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We eke out in existence in the caves under canaabras, never seeing the sun, our lifespans are short and our food supplies are even shorter. Our bodies are twisted into form now some people may think ew, but have they ever tasted a fried rat with a cider moss sauce or my favorite spider cakes people often say that its whats on the inside that counts. Well, this is my chance to prove it. Lan, the goat, lizard human, with a heart of gold, is here to watch your back. I know im not the prettiest boy in town, but if you need a steady arm and a keen eye im your man, my arrows pierce my targets at a distance enemies pay with pain for each step. They take toward me, they might think im weak. They might expect me to stumble and retreat like most archers, do when attacked in melee, but if the enemy thinks theyve got me cornered, theyre in for a surprise, ive trained my body in the ways of the monks i can take a punch, endure the pain and Then return the favor tenfold. Choose me for your party and watch me turn demons into porcupines, as i stick them with a swarm of arrows Music over here. Hey commander, listen ill, make you the deal of a lifetime. Take me with you and well make a fortune together. I can sneak under a guards nose to the places no ones supposed to enter, but everyone wants to go.

I can fight while you distract the enemy from the front i attack from behind striking where it hurts. I know im incredible right, but thats, not all i dabble in magic as well need some lightning to fry your enemies or a decent protection spell look no further. They defend some items or get your hands on some goods that arent strictly legal. All you got ta do is say the word see how useful i am wouldnt. I be an asset to any operation, so whats it matter if im a thief. Whos, currently locked up behind bars, lifes hard in canaabras and twice as hard for a tiefling to have demon blood running through your veins and to live in a city built on the edge of the world wound now thats. What i call a cruel twist of fate. People already hate me just for being what i am so one day i decided that they might as well hate me for what i do too. So i joined the thief links a tiefling, only organization of robbers, thieves and other fine, ladies and gents, forced to play the miserable hand theyve been dealt. How did i end up in jail? No, its quite the tale of betrayal and rotten luck, release me and ill. Tell you all about it and then ill travel with you to your journeys end. You have my very honest word on it. 100 years for 100 years we have been plagued by this war.

We fight we sacrifice, we die before us, a host of monstrosities and behind us all of galerion our world, their master, the demon lord daskari thinks he can break our spirit. He is mistaken. We did not yield when our cities burned when our fortresses were turned to dust and our comrades, our brothers and sisters in arms valiantly met their deaths. We have suffered through many a plight, and now it is our turn to strike two arms brothers and sisters. I declare that the fifth crusade has begun and it is you who will lead us in this war. Music duty calls to you prove your worth as a leader hone your skills and abilities ready your best armor and weapons for battle, mount your trusty war, steed and charge force, and we shall follow. This will be a daunting task. I know, but you need not fight alone. Your faithful companions will stand by your side, they will protect you in battle aid. You, with their counsel, share the burden of commanding the crusade, accept their friendship and become their friend in turn or possibly something more. I understand the trials ahead of you are great. You will have to find your own path. What will be the source of your power, the righteous might of heaven or the secrets of forbidden magic? Will you make your sacrifices in the name of freedom and equality or in the name of law and order? Will your enemies flee at the very sight of you, or will you perhaps turn this entire war into a grand joke on a cosmic scale choose carefully your every decision has its consequences and its price, but, most importantly, never doubt that valerian believes in you and i I believe in you as well.

Do you feel the ground shaking that is the march of your army? Lead them aim them at their target, crush our enemies. We are crusaders, we are the wrath of the righteous. The stakes have never been higher.

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Owlcat Games, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Role-playing video game Wrath of the Righteous Review Impressions: Is It Worth it? A Colossal CRPG Like No Other

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