3090 super and, of course, with two known leakers, Claiming the card exists, its looking more and more true, either way. Kovy7 kimi gives us a bit more details for one. He claims that the card does come with 10 752 cores, but that it doesnt come within vlink, meaning nvidia is likely done with the tech for their geforce lineup. Of course, thats, not too surprising, given the 3090 was the only card to include it. This gin next, he claims that it comes with second memory, which is a bit faster than the 3090, but well have to see how much of a difference it can make in games. Next, he claims that it draws at least a whopping 450 watts, which basically means i need a new psu. And, lastly, the card is set to come out this year.

Why clearly nvidia isnt wasting any time in releasing their new lineup lets just hope.

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