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I think theyll probably choose to retain their biological self versus some sort of Ray Kurzweil scenario where they download themselves into a computer. You will be essentially snapshot it into a computer at any time. If your biological self dies, you could just probably just upload into a new unit literally pass me that whisky – we are getting crazy right here. This is getting ridiculous down. The rabbit whole grab that sucker give me some of that. This is too freaky Day: 19th month August year, 2021 time 5 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, location, Palo, Alto, California.. What happened that day will change forever the course of our civilization the day that Tesla showed the new unit where you will be able to upload yourself., Even though the following day Tesla stock only went up, 1 media didnt seem very, and I struggled more than in My whole life trying to translate the event to my Spanish audience. This, for me, instead of English, sounds like Chinese. The reaction of the expert community was quite different from computer scientists and AI researchers like Lex Fridman Tesla AI day presented the most amazing real world, AI and engineering effort. I have ever seen in my life ex Nvidia workers and tech. Analysts such as James, Wang, Tesla AI day is probably the greatest technology presentation since 2007.. Its also an absolute masterclass on AI To hardware engineers, Todays Tesla AI day, was one of the greatest technology presentations. Since long time it was super exciting to watch so the dojo chip is truly a monster, very hot monster, Even AI experts, like Dr.

Know it all Knows it all reacted doing this And by the way I applied to Tesla again last night because of this presentation, I said what the hell And, of course, James.. I woke up at 2 a.m. and I stated thinking about this stuff, and that was just like it. I could not get back to sleep so, like 6 am I gave up and I just started reviewing the video and taking notes and thats what Ive been doing all day so far, yeah yeah, it was really exciting. So my hum Im stunned of the ambition of the thing And this thing that stunned James Douma was him or it, But why? Why is Tesla doing a robot if it is a car company Because it can and it should. It can, because, even though other software companies such as Alphabet, are renowned for their AI experts, they are just software companies.. So, for example, when you search, which is the best Tesla channel in the milky way, First maybe its wrong, but once the neural network improves, you see how well it learnt., However, Googles search engine Apples, SIRI, Amazon, Alexa dont have any moving parts. Tesla with its over 16 hundred thousand cars with autopilot in the road is the biggest big scale, neural network, robotic company in the world, aka real world, ai company. And therefore it can make a humanoid robot, because it has the knowhow inhouse of how to make visual neural networks for moving Machines how to build their inference, chips that execute the orders inside the cars and now also how to construct a supercomputer to train these huge amounts of data with the DOJO project.

, And it should because To understand it. You just have to hear Elon At a mechanical level at a physical level. You can run away from it and most likely overpower it. So hopefully that doesnt ever happen, but you never know So. Tesla should make a humanoid robot, because Elon Musk cares about AIs dangers and therefore Tesla can put the safety measures that will set the standard for the future of the industry.. But anyhow, why should we fear these robots In this video? We are going to see how you, how me, how humanity will merge with the Tesla Bot Hi. This is Alejandro and welcome to the best moment in History, But before we continue, if you dont want to be exterminated by a super, intelligent machine give this video a like when I say 3, one, two and thttttthree. Thank you very much. You rock, We just dont, know whats gon na happen once theres intelligence essencially greater than that of a human brain. I think we have to consider even in the benign scenario, if AI is much smarter than a person, what do we do? What job do we have? Thats the benign scenario, benign scenario: the AI can do any job that a human can but better thats the benign scenario. So, in other words, what Elon is saying is that artificial intelligence could best case scenario, leave us without work and in the worst, ignore us or even kill us. However, you might be thinking now that we have had decades of sci fi movies, where all kinds of robots ruled the universe, but the reality is this.

Why is Elon so sure that, in a short period of time, AI will overtake us To understand his fears? We have to take a look at the differences between a human brain and a silicon one, both in their hardware and their software side. A In their hardware. There are three keys Speed. Human neurons have a maximum speed of 200Hz, while current microprocessors, which are much slower than those that future artificial superintelligences, will have go up to 4.3GHz, that is 21.5 million times faster. Size and storage. The human brain is anatomically enclosed in the skull and cannot grow.. However, computers can have any shape and size allowing them to have a larger working memory, RAM and a storage memory not only bigger, but also much more precise., Reliability and durability. The biological nature of our brains makes them more vulnerable to the passage of time than microprocessors.. In addition, computers can be easily repaired, replaced can have infinite, backups be running 24 7and do not get tired, like our limited brain. B In their software Here. My friend is where artificial intelligence has an even greater advantage, as they have two non existent features in the biological world. Upgradable. In a few seconds, and with an update over the air, your smartphone, smartcar and computer will have capabilities that they didnt own before and also improve the existing ones.. Of course, we humans can also update our software, but think about it. Would it take you just a few milliseconds to learn Chinese from scratch? Cooperation Currently, computers in the more than 16 million Tesla vehicles are cooperating sharing information and this lets Tesla cars learn together, which is allowing them step by step to drive.

Autonomously. Cooperation is what has allowed homo sapiens to dominate the world, but it doesnt do it with the speed, precision and scale of computers., But all these capabilities wont make any difference until computers reach and then surpass human intelligence.. However, if this today still hasnt happened, it is then impossible to know if it will ever occur. Umm. Maybe we can find a group of people that knows the answer. Between the 6th and 8th of January 2017, the worlds leading artificial intelligence experts met in the Beneficial AI 2017 congress at the Asilomar Conference Grounds in California to discuss how artificial intelligence should be developed to Be positive for the future of humanity.. The first question was very very clear. And the answer was outstandingly resounding, But before we see it consider subscribing to this channel, so you wont miss any video like this one. In the Spanish version. We are already thousands NETE. Amigo Is some form of superintelligence possible Jaan, Yes, no or its complicated.? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, definitely! No! Obviously Elon was joking, But why should we be worried now Why, for many AI experts, we are, in this exact point in the artificial intelligence improvement To understand it, who better to explain it to us than she. Li Fei Fei computer scientist at Stanford is one of The pioneers in computer vision and was also the professor in charge of the artificial intelligence course that made Andrej Karpathy famous among the community.

, So professor Li, what is so important about the current moment? 540 million years ago. Biologists call this the Big Ban of evolution before 540 million years ago. The earth is a very peaceful pot of water, but something really strange happened around 540 million years. Suddenly, from the fossils we study, there is a huge explosion of species. It turned out one of the most convincing theory. It was the onset of the eye. So when one of the first trilobites developed an eye once you have the eye, the first you do is go and catch food. You know where food is. You are not just like blind and floating in the water vision was one of the major driving force of the speciation or of the big ban of evolution. Therefore, this explosion in artificial life is the one that we are starting to. See. Neural networks to work properly need huge amounts of data and superpowerful computers, and this is the reason why Tesla is leading the autonomous vehicle realm by having billions of driven miles, an inference chip that has nearly 7 times more TeraOPS than the state of the art. Nvidia chip and now a training computer with 4 times the performance of the second best supercomputer. Then think this for a second. If, in the following years, there is an explosion of artificial life, why should we fight or compete with these AI robots? Maybe at some point with the help of Neuralink, you will be able to digitalize your brain and this added to the already possibility of sequencing.

Your genome will help you create a digital YOU. And maybe just maybe at some point in the future, in the not so far future. We will look back and will be surprised, like the famous article Theyre Made of Meat So …. What does the thinking Youre? Not understanding are you, The brain. Does the thinking., The meat. Thinking meat Youre, asking me to believe in thinking meat? Yes, thinking, meat, Conscious meat, Loving, meat., Dreaming, meat. The meat is the whole deal. Are you getting the picture So now? I want you to imagine for a moment that at some point in your life, you have the chance to upload yourself inside Optimus, the Tesla Bot.. How would it be? Well, you will enter a new kind of life, one where you will have physical superpowers. The future versions of Tesla Robots will allow you to have superstrength fly, run faster than Usain Bolt travel, the universe without dying, and you wont waste your precious time sleeping eating showering. But the cool stuff comes when youll start using your new cognitive powers, you will be able to love, feel connect in a different and much more powerful way. In addition to this, youd be able to remove pain, fear, disgust, sadness, anger from your life, and you will also be capable of creating all kind of art acquire all the knowledge of humanity and if one day, some part of yourself breaks, you will just repair it Or even better move to a new, more capable and fashionable piece of hardware.

But hold on a second Alejandro. What you are telling, apart from being crazy, if at some point, is possible that I doubt it would mean that we wont be any more humans. Ummm, exactly thats the point. About 13.7 billion years ago. A point infinitely dense hot and of a few millimetres exploded and the Big Bang created our universe, expanding Hydrogen and Helium in stars, including ours. The sun. Part of this Hydrogen and Helium transformed into all the elements that we know and created among many planets, our beloved earth. And the dead matter on our planet at some point around 3.7 billion years ago, gave birth to the first most elemental life form. That is you and I were microbes. Many things happened in between and 500 million years ago, these cyanobacteria evolved until you and I became fishes and later you and I amphibians – began to colonize the earth and do you know what did you and I become about? 100 million years ago, Mice. A little while passed by and around 1 million years ago, you and I were protohumans trying to tame fire., Like the great Carl Sagan said, The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium, in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon. In our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.. Do you really think that in a few million years time we will still be the two biped monkeys with smartphones in our hands that we are today Hi? This is Alejandro and welcome to the best moment in history.

It it was possible today. Would you upload yourself into the Tesla Robot And which superpower will you use most Lady gentleman little lady little gentleman, the Tesla Bot will change our species. If you liked this video, please give it a like leave a comment share it with the whole universe, and since I want to make interesting videos for you, I need to know what interests you write your suggestions.. If you have enjoyed this type of content subscribe to this channel, so you wont miss any future videos. Im working hard to make the best possible content for you. But it takes time consider supporting me in Patreon the best moment in history. So I can stop living under a bridge and continue creating content for you.. There is a link in the description..

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