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After over 150h with it in beta and final release. I am ready give you my thoughts on it. You dungeon dwelling bastards. Note that I still havent finished it, because it is as long as my …. Unfortunately, not, but it is long. Game i mean., I am also DD noob.. Usually I play game from start to finish before posting reviews, but I have spent so much time already with it that I feel like I can pass. Judgment. Might do an updated review after 300h or something like that depending how this one goes. Played Kingmaker a bit but didnt get that deep into it. Wrote some guides for Fextralife on Kingmaker, but it was all beginner stuff. So I wont compare WotR to Kingmaker that much except graphically. WotR looks much better and bit less cartoonish from what I remember, which is automatically big plus for me.. Visual and sound effects are great, animations are not bad at all, and music is epic. In video and audio department game kicks ass.. There is voiceover which is well done, but only for some main characters. Fine by me, as I dont consider voiceover in CRPGs that relevenat. Great if they are present dont care. If they arent. Now to answer burning question from Kingmaker players, which is How buggy is it At release date, there will be less bugs. Obviously, but state of the game overall is not good., Not bad as Kingmaker though, but there are game breaking bugs in Kingdom Management and through normal play.

. That is why I have stopped playing with Kingdom Management because it started taking away focus from the game itself and because often battles on the map crashed. Mind you game, breaking stuff is gon na be patched quickly, but considering how complex and large the game is, some Might still remain., Thankfully, there is an option to set Crusade, which is kingdom and army management to automatic, so it cant fail, but you can still play normally without it.. Unfortunately, that leads to other Crusade, quest related bugs, because once you set Crusade to auto it, cant go back to manual., So it is quite buggy as expected, but not unplayable.. Far from it., Your experience will be better. No doubt. Kingdom management is back to similar extent as in Kingmaker and next to that we have Army management. Now.. Army management is something like HoMM but way worse. Imo, it doesnt, add anything to the game. It is far from polished and just takes away resources and focus that could have been spent. Elsewhere. Battles are very clunky with bloated stats that are hard to understand. At times, battles lack tactical approach, slows down story, progression, …, Kingdom management is more or less the same, and it can be positive or negative depending how you look at it.. I never got that far into it because it doesnt interest me that much, but from my experience it is a positive, unlike Army. Management., Definitely interesting aspect that has place in Pathfinder.

. Army management also makes sense, but it needs much more work to be considered an asset cause atm. It just takes away from the game. WotR introduces new classes and subclasses, making already very complex character progression, even deeper. When it comes to build diversity. This game is second to none.. I wont talk too much about it, because everyone who plays or has played DD knows how the system works. 25 classes each with 5 or 6 subclasses 12 races, mythic paths and multiclassing option. Mind blowing amount of options. Now add. On top of that insane amount of spells and items, and you get the game where you can spend hundreds of hours, just learning and optimizing builds.. If you like, build complexity, depth and diversity, look no further.! This game is for you.. One thing that Pathfinder system focuses a lot when it comes to character. Progression are items., There are tons of items that can modify and improve builds. Incentive to explore and look for new reward in form of gear piece is always there.. Important thing is that most of the loot is unique and not just same shit with random stats.. Visual design of armor and weapons is fantastic, with lots of details. Elemental effects on weapons. Look especially great.. I do have to criticise lack of appearance, customization options., Even though equipment looks great. You are gon na have color matching issues all the time where supposed bad asses look like pride parade.. I would suggest some kind of cosmetic slot where we can equip helmets match.

Colors change into costumes and things like that.. It would go a long way into making characters more believable., Also more faces helmets body types, hair, styles and portraits are needed for character creation because it is a bit lacking from aesthetical. Aspect. Lets talk about world of Pathfinder and how game is structured.. It starts off with liberation of Kenabres, where party travels through various districts solving quests and dealing with demons. Love the tension and atmosphere, while in Kenabres. It all feels connected and well done.. Then world opens up where we travel like in Kingmaker, making move by move, discovering new places and making our way towards city of Drezen. Lots of things happening along the way. Lots of locations being visited, puzzles that need solving and enemies rears that need kicking. After Drezen. More of the same. Think of world structure like this., You get story related location on the map, bunch of small places in between some story, related encounters and side quest related stuff.. Then things kick off upon reaching story. Destination. Liberation of Drezen is also quite epic.. Story. Related locations are so much better than the rest., More cohesive and epic. Side quest and other locations feel sometimes disconnected a bit with locations. Being too small. Was not a fan of world structure since the first game, as it is definitely not one of my favorites. Dont get me wrong. Smaller locations are not bad by any means.. They just feel lacklustre after epic story related locations.

. There is some backtracking too, due to some puzzles not being solvable during early game. Puzzles are interesting enough throughout the game and add different dynamic. Respite from all the action.. Backstory of this world is quite good, with lots of details about previous kingdoms like how they fell apart and how they function now, with characters from various places telling home country related stories. Corruption. Mechanic is introduced instead of camping supplies, so whenever party rests on world map or at any location that is not Crusade, camp or HQ corruption rises. There are 3 stages of corruption, each debilitating characters more and more.. I am on the fence about this mechanic because it makes sense in a way, but it also leads to lot of backtracking to camp or HQ to remove corruption, which is especially often on higher difficulties. Characters with high Lore Religion. Skill can offset it a bit, but it is not enough. Imo. Lore serves story in a great way, so we have full picture about what the hell is. Happening. And hell is exactly what is. Happening. Story is epic.. It starts off epic and continues being epic throughout. Angels Demons, big decisions, good evil, cultists, betrayal, destruction, liberation, …, Absolutely fantastic. Story missions feel like participating in an epic movie with constant threat, tension and feeling you are up against it. And you get to lead Crusade against Demons. I mean bloody hell., One of the most epic stories I have ever witnessed.

. It is so grandioze with that feeling like everything could fall apart in a matter of seconds. Feeling that you and your actions matter and in this game they matter a lot., Also learning our own backstory is interesting, because we know almost nothing about ourselves at the start.. I wont talk about story details at all anymore because it is no spoiler review. Youll meet many characters along the way with their own backstory and some of them become companions.. Npcs are interesting and charismatic.. I cant think of any dull character in the game.. Almost every single NPC has palpable charisma of sort explaining their character in detail. From crazy, lawful, zealot Hulrun to mysterious Storyteller. You have it all. Here. Companions are interesting and vastly different from one another.. Their characters are well depicted thanks to great writing. – They all come with personal quests and possible romance options.. It is amazing how each companion develops its character more and more throughout their story, as you will see them at best and worst often affecting opinion about them.. Their quests come with some big decisions too at times, and if they become unhappy there might be separation. Incoming. Choice of Mythic Path, which is big moment in the story, also affects companion. Satisfaction with you as a leader.. Mythic Path offers great choices that affect character. Progression., Consider them upgrade to the character as they cant be detrimental, but it depends on the build. You are running how effective they can be.

. I wont name Mythic choices since I feel like it would be better to leave discovery to you.. Now we get to combat which you are going to be doing a lot of. And it is great. Two modes turn based and RtwP, so none can bitch and complain., Except that Turn Based needs pathcing, because it is quite buggy at times and very choppy with animations Ending abruptly. They need to fix that.. Nonetheless, switching between these 2 modes can be done on the fly even during combat.. There is also a way to slow down time while in RtwP, but only when holding V or Shift Space.. I dont understand why they couldnt add toggle option for slower RtwP next to holding the button. Seems like a missed opportunity to me. Anyway, combat is fantastic as it implements DD ruleset. That offers wide variety of playstyles and group compositions.. One of strongest aspects that i love about properly done. Dd games is enemy variety.. I dont think there is anything that can rival DD when it comes to enemy, variety and detail., Humanoid, Races, Undead Demons, Beasts, Spirits, Gods, Elementals, Mythical Creatures, … And each come with their own set of strengths and weaknessess, forcing player to have more than one approach available. At all times., It is exhilirating composing, a party that can rival everything that comes their way and no matter what you come up with. There will always be certain enemy type or encounter. That party is weak.

Against.. I play Pathfinder on Core difficulty due to my lack of knowledge about DD system, and it is quite challenging.. Game offers plenty difficulty settings to customize to your liking thankfully.. There are, unfortunately, huge difficulty spikes where I had to lower difficulty because it pissed me off having to fight enemy with insane number of attacks, AC and attack. Rolls. Some boss, fights are just cheap.. In most cases, there is a way to overcome certain challenge due to insane number of possibilities, but game throws sometimes ridiculous challenge at the player that is far more difficult than previous one.. There is also thing of balance which, from what ive read, is everpresent problem in DD, due to sheer number of classes, spells abilities and items., It is impossible to balance it imo, as some classes are clearly better than others, leaving some abilities and spells underutilized.. That is to be expected in these types of RPGs.. Most important thing is that combat is fun and tactical., With good graphics, details and decent animations. It all plays out in a way that you want to do it again and again and again.. I do have some gripes with combat and some other things. Pathfinder loves to drain levels and attributes which can be especially annoying with added fatigue from traveling and corruption debuffs.. It can stack to ridiculous levels and it is difficult to get around it unless hundreds of Restoration, scrolls and potions are bought. On higher difficulties.

Dealing with enemies with insanely high AC at times can be giant pain in the ass, while debilitated. Also attack roll numbers displayed. Above enemies and characters make no sense. Display total attack, roll versus total AC, not partial number. That means nothing. Retraining and hiring custom party members is too expensive. Overall whole economy. Part of the game is not great.. Items picked up along the way. Dont have high value, which is a problem when financing crusade, army and your party. Great weapons, armor and accessories are expensive as hell, and so is trading gold for finance points to buy new army units.. Next to all of that, try hiring custom party. Member. Prices are completely out of whack. Verdict. Time. Pathfinder WotR has tremendous potential., Even in its worst state game is still very enjoyable. Sure it can be frustrating at times due to difficulty. Spikes, weird economy, badly done crusade, part when it comes to army and map battles, crashes and gamebreaking bugs, but even now it is still better than Kingmaker release.. How many of these issues will be patched by tomorrow when game officialy releases? I cannot know, but I have faith that they are on top of gamebreaking stuff.. It is just that there are so many amazing things in this game that is hard to wait for all of it to be patched., Combat character, progression, difficulty, options, epic story, interesting companions, music, rewarding loot, big decisions, replayability …, Unfortunately, due to negatives.

At this moment, I cant give it more than 710, which means good game.. However, I can see this game easily reaching 910, which would mean amazing – and you know I dont – give that score lightly. When bugs are dealt with game, more balanced turn based improved cosmetic options and layer of polish added. This game is going to be easy. 9..

What do you think?

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